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Cosmetic oils

Oil in cosmetology has been very popular since ancient times. It received special fame and love of the fair sex thanks to its natural composition. The scope of this tool is very extensive.

Types, properties and differences

A table with a list of cosmetic oils and their properties is almost every girl who cares for herself. In antiquity, conventional products were used for food purposes. Currently, there is an abundance of all kinds of means. But many women prefer to use vegetable oils. For example, it can be olive, which in its composition has a lot of vitamin E. A larger indicator of this vitamin can only be in wheat germ oil. Sesame oil, popular in Asia, is used not only for cooking. It is believed that it impregnates the entire epidermis with substances important to humans.

The characteristics of all cosmetic oils are rarely identical. The difference in composition and effect on skin and hair can be significant. But the benefits of using these tools are very obvious. Basically, each of them has a unique effect on certain skin areas.

Consider a list of the most popular and well-known oils used in cosmetology.. Universal is grape seed oil. It has a not very oily texture, perfectly nourishes the skin and has regenerative properties. Peanut butter due to its very nutritious qualities, it is perfect for age, dehydrated and even children's skin. Cedar Oilo rich in vitamins B, E and A.

When restoring hair, apply: Hypericum, burdock and palm oil. Burdock oil and St. John's wort will help to cope with manifestations of dandruff. Fresh scars and stretch marks will help to make less visible. evening primrose and calendula. They can fix the problem of brittle nails almond, sunflower, peanut, grape and wheat germ oil.

With poor hair and nail growth, cedar will help. To enhance the visual effect is possible if add lavender essential oils and limets to the base products. Tighten the skin around the eyes will help peanut and sesame oil. To protect the skin from the sun, it is worth using oils that have a natural UV filter. True, they have little protection and are suitable for residents of the middle zone of our country. Jojoba, calendula, pine nuts and wheat germ possess such protective properties. Relieve redness and irritation can carrot seeds.

Of course, the effects of each oil are different from each other. Apricot is perfect for girls with age and dry skin. It helps to restore the sebaceous glands and prevents the appearance of wide pores. Can be used for burns and cracks.

Avocado perfect for dry skin prone to peeling and for age. Avocado perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the dry epidermis. It has small protective properties against UV rays and improves the quality of hair and nails. Jojoba is ideal for owners of oily, mixed and sensitive skin. It has an antioxidant effect and gently soothes. Well restores and gives shine to brittle and dull hair. It helps fight split ends.

Macadamia oil It is a salvation in daily face and body care. It perfectly nourishes the skin and makes it more healthy and well-groomed. It is possible to use in the presence of damaged hair after dyeing and curling.

Of calendula It will turn out an excellent tonic for problem skin. It perfectly softens, moisturizes the skin and improves firmness. Quickly removes inflammation and protects the skin from sunburn. It is possible to use together with a mask or balm for problem hair.

Oil from celandine Suitable for dry, oily, mixed and sensitive skin. With this cosmetic product you can get rid of warts and calluses. This recipe is very popular in folk medicine. Of rose hips it turns out a good product in the care of dry, sensitive and problematic skin. This tool increases elasticity and fights the first signs of aging. It makes weak hair and nails stronger.

Of watermelon seed it turns out a good anti-inflammatory drug. Close to skin fat, it helps to treat acne, narrow pores and is actively used to combat baldness. It is perfectly absorbed into the skin and does not leave a greasy film.

Argan It has a moisturizing effect, nourishes and tones the skin. This mountain plant species is very popular in cosmetology. Suitable for dehydrated and mature skin. It is a very rare and most expensive oil on the planet. Of cherry pits also make cosmetic oil. It has a nourishing, moisturizing and whitening effect. Gives elasticity, smoothes wrinkles and perfectly protects from sunburn.

Walnut oil It has a bactericidal effect, heals wounds and helps against burns. It restores the hair structure very well and gives silkiness. The product is absorbed very quickly. Cosmetic product from melon seeds softens and eliminates pigmentation on the skin. Cocoa nourishes, moisturizes and restores damaged cells. It is not suitable for owners of oily skin, but it will perfectly protect the face and hands in severe frost.

Cocoa moisturizes weathered lips and helps strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows. Coconut It has antibacterial and emollient effect. This cosmetic product is great for ladies aged. Helps to cope with skin infections. Perfectly soothes and cools sore skin.

Flaxseed nourishes and rejuvenates well. Very light and pleasant to use. Mango moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin. It has an amazing anti-cellulite effect and is in demand for any skin type. Mango will help strengthen nails and eliminate itching after an insect bite. The virtues and sea ​​buckthorn oil. It cleanses, nourishes, helps with skin dermatitis and acne. Perfect in the fight against inflammation, peeling, roughening and prevents hair loss.

Palm It is an excellent antioxidant and helps in the rejuvenation process. Milk thistle oil It has a rejuvenating effect and quickly heals wounds and abrasions. Perfectly tightens pores and protects in bad weather.

