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Night Cream Clean Line

Pure line brand night cream is a great way to take care of your face while you sleep. Herbal extracts, which are part of it, nourish and relieve irritation, have a beneficial effect on epidermal cells, repair damage, give shine and a healthy matte shade. The product may not be suitable for some women due to individual intolerance to natural ingredients.

Who will suit

Nourishing night cream for face Clean line is suitable for combination, dry skin, prone to peeling. The product regenerates the upper layer of the epidermis, making the surface soft and velvety. By consistency, it is non-greasy, quickly absorbed, does not cause the effect of tightness. Nourishing night cream moisturizes, nourishes with vitamins. In addition, it is suitable for oily and problem skin, reduces inflammation, but does not clog pores.

Manufacturers produce a product for night care, taking into account different ages. This is an age category from 16-25 years old, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-59, 60 and older.

Night face remedy "Sea buckthorn and rosehip" - nourishing, intended for combination and normal skin. The product cares, nourishes, smoothes fine wrinkles, prevents the appearance of new ones, makes the skin supple and radiant. The composition of the product includes sea buckthorn vitamin oil, phyto extract of rose hips and a natural activator of radiance.

Night cream "Strength of 5 herbs" (from 40 years) intensively nourishes, calms, softens. Natural components restore elasticity, significantly reduce wrinkles. The composition of the product includes chamomile, golden root, extract of ginseng root, clover nectar, oat milk, as well as phytovitamins.

Night remedy "Impulse of youth" (from 35 years) - An innovative product that uses capsule rejuvenation technology. One drop of cream contains microcapsules saturated with plant extracts, including an extract of a rare plant of acebia. Thanks to him, the aging process slows down. The composition also includes grape seed oil, aloe vera, ginseng.

Night phyto-cream "Verbena and primrose" (from 35 years) enriched with a complex of wheat germ and seed. Suitable for all skin types. Natural components activate the work of cells, smooth wrinkles, give elasticity and smoothness. The complex eliminates traces of fatigue, gives a healthy radiance and freshness. The composition of the product includes primrose oil, verbena extract, phytocollagen,

Herbal cream for the face "Meadowsweet and viburnum" (from 60 years) with collagen, fills deep wrinkles, smoothes them, intensively nourishes, restores facial contours, improves color, has a noticeable lifting effect. The composition includes viburnum berry oil, meadowsweet extract, phytocollagen.


The first component of the Pure Line classic night cream is water, followed by propylene glycol. Judging by the fact that he is in second place in the list of ingredients, his cream is at least 40%. It is used as a texturizing agent to create the very mass of the product. Propylene glycol is not the best ingredient for sensitive skin.

In third place is the “light” silicone. When it is heated to skin temperature, it evaporates and allows the composition to spread well over the skin. The next component is hydrolyzed urea.

In low concentrations it is used as a powerful moisturizer, great for sensitive skin.

The Clean Line cream contains a full set of silicones, as well as betaine, is used as a calming agent, forms a film on the surface of the skin that protects it; aloe extract; allantoin is a good sedative component.

The composition includes many extracts of various plants. All of them have antioxidant effects, protect the skin from free radicals, aging, improve complexion, but can cause an allergic reaction. As an additional ingredient, it is included in cream and castor oil (softens the skin), glycerin, preservatives and other surface substances.


The Pure Line night cream, like the rest of the products of this brand, has become widespread precisely because of its cost.

Despite the organic composition, which often includes extracts of rare herbs and plants, the product is inexpensive. Its price starts at 60 rubles. Every woman can afford such a tool.


If you are afraid to use an unfamiliar cream for the first time, be sure to read the reviews of real customers before buying. Judging by some of them, the Pure Line night cream shows its effect if used in combination with daytime. The product nourishes the skin well, makes it supple and smooth, has a pleasant aroma, is well absorbed. The benefits of the cream include a convenient consistency, high quality product.

Unfortunately, the Pure Line night cream has disadvantages. Some women note that the product has a too light consistency; it does not nourish the skin as stated by the manufacturer; after use, the face remains a feeling of a greasy film; not suitable for oily skin, provokes inflammation. The advantages of the product include a low price and the opportunity to purchase a cream for different ages.

You can learn more about the Clean Line cream from the video.

Watch the video: Testing the Sephora Collection CLEAN Skincare Line! Clean Sephora Skincare (January 2020).


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