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Faberlic Absorbent Toner

In order to look beautiful and attractive, women use various means: they buy and sew outfits, use decorative cosmetics and perfumes. However, even the most expensive outfit and exquisite perfume will not please if the person is not in order. Ladies who have oily skin are especially affected.

Today there is a wonderful tool that refreshes, tones and has a matting effect throughout the day - Faberlic absorbing tonic.

About the manufacturer

Faberlic is one of the leading manufacturers of caring cosmetics.

The history of the company began in 1997, it got its current name in 2001. And then the Russian Line brand began to produce oxygen cosmetics based on the ingenious development of Soviet scientists.

Cosmetics began to enjoy popularity, which grew from year to year. This is eloquently indicated by the fact that Faberlic is known not only in Russia, but also in 80 countries near and far abroad.

All these years, the company has repeatedly won the various international events.

The company collaborates with scientists from the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University and the Medical Academy. Sechenov. The purchase of ingredients is carried out from leading manufacturers with a good reputation, the raw materials are subjected to quality control. Products are manufactured in factories with the latest equipment, all international standards are strictly observed - the company has its own laboratory for product quality control. The brand itself is in the State Register of Clean and Safe Product Manufacturers.

Faberlic is actively working on innovative technologies and, based on scientific data and the study of skin problems, creates effective agents for various skin conditions. Funds are produced by product lines where there are all the necessary care elements that enhance each other's action.

In addition to facial cosmetics, Faberlic produces a wide range of products: products for body and hair care, for the skin of the legs and mouth, decorative cosmetics and perfumes, clothes, accessories and jewelry, home cosmetics. Each catalog contains new items.

It should be added that Faberlic products are affordable, interesting promotions are held, a flexible system of discounts and bonuses is applied. There is no problem with ordering products - this can be done on the company's website or at its representatives.

Air stream

Modern life in a big city with industrial enterprises, emotional stress, lack of sleep and smoking affect the skin condition - it lacks oxygen.

Given these factors, from 2015 Faberlic has been producing a new generation of oxygen cosmetics - Air Stream. Its active ingredients are Novaftem O2 and Tumerin, the company's development laboratory. These powerful antioxidants penetrate deep into the skin, restoring and strengthening its protective functions.

The Air Stream series is presented with a rich assortment, which makes it possible to choose the right care kit for a woman of any age and with any type of skin.

The tonic from this series will help remove traces of fatigue from the skin, even out its tone, protect it from unpleasant environmental influences, have an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, and restore the skin a healthy radiant appearance.


  • Facial treatment begins with its cleansing. An absorbent tonic is perfect for this process and prepares the skin for subsequent application.
  • The tonic is ideal for oily and combination skin. It has a matting effect throughout the day, reduces pore size, absorbs excess skin fat secretions. An important function of the tonic is to tone and refresh the skin. It contains no alcohol, so it does not have a drying effect.
  • Oily skin is prone to inflammation. Regular use of this product will save you from foci of inflammation.
  • Apply tonic should be morning and evening. They cleanse their face with a cotton pad moistened with tonic.

Oxygen Reshaping

With age, the skin becomes drier and less elastic, it needs intensive care. The Oxygen Reshaping Series is an excellent solution.

  • With cleansing the skin, which has lost its tone, the tonic "Oxygen re-shaping" does an excellent job. It will not only remove residual impurities, but also moisturize and refresh the skin of the face, and have a tonic effect.
  • It should be used with creams of the same series. This tonic activator is designed to prepare for applying the cream, promotes deeper penetration of the active substances of the cream and enhances their beneficial effect.


For high-quality face cleansing and subsequent application of the cream, it is good to use Verbena tonic.

It is suitable for all skin types. Its active substance is a multifunctional complex of verbena. The tonic will narrow the pores, even out the color, strengthen the barrier function.

  • Regular use of this product. reduce wrinkles, restore tone and elasticity, improve complexion.
  • Verbena tonic is an ideal way to combat age-related changes. The result will be soft, delicate, clean skin, radiant with youth.


Women leave numerous positive reviews about Air Stream tonics. Consumers with oily skin appreciate the matting properties of the absorbent tonic. He helped many ladies solve the problem of a glossy face, enlarged pores, and inflammations. They consider this product an ideal remedy for problem skin.

Women using tonic activator note that creams are very well absorbed, the condition of the face improves quickly. If the activator is used in the morning, then the powder or foundation is laid evenly.

Many ladies will continue to use Air Stream tonics and advise them to their friends and girlfriends.

At the end of our article - a video review of the series Air Stream by Faberlic.

Watch the video: vlogmas week 2. skincare routine for eczema and acne (January 2020).


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