Black cumin oil cleans and tightens pores, has anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects. It treats oily skin and acne. Shea Butter (Shea) moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the face and hands. Fir It is an excellent antiseptic, regenerating and deodorizing agent. The characteristics of the composition of fir indicate that it perfectly fights wrinkles, aging skin and helps to cope with sagging. The essential concentrate of this product is in great demand in cosmetology.

Vaseline oil or paraffin in cosmetology has been used for a long time and often. It is used to care for the skin of babies, hair restoration, to soften and moisturize the skin of the face, elbows, lips and feet. Licorice is excellent at treating skin diseases. Egg nourishes and cares for hair prone to dryness. Dill has a narrow range of uses. Dill is mainly used by owners of dry and sensitive skin.

Hemp oil is used in the manufacture of moisturizing and nourishing products for the face. Aloe Vera Natural Oil It is a natural biostimulant. If you use this tool quite often, it will help reduce wrinkles and fight the aging process. The beneficial properties of this plant are difficult not to evaluate.

Pomegranate Oil produced by cold pressing. It has a rejuvenating effect, helps restore the water balance of the epidermis and accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues. Sarsali helps moisturize and soothe irritated skin. Solid cosmetic oils should be stored at a temperature not exceeding +30 degrees.

For more on the benefits of using natural cosmetic oils, see the next video.

How to choose

Consider again cosmetic oils for each skin type. There are significant differences in their use that are worth considering. For dry skin, in addition to avocados, wild rose, the following types of oils can be useful:

  • Orange has a calming effect. It can be replaced with grapefruit.
  • Geranium helps in the fight against wrinkles and soothes.
  • Jasmine has a good calming effect.
  • Ylang ylang - An indispensable product in the fight against wrinkles.
  • Lavender relieves emotional stress and smoothes out the first wrinkles.
  • Incense It has a tonic effect.
  • Myrtle Helps improve the skin's protective barrier and acts as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Patchouli helps with wrinkles.
  • Rose oil has a calming property.
  • Pink tree an indispensable tool in the fight against wrinkles.
  • From chamomile an excellent soothing effect is obtained for irritated skin.
  • Sandalwood also a good helper in the fight against wrinkles.
  • Tea tree oil It has a calming and anti-aging effect.

The best products for normal skin care include jojoba, apricot, peach and almond oils. The following cosmetic products may be auxiliary components:

  • Orange helps fight wrinkles.
  • Bergamot has a calming effect.
  • Geranium oil It has a tonic effect.
  • Jasmine helps soothe irritated skin.
  • Lavender has a tonic property.
  • Lemon tones and fights wrinkles.
  • Juniper It has a good tonic effect.
  • Mint soothes irritated skin.
  • Rosemary Helps tone normal skin.
  • Sandalwood acts as a calming and caring agent.

For people with oily skin, it is worth using grape and hazelnut oils. It is worth using universal means as well. For oily skin, all cosmetics should narrow the pores and adjust the sebaceous glands.

How to apply

Of course, their effective action is due to natural components. In composition, they are very similar to human skin fat. The use of this type of product is very extensive and has long been successfully used in cosmetology.

  • Use for body care in the bathroom. Before use, you need to cleanse the skin well with a scrub and shower gel. But after application, they must be washed off well. Due to the cleaned body, good penetration of all components into the skin is obtained. Do not use these cosmetic products after a hot shower.

Water should be warm so as not to steam the skin. After use, do not wipe the skin too thoroughly. You do not need to add any body care components. It will not allow lotions and creams to do anything. Orange and red pepper oil will help get rid of cellulite.

  • Hair care. They help restore the structure of the hair, the hair follicle, and also prevent brittleness and cross-section. They restore shine and radiance and are very good for activating hair growth. Use them daily is not worth it, it is better to limit the use of 1-2 times a week.
  • Care for the nail plate. These products perfectly nourish nails, moisturize the cuticle and make it softer. Due to their nutritional properties, they strengthen the nail plate and do not allow it to exfoliate. Thanks to regular hand massages using oils, they will become more well-groomed. If there is a colored coating on the nails, then the product should be applied to the base of the plate. It is important to remember that when treating and using the oil daily, the color coating will be less stable.
  • Facial products. Castor oil has a wide range of applications in hair and eyelash care. You need to rub it 1-2 times a week. Regular use of castor oil will strengthen the hair, will accelerate their growth and will create fluffy eyelashes.

To care for dry skin, you should use coconut oil. It instantly nourishes and softens the skin. Almond oil is ideal for the skin around the eyes. Wrinkles are quickly smoothed out and the skin becomes more hydrated. It is especially recommended for girls with dry skin.

