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Vichy face cream after 40-50 years

Any woman wants to protect her skin from aging and stay young and beautiful for as long as possible. Luxury medical cosmetics manufactured by the French Vichy brand will be able to help with this. The active components of Vichy face creams, designed primarily for adulthood, are struggling with signs of age-related changes in the skin of women after 40-50 years.

Brand history

Vichy creams are highly effective facial care products containing thermal water saturated with minerals. Thermal water rises to the surface from a depth of four kilometers of volcanic rocks at a temperature reaching 145 degrees Celsius.

The history of the brand began in 1931 in the resort town of Vichy, in France, which since the 16th century was known for its mineral water, which had healing properties. Practicing spa physician Prosper Aller, who used water to treat diseases of internal organs and restore healthy body forces, discovered its unique healing effect on the skin. Aller, together with businessman Guerin, after conducting large-scale scientific tests, began the production of cosmetic preparations based on local mineral water.

Subsequently, the Vichy brand, managed by L'Oreal, led by Francois Dall, gained a solid reputation and became the sales leader in the global cosmetics market using the latest scientific research.

What is the uniqueness of products

To date, Vichy creams are one of the most popular dermocosmetic products among consumers due to the use of unique proprietary highly active ingredients that can solve many dermatological problems. Dermatologists call creams the elixirs of beauty and youth.

Many of the company's cosmetics are characterized by versatility, suitable for any skin type and age. According to experts, creams created for an age-specific female audience are especially effective.

Products exclusively positively affect the epidermis, healing and rejuvenating it.

The company's products are characterized by the absence of hormonal supplements.

Aqueous raw materials, which are a decisive component of dermatologic care products, are prepared in accordance with the stringent quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The components of the creams have a beneficial effect on especially sensitive skin, without causing allergic reactions.

When exposed to the cream, cellular immunity is activated, as a result of which wrinkles are reduced, the skin is more resistant to the effects of harmful environmental factors. Brand products go on sale only after confirmation of the positive effects on the dermis through numerous laboratory and clinical trials.

Thermal mineral water, which is one of the main useful components in the Vichy product formulas, has about fifteen trace elements, including iron, calcium, manganese and silicon.

Nursing cosmetics brand is completely natural, does not contain preservative additives and harsh synthetic fragrances.


Many age-related changes in the skin are observed in the fair sex after 40 years, in some, a decrease in skin tone is observed starting from 35 years. As a result of such chronic aging in the skin, the level of its own collagen decreases, it ceases to be elastic and loses its former freshness. The processes lead to the formation of wrinkles.

As a result of numerous studies, relying on consumer reviews of this age, the active components of Vichy's LiftActiv series of products, effectively acting on the epidermis, cope with these problems and restore a toned and smooth look to a woman's face.

All types of products of this series contain in the patented formulas the substance Aminokin, which is a herbal component that can reduce shallow and deep facial expressions of the face. Aminokine also helps to restore the radiant appearance, elasticity and firmness of the face.

Today, in the pharmacy network, you can find three key drugs intended for women from 35 to 50 years old from the LiftActiv dermocosmetic line: night and day creams, as well as a cream responsible for correcting the skin around the eyes.

Daytime remedy "LiftActiv Supreme", supporting the health of normal and combination skin, acting on the papillary layer of the skin, has a stimulating effect on the processes of regeneration and reproduction of epidermal cells. The cream formula contains, in addition to thermal water, bioactive components such as apricot oil, shea butter, vitamin C and rhamnose.

Rhamnose, an essential component of the product, is a plant-derived polysaccharide. The base substance in the formulation of the drug has a positive effect on the cellular composition, helps to restore the elasticity of the skin.

Ramnose, which has a pronounced softening and moisturizing effect, resists dry skin.

Cream"LiftActiv Supreme "for daily nutrition of the skin prone to dryness, it stimulates the restoration of intercellular bonds. The product soothes the redness and irritation inherent in very dry skin. As a result of the constant use of the product containing fibrocyclamide, rhamnose and neohesperidin, the lasting long-term effect of the product, which consists in returning, is noticeable face smoothness by reducing the number of deep wrinkles.

