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Powder Max Factor

Absolutely all women and girls strive to look beautiful and often use decorative cosmetics, in particular powder, to emphasize the beauty given by nature. It is she who allows you to create a beautiful tone, hide imperfections and protect your face from adverse influences. Particularly popular is Max Factor powder, and why, let's figure it out together.

About Brand

Few people know that the progenitor of this world famous cosmetic company is our compatriot, who later moved to America. In 1895, Maximilian Faktorovich opened his only cosmetic store in Russia in Ryazan. After moving to the United States, he began to work as a makeup artist, and along the way was engaged in the manufacture of wigs for Hollywood stars. Since then, cosmetics from Max Factor has become the most beloved among pop and cinema stars.

It is this person who is the creator of the images of Dietrich Marlene and Ava Gardner. Max always believed that absolutely every woman can not just, but should look luxurious. Therefore, he began to produce his own line of cosmetics. Initially, it was available only to the elite, but over time, every lady who wanted could become the owner of Max Factor cosmetics.

Today, gorgeous women shine on the catwalks of high fashion, on the set and on the stages of the whole world, and many of them are ardent supporters of this brand’s cosmetics. And all thanks to its unsurpassed advantages.

Features and Benefits

Almost all powders produced today by various manufacturers have some contraindications to their use. For example, the lack of the necessary tone or the possibility of an allergic reaction. But Max Factor in this regard is significantly different. Firstly, it allows every woman with any skin tone to choose the perfect powder tone.

And secondly, this cosmetic product is absolutely hypoallergenic, which makes it possible to use it even for women with very sensitive and problematic skin.

This cosmetic brand gives women the opportunity to purchase loose powder or compact. Each species has a delicate texture and a light very pleasant aroma. Therefore, each representative of the fair sex can look chic in any conditions.

In addition, this type of decorative cosmetics perfectly copes with such tasks as:

  • Alignment skin tones.
  • Naturalness. Due to the texture, the face after applying the powder does not look puppet or unnatural. Particles of cosmetics completely merge with the natural skin tone.
  • Disguise minor flaws. These include acne, redness and peeling.
  • Persistent and natural grease removal. This item is very relevant in anticipation of the onset of the hot season. The skin of the face looks fresh and clean.

But it is worth remembering that in order to achieve all these goals, as well as to give the skin velvety and softness, you should be very serious about choosing the right tone of powder. It will depend on him how effectively all the advantages of this cosmetics will work.


Particular attention should be paid to the ingredients that the manufacturer uses when creating this type of decorative cosmetics. It is worth noting that in all varieties of powder of this brand, the basic composition is identical. Only additional components may vary depending on the specific type of cosmetics and the purposes for which it is used.

The main ingredients are mica and talc (Mica, Talc). The first is a kind of plasticine, which is responsible for the velvety skin and its hydration. Talc is a mineral supplement that not only absorbs odors, but also protects the face from ultraviolet radiation and softens the skin. There are powders and preservatives in the composition, which help not only extend the life of this product, but also prevent harmful microorganisms from multiplying in it, which means that they directly protect the face itself. These are Propylparaben and Methylparaben.

The composition also contains the carcinogen BHT, which is an antioxidant and a special preservative, the enemy of all microbes Sodium Dehydroacetate. Not without adding so much needed skin water. In addition, the composition contains silicone (Methicone), stearic acid and zinc (Stearic Acid and Zinc Stearate), as well as perfume additives (Paraffinum Liquidum).

They are responsible for creating a protective film on the skin, its protection from pathogens, soften the skin and improve the texture of the powder for better application.

There are special additives in certain types of powder, for example, Calcium Silicate, Quaternium-15 and Avena Sativa. These additives are in powder "Loose Powder". They act as antibacterial, protective and emollient. AT "Creme puff"there is such an additive as Citronellol. It is she who is responsible for the pleasant aroma of this product. But in"Face finity"the manufacturer added one of the types of vitamin E, so that the skin is not only protected, but also moisturized.

As you can see, the composition of this product is quite natural and even gentle on the skin compared to other analogues, but the number of shades is much larger.


Earlier, we talked about how important it is to choose the right tone of this product from Max Factor to get the perfect skin tone in general.

