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Garnier Micellar Water

Every woman uses one or another makeup. But the time comes when all your makeup will need to be removed. This is where the problems arise. How to rinse? How not to dry your skin? Does the drug cause an allergic reaction?

What it is?

Micellar water is a cosmetic product that is designed to cleanse the skin from various kinds of contaminants.

Leather, like a magnet, always attracts dirt. Many dirty microorganisms accumulate on dirty skin and begin to multiply, especially bacteria. They cause diseases, both on the outer and inner layers of the epidermis. All these harmful and unnecessary substances for humans must be removed as often as possible. So if you do not clean the surface of the skin, then soon acne, acne, as well as other formations and inflammations will begin to appear.

In such cases, it is necessary to wash your face every day with water, preferably even with soap. But applying additional “dirt” to the face in the form of makeup, which the body does not need at all, complicates the process of cleaning the skin. In some cases, even the soap does not cope, in particular, this applies to water-repellent greasy mascara, lipstick.

In such cases, micellar water comes to the rescue. It has many useful features and its application is quite extensive.

Its use will significantly save your time. Due to the application of modern knowledge about the human body, as well as thanks to the latest technology, the composition is selected in such a way that the properties of micellar water have a significant and qualitative effect. Due to this, water also has moisturizing and antibacterial properties.

Micellar water consists of special active components - micelles. These are microscopic compounds that form only on surfactants. That is, these particles will dissolve the cosmetics applied on your face. And the more of them, the faster this process will occur.

The micelles are completely replaced in a cleaning solution of soap and alcohol. These compounds are "trained" to capture various fats and dirt, subsequently breaking down their molecular bonds.

What is equally important is that after applying this liquid to the skin, the face does not need to be washed with water at all. Micelles are arranged in such a way that after the breakdown of harmful substances, they simply dissolve and are absorbed by the environment. That is, as a result, your skin will be completely clean and acquire a natural color and appearance.


The most popular brand among all the others is Garnier micellar water. It is characterized by high quality liquid composition. On the market you can find a huge selection of such a product. There are many varieties that characteristically differ from each other in composition, method of application, cost and many other equally important characteristics.

Consider the main varieties of micellar water, as well as their features and advantages:

  • The classic version - has an ordinary composition. It is used to disinfect and cleanse the face. Suitable for all types of cosmetics, but in some severe cases it is necessary to wipe the face with a dampened roller more than once. This is especially true for the eye area. Since manufacturers try to make mascara thick, and most importantly water-repellent, therefore, it is necessary to use more micellar to break down the coloring matter. In such cases, for reliability it is also advisable to rinse the face with clean water.
  • Two-phase water - it contains additional moisturizing oils. Most applicable to oily skin. Allows you to remove waterproof and greasy makeup without much effort. Almost odorless and leaves no sticking effect. Moisturizing oils will allow the skin to receive additional nutrition, due to which there is a certain process of updating the epidermal cells. The price in stores is not so high, so every girl can afford this tool.
  • For sensitive skin - used for dry and problematic skin. The composition includes emollient hypoallergenic components that do not cause irritation and additionally moisturize.
  • Anti-wrinkle - has a matting effect. The exact opposite of a moisturizing property. The presence in the composition of special elements that absorb their surrounding moisture, simply drain the surface of the face. Due to additional components that have an antibacterial effect, and in conjunction with a drained property, it turns out a kind of atomic bomb for bacteria that inhabit your skin. Due to the moisture that does not enter, acne begins to dry out and will soon disappear altogether.

It should be noted that the skin of each person reacts to irritations exclusively individually, so in some cases it is necessary to use combined cleaning methods, that is, apply several varieties of micellar water at once, dilute the composition with ordinary water or add additional elements.


Micellar water has a positive effect on the surface of the skin. It has many positive effects, the main one of which is makeup removal.

A component such as glycerin will have a moisturizing effect on the surface of your skin. Panthenol - disinfects and soothes irritations. Other organic elements will have anti-aging effects and smooth wrinkles. You can also assume that micellar water is the combination of almost all of your cosmetics bags in one bottle. There are all sorts of creams, and moisturizers, and antibacterial fluids. In addition, she can prevent skin inflammation that has already begun and completely get rid of them.

The only harm that micellar water can cause you is an allergic reaction to some of the components that make up it. It can be harmful preservatives, surfactants, or even the most common and harmless substances. There is also a way out of the situation. There are a lot of varieties of micellar water on sale and it will not be difficult for you to purchase the product in which these elements are replaced by similar ones or simply absent.

Micellar water also protects the skin from acne. Its matting component does not clog the sebaceous glands, thereby giving the skin effective hydration. However, if used improperly for oily skin, clogging of the ducts may occur. This has a detrimental role for microorganisms living on your face. Therefore, it is worthwhile to foresee these nuances.

Do not forget about fakes, which can harm your health, in particular your face. Illegal manufacture does not stop fraudsters from such actions. They try to replace all the natural components that make up micellar water with synthetic ones. In particular, the cheapest. And it’s good if it turns out to be an ordinary soap. Therefore, when buying goods, check the label for errors. If possible, use the phone’s camera to check the indicated barcode.