The nutritional composition of the night cream lineLiftActiv Dermoresource "from Vichy, resists the formation of wrinkles as a result of evening application. The product, which is distinguished by a particularly light and delicate texture, promotes the accelerated regeneration and self-rejuvenation processes inside the epidermis. A visible transformation can occur as a result of several applications.

An effective anti-wrinkle cream LiftActiv for the eyelids is intended to tone the moving thin skin around the eyes.

The formula of the product containing mineral water, caffeine, escin and rhamnose, with long-term use, is designed to actively resist the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.


Cosmetic Products "Neovadiol "from Vichy help cope with serious age-related skin changes for ladies after the age of 50. These types of creams contribute to healing and improving the appearance of the skin of the face and neck, which is exposed to the negative effects of hormonal stress.

Overcoming the difficult period of their lives, most women are faced not only with general deterioration of health and considerable psychological discomfort against the background of serious hormonal changes in the body, but also with the processes of aging of the skin. The skin becomes flabby and vulnerable to harmful environmental factors, covered with a network of deep wrinkles.

The "Neovadiol" series for aging skin, rightfully considered the best development of the company and having extremely positive feedback from interested users, includes creams that help perfectly cope with the withering of the epidermis during menopause.

Cream "Neovadiol GF" for normal and combination skin, thanks to the unique action of the Proteic GF stimulator, it accelerates lipid metabolism, metabolism, removes toxins, helps to tighten the dermis and corrects the oval of the face.

The product contains the main active ingredients: water of thermal origin, pro-xylan and Proteic GF, ensuring its high efficiency.

The effect of a cosmetic product Vichy "Neovadiol GF "with apricot oil, designed to tighten and rejuvenate dry and very dry skin, leads to restoration, helps to soften and maintain the proper level of hydration of sensitive skin throughout the depth.

Nourishing product "Neovadiol GF", intended for night use, perfectly heals cells to accelerate the regeneration of the age-related dermis. The product includes a protective mechanism on the surface of the skin to prevent the negative effects of the environment. Nourishing the deeper layers of the skin, improves metabolic processes in the cells, intensively moisturizes and refreshes the complexion.

Promotes the formation of a clear contour of the face.

Product Reviews

Vichy's products have been present on the global consumer market for care cosmetics for over seventy years. Due to the presence in the compositions of proven innovative components that effectively act on mature and aging skin, and strict control of compliance with quality requirements, Vichy creams are very popular, have many years of trust and have a lot of positive reviews from the most demanding Russian customers.

Buyers note the fact that the brand’s products are visible on the shelves and available, it can be easily purchased both in specialized cosmetic stores and in pharmacies. Many consumers consider it an advantage the year-round opportunity to use the products of this manufacturer, they have a positive attitude to the possibility of selecting a product for any type of skin.

Women over 40 with porous skin liked the ability of the products to reduce small pores, smoothing the surface of the epidermis.

Having skin prone to dryness and irritation, pay attention to the disappearance of redness, flaky areas, restoration of the inner radiance of the dermis without the formation of a greasy shine.

Consumers pay tribute to the unique multicomponent composition of products that can be well absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, which has a wide range of properties that have a nourishing and regenerating effect on the epidermis. Many women note a general improvement in the condition of the skin of the face, a noticeable revitalizing effect of the action of dermocosmetics.

As a result of daily application of the cream for a month, especially in combination with serum enriched with hyaluronic acid, and nourishing masks, a clear oval and facelift returns, the depth and number of facial wrinkles decreases.

A deep effective effect on the skin layers in many cases can make the product a good alternative to an expensive surgical facelift.

They also note that, despite the rather high price of Vichy dermatological cosmetics, due to its consistency, the expense is very economical. Some age-specific shoppers drew attention to the speed of removing skin fatigue, a noticeable refreshment of complexion and the reduction of fine wrinkles after just a few uses.

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