From acne, masks based on grape seed will perfectly help. Grape seeds effectively narrow pores, regulate sebum secretion and perfectly matte the skin. Cosmetic procedures with linseed oil are loved by many women. It is often used to combat dry and flaky skin. It has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect and smoothes wrinkles. In addition, it should be taken orally for 1 dessert spoon for breakfast.

Marigold oil It has a small UF filter, which will protect delicate skin from ultraviolet rays. It can also be used after depilation, since calendula quickly heals various burns and damage to the skin. Hazelnuts are used for soothing purposes for skin care after tanning. It quickly softens and moisturizes damaged areas of the epidermis. Although the instruction does not include olive oil cosmetic, it is an indispensable product in the care of dry, sensitive and mature skin.

Another video where a girl blogger talks about the benefits of oils and the rules for their use.

How to store

Shea butter and some other natural cosmetics are not recommended to be stored in the refrigerator. At such a low temperature, they simply become hard. Periodically warming up the funds to the desired temperature is not recommended. Jojoba is perfectly stored at room temperature and will not deteriorate even in the summer. Almonds are very susceptible to high temperatures, like other nut-based products. Do not store them in a bathroom where there is high humidity.

It is important to consider the expiration date and use all products only on time. Light also affects the storage of cosmetics. Most dependent on light are lemon, orange and grapefruit oil. To store such funds, it is worthwhile to purchase a container of dark glass or lightproof forms.


For the preparation of any mask or balm, base oils must be used, and then additional components. The composition of the desired product will depend on the type and characteristics of the skin and the area of ​​intended use of the product.

The following recipe will help make the skin firmer. You need to take 20 milliliters of avocado and mix with 6 drops of essential neroli and add 8 drops of tea tree. The finished product must be poured into a glass container and used on the most difficult areas of the skin.

Make skin younger and more beautiful 50 milliliters of base jojoba oil and peach seed. To them you need to add another 20 milliliters of green coffee and mix everything thoroughly. Then pour 10 drops of rose into the mixture. The finished composition is applied with light and patting movements instead of cream. The remaining surplus funds are enough to get wet with a regular paper towel.

And now the video is a recipe for a moisturizing facial mask using almond oil.

Rating of the best manufacturers

  • Botanica It has been represented on the market of cosmetic oils since 2001. All raw materials are produced in accordance with international standards. The brand offers consumers essential, oily and massage oils, as well as soap based on natural ingredients. The company has a large number of products, depending on the type of skin and hair.
  • Elma offers cosmetologists an excellent product for eyelashes and eyebrows. The company is convinced that the simplest and most common means with the right proportions can do real miracles. The manufacturer claims that the recipe for their products was obtained hundreds of years ago thanks to the wisdom and knowledge of herbalists. The product for eyebrows and eyes includes oils of milk thistle, nettle, castor oil, burdock, a complex of vitamins and hyaluronic acid.
  • Aspera is a domestic brand and offers products in the budget segment. A very popular product in the company is grape seed oil. This product is sold in a dark glass bottle and tightly screwed with a plastic cap. The downside of the product is its packaging. It does not contain a special dispenser or pipette, which would allow you to adjust the amount of product during use.
  • Ozonized OTRI oil is a medical cosmetic. Due to its unique composition, this product allows you to restore the natural beauty and health of the skin.
  • Zeitun belongs to one of the Arab brands and specializes in the production of natural cosmetics. The brand offers only proven components as part of its funds. These are mineral substances, essential oils and their extracts, extracts of natural and medicinal herbs and beekeeping products. According to many cosmetologists, the products from this brand are very worthy and effective. In particular, oils make the skin softer and smoother.
  • "Eared Nyan" - baby cosmetic oil, which is used as a care product for babies from the first days of life. The manufacturer claims that it is hypoallergenic and very budget. Of the shortcomings noted by cosmetologists, a slightly liquid composition can be noted.
  • SPA "Treasures of the Desert" or "Treasures of Brazil" - a series that were released by the famous brand Avon. The manufacturer claims that argan oil is present in the composition of the funds. It allows you to restore and renew the skin. The series includes a revitalizing face mask, cleanser, hand cream and body cream. This complex is perfect for restoring, toning and rejuvenating aging skin.
  • Nikitsky garden "Crimean" offers a wide selection of natural personal care products. The products of this brand are very popular among other companies producing cosmetics and essential oils. Nikitinsky Botanical Garden offers a wide range of cosmetic oils for skin care for hands, face and nail strengthening. These funds are sold in bottles of 30 milliliters. More than 15 types of vegetable oils are produced in 50 milliliter containers. All products are natural and have amazing cosmetic and therapeutic effects.

Beautician reviews

Nothing says a product better than reviews from real consumers. Many cosmetologists use cosmetic oils in their activities and are very pleased with the result. A distinctive feature of these products is a completely natural composition and a wide scope. Most of the funds have a very affordable price, minimal expense and amazing effect after use. All these aspects allow leading cosmetologists to rank cosmetic oils as their favorite customer care products.

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