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Eyelash Strengthening Oil

Beautiful and shining eyes are without exaggeration an adornment of any face. Especially if they are in a beautiful frame of long and fluffy eyelashes that give the look an attractive expressiveness. Undoubtedly, every woman would like to have such an ornament on her face, but not everyone is lucky.

However, no matter what your eyelashes are from birth, they need care. There are many means and methods of care. We must try and look for the most suitable for your favorite cilia. The most common remedy is oils that perfectly strengthen eyelashes.

Having set the goal of decorating our face, we try by any means to create the effect of depth and expressiveness of the look. To do this, we lengthen the eyelashes with daily make-up, we carry out the procedures of staining, building and curling. And sometimes we completely forget that these procedures cause harm to the cilia themselves, as a result of which they become thinner, turn pale, become fragile and begin to fall out. They also need rest and gentle care.

Daily care

In the evening, remove makeup and carefully examine your eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids. Never, no matter how tired you are, go to bed without removing mascara from your eyelashes. This should be done very carefully, in no case should you rub the skin around the eyes. Make-up must be removed carefully using cotton swabs, cosmetic discs or napkins.

After the cosmetics and impurities are removed, it is necessary to check if we have any problems with eyelashes. If there are no significant problems, we use prophylactic agents for care. If obvious signs of eyelash disease are detected, drastic measures will be required, up to a visit to the doctor.

For daily care, soft nourishing and firming oils for eyelashes and eyebrows are used, when used, they can be prevented from falling out and restore density and silkiness. To obtain a meaningful result, care should be regular.

Care Rules

When caring for eyelashes, it is important to follow certain rules.

First of all, for the care of eyelashes and eyebrows you will need a special brush and comb. They are for sale and you can purchase them on purpose. But you can use a brush from the used mascara. The shape and density of the bristles do not matter, the main thing is that it is convenient to use. Before use, the brush must be clean and dry, after each use it must be thoroughly washed and dried. It should be strictly individual, in no case should it be transferred to each other.

About how to apply oil for the growth and strengthening of eyelashes, you will learn in the video:

Special sponges or simple cosmetic discs or wipes will be required in order to remove excess oils used.

Since the eyelashes are as close as possible to the mucous membrane of the eyes, extreme care is required when applying any means to them. In case of contact with eyes, most substances cause severe irritation and lacrimation, and in this case, urgent eye rinse will be required to avoid unpleasant consequences. Do not apply excess care products, as they will drain and, in addition to contact with eyes, may stain your face, which is not always hygienic.

For how to apply oil on eyelashes, see the following video:

The very procedure for applying oil or other means resembles the process of multi-layer ink painting. If during the procedure it was found that the substance is too much, the excess should be removed with a sponge or cloth. After some time has elapsed, allowing the product to soak, it is necessary to wash with warm water to remove unused residues.

How to apply castor oil for density and eyelash growth you will learn from the video:

The time spent on the treatment of eyelashes can be very different, from a minimum of ten minutes to several hours throughout the night.


In pharmacies and cosmetic departments of stores there is a diverse assortment of eyelash care products. These are various pure oils prepared from natural products and composite mixtures, which include nutritious oils, vitamins and extracts of medicinal plants. Depending on what we want to get as a result of using this or that means, we make our choice.

The most popular care and firming treatment is known to all. This is castor oil. It has long and successfully been used by many to care for eyelashes and hair, although its primary medical purpose was initially internal consumption as a laxative and antimicrobial agent. Oil is produced from castor oil seeds by cold pressing. Its composition contains several useful fatty acids. Refined oil is used for medical purposes, and the first spin is used for eyelashes.

Almost all problems with cilia can be solved by daily use of castor oil in its pure form without additives. Just gently apply the oil to the peeled eyelashes in the evening, and in the morning we wash ourselves with warm water. As a result, cilia will grow better, stop falling out and get a healthy appearance. Oil is always on sale and its price is low.

Burdock oil is no less popular in our country. Large burdock, burdock or burdock is one of the most famous weeds. The variety of its medicinal properties determines widespread use. For the manufacture of oil using the roots of the plant. The most valuable components of this product are inulin, carotene, minerals and organic acids. It is also affordable, always available for sale. To apply it on eyelashes is just as easy and possible at least every day.

Useful for eyelashes is the use of such oils as peach, almond, olive, linseed, sea buckthorn, from wheat germ, from grape seed in its pure form. Vitamin E oil is also used as an independent substance to enrich vitamins, oxygen and strengthen immunity. All these components can be used to prepare a variety of balms in any combination.

Vitamins A and E are added to the oils in the medicinal formulations. Thus, at home it is not difficult to prepare a potent strengthening composition for yourself. Having picked up the components, they are thoroughly mixed, and then applied to the cilia. If the balm is cooked at home, it should be kept in the refrigerator and used as soon as possible. During long-term storage, some of the useful qualities may be lost.

The industry has not disregarded cosmetics for the care of eyelashes and produces a variety of complexes based on oil. Proven combinations of oils, extracts from medicinal plants with the addition of a variety of vitamin complexes are on sale and are available for selection for any problems. It is very convenient to use the preparations, as their packaging resembles the usual tube with mascara and a brush for eyelashes. The volume of bottles allows you to use the product until the expiration date. The consistency of the contents is such that the composition is quickly absorbed and there is no need to remove excess. Reasonable odors give a pleasant, unobtrusive odor.

DNC peanut butter received good reviews. The treatment complex includes castor, almond and sesame oils, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. This composition provides balanced eyelash care, good nutrition and hydration, activates growth and prevents hair loss. According to users, the oil works and the qualities declared by the manufacturer on the package are confirmed. After two weeks of daily use of such a product, visible changes in the appearance of eyelashes are noticed.

One of the potent care products has become a special oil for cilia Elma. It contains castor and burdock oils combined with useful extracts from milk thistle and nettle, as well as a diverse vitamin complex and hyaluronic acid. An accurate calculation when analyzing the ratio of tested components gives an excellent effect on the use of the product. Reliability and usability of the tool are emphasized by buyers in their reviews of it.

When there are many products, we inevitably encounter difficulties in choosing. Each of the oils has its own value and works with its effectiveness. It is impossible to give priority to any type of oil. Each person creates his own opinion about this or that drug. It is better to think through and try popular remedies, and then use them alternately and in composition with each other. The best remedy for your eyelashes is sure to be there.

Of course, miracles do not happen. If your eyelashes are naturally soft, not very long and thick, changing their appearance without applying drastic measures is difficult. However, maximally preserving this important part of the appearance is simply necessary. Take regular care of your eyelashes and they will surely delight you with their beauty.

Watch the video: 30 DAYS USING CASTOR OIL FOR EYELASH GROWTH! (January 2020).


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