Today, the company produces products in various shades for all skin types. Moreover, each type of product has its own color palette depending on the density and texture of the product.

Many people mistakenly believe that tone No. 1 is the brightest tone in the palette always, this is not so, and the products of this brand prove it.

So, compact powder has only 7 shades. It has a dense texture and is ideal for oily skin. It should be used in very small volumes. The colors in the palette are very diverse and are suitable for girls with very fair skin (shade No. 85) and very dark (shade No. 5). Tone 81 from this palette is great for masking acne.. And shade No. 55 will perfectly relieve redness on the skin and even bruises under the eyes.

Moreover, for fair-skinned girls, the company created a special powder with 6 colors Max Factor Facefinity. This powder is suitable for daily use and has shades from No. 1 intended for girls with snow-white skin, to No. 6, more suitable for dark-skinned girls.

This powder is very delicate in texture, ideal for daily use, in addition, shades allow you to choose a tool not only for daytime use, but also for evening use.

Max Factor has friable powder, which, no matter how surprisingly it sounds, has no palette at all. Loose powder consists of five types of powder. Transparent powder, or rather, its particles themselves adjust to the natural color of the skin, improving it and matting. In this case, tone 01 is ideal for the fair-skinned women, and tone 05 is the best choice for black people.

The choice of the right tone for this type of decorative cosmetics depends on the specific type of powder itself. Before buying, it is still recommended to do a test for compatibility of the shade of the product and skin color, as well as consult with a specialist.

But it’s not enough to get the powder that suits you, it’s important to know how to apply it correctly.

How to use

The rules for using powder depend on its type and density. For example, friable product can be applied to the face using a special mesh, which is sold complete with the product. Its use will not make it possible to apply too much powder on the face. However, makeup artists say that such powders are best applied to cleansed skin with a wide brush in small strokes. So the tool will lie evenly and will be almost imperceptible.

A creamy product should be applied in a very thin layer to the skin using a sponge or fingertips.

In this case, it is not necessary to use a special foundation for makeup or cream. The texture of the product is dense, it not only perfectly massages all skin imperfections, but also moisturizes and nourishes it.

Compact powder is best used on top of a day cream or makeup. It can be applied both with a sponge and with a wide brush designed specifically for this purpose.

The general rules for using decorative powder from Max Factor come down to the following principles:

  1. Apply tool allowed only on cleansed skin.
  2. Before use funds should moisturize the skin with cream or basic makeup.
  3. Everything needs a measure. It is necessary to apply a little bit of powder. So the tone of the face will look absolutely natural, the flaws will be hidden, and the pores will not clog.
  4. For oily skin it is better to use a creamy powder. And before using the product, the skin should be wiped with a tonic that narrows the pores.

Max Factor brand today produces a wide range of types of powder, each of which can be used both individually and in conjunction with another tool.


As you already understood, this brand produces powders of various types and compact, and matting, and creamy, and some others. Now let's deal with each view separately.

  1. Compact bronzing powder FaceFinity Compact Foundation. It is a kind of tool 2 in, because it is not easy to perfectly matte the skin and gives it a beautiful tone and velvety, but also protects against the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation. It is characterized by increased resistance to moisture, wind and touch, while it has a delicate and natural texture. The powder itself is placed in a case, in the shape of a clamshell phone, in which there is a mirror and a film that protects it from powder dusting. Contains spangles in a small amount, which gives the face a pleasant natural glow.
  2. Creme puff in its essence it is not only powder, but also a foundation at the same time, and therefore can become its equivalent. This cream powder has a dense texture, is evenly applied, protects against oily shine for a long time, perfectly masks all imperfections. Shade 75 Gold not only copes with all the functions of the foundation, but also gives the skin a pleasant tanning effect. Also, a new tone 13 Updated beige appeared in the palette, which is suitable for girls with light sensitive skin. It is realized in a black round case, complete with a double-sided sponge.
  3. Miracle Touch Foundation Ultralight Foundation, which is often called mousse. It has a weightless texture, blends perfectly with the natural skin color, economical in consumption. Sold in a small jar with a special sponge. Persistent, but light texture not only allows you to mask the slightest flaws, but also to avoid rolling funds on the face throughout the day.
  4. Maxi Color Silk Skin It has a very delicate, velvety structure. It fits perfectly on the face, does not clog pores, and at the same time smoothes out expression lines and removes traces of acne. Gives the face a feeling of freshness for at least 8 hours. It is realized in a small round case equipped with a mirror and a foam sponge.
  5. Loose powder it is friable powder, perfectly adapts to the natural tone of the face, imperceptibly lays on the skin, makes the skin not only velvety and soft, but also protects from greasy shine. It has one universal tone. Sold in a black plastic jar with a cotton sponge. Protects the skin from drying out and gives it a beautiful natural radiance.
  6. Translucent This is the tone of the cream powder from Max Factor, but recently makeup artists have singled it out as a separate group of products with a translucent texture. They are used to soften the skin, make it radiant and velvety. The main advantage is that women with any color and skin type can use this product. When applied, it is invisible and suitable for daily use.