Ingredients Composition

When buying any product, you must always pay attention to the composition. And if possible, it is best to learn to understand what these or those additives are.

In the event that the manufacturer on the packaging indicated that this product is intended for sensitive skin, then its composition must necessarily contain the following components: hexylene glycol, diode cocoamphodiacetate. These substances will have a positive effect that will prevent the occurrence of inflammation.

The absence of alcohol and alkali, which cause enormous damage to the epidermis, will be a huge advantage.

Micellar water with suitable oils in situations where it is necessary to remove waterproof makeup. Oil is a catalyst, that is, it accelerates the breakdown of cosmetics.

There are three types of packaging that can be used to determine the specification of micellar water:

  • Pink is a classic version. Designed for all skin types. It has a simple composition without various additives.
  • Blue - "Clear Skin". Option for problem skin. It contains additional components that soften its effect. It is a kind of hypoallergenic.
  • Green - adapted for daily use. It contains additional elements that accelerate the removal of cosmetics. In principle, it is no different from pink packaging, except for the presence of a matting effect.
  • Yellow - with the content of nutritious oils. They will produce an additional nourishing effect on the skin. Also accelerate makeup removal. It has a calming effect. That is, it removes all inflammation and irritation.

All of the above varieties of Garnier mesillar water products have convenient 400 ml packaging. This amount should be enough for at least 100 uses.

How to use

The easiest way to use micillar water is to soak a cotton pad in an appropriate solution. Then wipe the necessary areas of the face. A distinctive feature is that after processing the face it does not need to be washed off. After treatment with Garnier micellar water, there is no sticky film remaining on the skin, which “comes complete” with almost all other similar brands.

To treat problem skin that suffers from an excess of sebaceous glands, it is necessary to use another option, namely "Clean skin". It will help get rid of excess fat, as it has a matting effect. This will help you get rid of annoying acne and blackheads for a long time.

There is a unique tool "Express Lotion 2 in 1". It has additional properties. It allows you to simultaneously remove makeup, and also protects the structure of eyelashes. The composition of this tool includes a special component - arginine. With prolonged use of micellar water of this type, after a couple of months you will notice that your eyelashes have become stronger and more voluminous.

Reviews of cosmetologists and comparison with other means

Garnier micellar water differs significantly from similar analogues in its unique advantages.

The popular brand L'Oreal, which is practically on par with Garnier, also releases its micellar water products. In production, Garnier adds natural ingredients to each of its products, namely rose extract and provitamin B5. And L'Oreal, on the contrary, uses only synthetic elements. This, of course, does not say that their products are worse, but it is preferable to still use natural goods. The concentration of substances in the liquid at L'Oreal is much less, which means that efforts to remove makeup will need much more. Also, after treating the face, there remains a sticky layer on it, which gives some people an unpleasant sensation, but at the same time, the face remains moisturized for a long time.

Comparing Garnier with Nivea, Nivea has the following advantages and disadvantages:

  • The presence of smell, which is rather a disadvantage. Since, having wiped the face, you also have to rinse it with plain water.
  • The presence of some substances that irritate the shell of the eyes.
  • An uneconomical packaging format, due to which the cost increases significantly.

Thus, the benefits of Garnier on the face. However, only you can choose the right tool for yourself.

Another representative of micellar water is BioDerma. Comparison with Garnier:

  • BioDerma has a more concentrated composition, therefore, you can remove absolutely any makeup with ease.
  • Due to the highly concentrated solution, the removal of makeup from the surface of the eyes is much faster, but there is a serious irritation of the mucous membrane.
  • It has a low cost and quite convenient packaging.

In principle, to remove oily and persistent makeup, this product is just right, but no more. It cannot be applied daily purely due to eye safety considerations. This product also does not give any moisture. Therefore, its use is reduced only for those situations where it is necessary to remove only the makeup itself.

Beauticians note the high quality, and most importantly, the safety of Garnier micellar water. Highlight the product "Clean skin", which is designed for sensitive skin. An equally noteworthy product that deserves special attention is micellar water with Skin Naturals oils. Very pleasant to use, quite economical. In particular, it has a moisturizing effect, the liquid does not dry the skin, therefore it does not require rinsing, there is no unpleasant pungent odor.

Customer reviews

The use of Garnier micellar water is no different in both winter and summer. Unlike the same powder, which clogs up the pores of the face in hot weather or frosty weather, micellar water does not cause any inconvenience, shoppers say.

It perfectly cleanses the skin from persistent makeup, grease, and dirt. At the same time, it does not dry or deform the delicate surface of the epidermis. Having tested the water only once, you can immediately notice an amazing effect.

Pleasantly surprises women and pricing. Unlike branded models that cost fabulous money, the budget version of the Garnier does its job just fine.

There are convenient forms of production, with a volume of 200 and 400 ml - a fairly convenient and rational solution.

From all of the above, a logical conclusion should be drawn: to remove makeup, it is most convenient to use a special tool - micellar water. Its main feature is the speed of cleaning dirt and giving the face a natural look.

Watch the video: Blue vs Pink Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water Makeup Remover- What's the Difference? (January 2020).


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