It is not surprising that such a wide range of this type of decorative cosmetics attracts the attention of more and more customers. And where there is high demand, fakes often appear.

How to distinguish a fake

In order to purchase genuine high-quality products manufactured by this brand, and not falsification, one should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Cost. On average, the minimum price of Max Factor powder is not lower than 500 rubles, if the cost is lower than indicated, it is better to refuse the purchase.
  • Packing material. A renowned manufacturer will not pack its products into containers of thin and cheap plastic. Give preference to products sold in robust and holistic packaging.
  • Pay attention to the markings and carefully read the label, there should be no grammatical errors, as well as character replacements.
  • Composition. We told you about the standard composition of powders of this brand above, so if you don’t have a different product from the funds you are planning to purchase, you should know from not Max Factor.
  • And, of course, testers. Famous manufacturers always give customers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the product and test it.
  • It is worth giving preference to large chain stores that work with reliable suppliers.

Unfortunately, today there are also fakes that cannot be established without conducting an examination. But knowing the basic rules for choosing powder from a famous brand, and observing them, you will significantly reduce the risk of buying counterfeit.m

How much and analogues

Earlier it was said that good quality powder, regardless of its type, can not be too cheap, because for its production, quality ingredients are used, and also the packaging is also made from quality materials.

If we talk about the prices of decorative mattresses from the Max Factor brand, then they are different depending on the type. So, the cost of packaging loose powder varies in the range of 550-900 rubles. Concealer, cream powder are even more expensive from 700 rubles per package. The most expensive is matting mousse, its price is about 800 rubles. But you can buy friable powder even for 500 rubles.

It is worth remembering that powders with the effect of two in one, with sparkles or bronzers will always cost an order of magnitude more expensive.

But such products, however, like all types of decorative cosmetics, have their own counterpart. As the main alternative means, products of manufacturers such as Mary kay, L'Real or Maybelline. All of them are engaged in the release of the same names of decorative cosmetics, sometimes even with similar properties.

If we talk about the difference in price, then the products Maybelline much cheaper Mach Factor, but at the same time the palette of shades is less, as well as the number of varieties of powder itself. On average, you can buy powder from this manufacturer for 350 rubles and above.

L'Real already costs more from 450 rubles for one remedy. The assortment is also larger than that of Maybelline, and the quality is better. But Mary kay can make a serious competition. After all, this brand puts on sale powder of various colors, types and volumes. Minus compared to Max factor is a very high price from 700 rubles for one remedy.


In general, reviews on the use of powder production Max factor the most positive, regardless of its type. All customers note the high quality of the product, its effectiveness in smoothing skin tone, masking acne and spots. A big plus, they said, is that this product does not clog pores, nourishes and softens the skin, gives not only a beautiful complexion, but also radiance.

An important advantage, according to women, is a wide palette of tones, the presence of translucent shades, the ability to select funds for any type of skin, as well as an economical expense.

In general, we can safely say that this manufacturer of decorative cosmetics produces truly high-quality products that meet not only safety requirements, but also the needs of women around the world.

You can learn more about Max Factor powder from the video.

Watch the video: Beauty Detective, Creme Puff and the Art of Powdering! (January 2020).


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