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Avon Cream

Probably Avon cosmetics is known to everyone. Among acquaintances, there is always a representative of this company through which you can order the funds you are interested in. Today we’ll talk about the creams that this company produces.

Brand history

Avon began its work back in 1993, then engaged in wholesale sales. Two years later, they registered their first representative in Russia. A year later, the Russian market was recognized as the fastest growing.

This company has participated in charity contests, the most famous of which is “against breast cancer”. In 2009 she received awards for quality products and others, such as "Aroma of the Year", "Brand of Confidence" and "Superbrand".

Currently, this company has employed over six million representatives worldwide.

Properties and benefits of cosmetics

At Avon, you can choose a cream for any skin and these products solve more than one problem at a time. The company creates moisturizing creams, day and night, as well as anti-aging products.


  • Each remedy is directed to solve certain skin problems, which makes it more effective;
  • The composition of these products is proven and high-quality, there are many safe for health and natural ingredients aimed at solving a particular problem;
  • They are convenient to use., they are light in consistency and perfectly absorbed;
  • Choose and order a certain tool is also very simple - if you do not have familiar consultants, you can always make an order in the online store;
  • There is cosmetics in every line, which helps to ensure full face care, and you do not have to buy separately something else from other manufacturers;
  • Avon not forgotten and the area around the eyes - for her there are special products that provide gentle care;
  • Funds of this company have a lasting effect.

Since the assortment of this company has means to eliminate each problem, it is worth choosing them based on your needs.

Main lines

Let's see what line of tools Avon represents today and what exactly they are good at.

The very first thing worth mentioning is Avon Care, the main line of skin health nutrients. Designed for daily care, it moisturizes well and makes the face radiant and beautiful. This line includes:

  • Refreshing lotion with the softening effect of "Green Tea";
  • Hand cream, nails and cuticles "Green Tea";
  • Vitamin E Remedy for the whole body and face, contains cocoa extract, restores and moisturizes;
  • Moisturizing and lightweight product with aloe extract "Aloe tenderness";
  • Cream soufflé for body with cocoa, restores, moisturizes and contains vitamin E;
  • Calcium Remedywhich protects and moisturizes the hands;
  • Restorative for hands and nails with cocoa butter and vitamin E;
  • Hand Care with Olive Oil and vitamin B5, nourishes and softens;
  • For youth hands, product with collagen "Youth asset";
  • Great hydration from cream with royal jelly;
  • Also for hands excellent moisturizer "Luxurious Care";
  • "Intensive help" - one of the means for hands, the name of which speaks for itself;
  • Another product for softness and beauty of hands "Tenderness of aloe";
  • Nutrient for hands and nails "Rosehip";
  • And another "Rosehip"only now suitable for face and body;
  • Hand cream with cocoa butterrestoring and moisturizing;
  • Product for particularly intensive hydration for body care with vitamin E and royal jelly;
  • "Soft moisturizing" is a face cream and a hand cream. It contains oats and chamomile, it is well looked after and suitable for any age.

"Clearskin" - A line of products designed for deep facial cleansing.

After all, the cleaner the face, the better its color and easier to apply makeup. This line includes: fast-acting products, spot products, deep cleaning, getting rid of black spots. These products are well suited for problematic and sensitive skin, because they have a hypoallergenic effect and a clean composition.

"Naturals" - From the name it becomes clear that in this line, manufacturers have focused on the naturalness of the ingredients. The composition of creams for this line includes vanilla extract, sakura, almonds and lily of the valley. Each of them is designed for a different type of skin.

"Nutra Effects" - Anti-aging line for face care. Emphasis here is done to nourish the skin and improve its appearance. It includes products such as Balance, Radiance, Hydration, Flawlessness, Cleansing, Anti-Aging Effect.

"Planet Spa" - Special skin care turned into a spa treatment. Cream this series for the body, hands and face, contain shea butter, woody aroma, acai extract, argan and olive oils, lavender and jasmine.

These products are designed to nourish and nourish your skin so that it receives not only proper care, but also relaxation.

"Skin so soft"- a series of products created specifically for the removal of facial hair, striving for smoothness and making the skin beautiful.

A huge plus of these lines is that it is easy to choose the one that suits you. And having done this, you can begin to choose certain means.

Anti-aging care

Everyone knows how difficult it is to take care of the skin when we grow up.

The farther, the more care we need. But with the right selection of funds, doing this becomes easier. Avon makes sure that any problem can be resolved and care selected for everyone.

Anew - An innovative complex for aging skin care. First of all, it relieves the face of wrinkles and gives it youth. In addition, such tools model, renew, tighten, energize and have a deep effect on the skin. This line contains products specifically for the skin of the lips and around the eyes, because these parts of the body require special care.

The line of these creams also includes products divided into age categories, since skin care at 30 years and ten years earlier is a big difference.

Such cosmetics should be used by people over 25 years old, since at this time growth stops and aging begins. And be sure to use products suitable only for your age.

"Update 35+" - This is a facial product made in such a way as to suit the skin condition specifically at this age. This is a night cream, nourishing and moisturizing, able to give you all the beneficial substances during sleep. 86% of women confirmed that if you use it regularly, that is, every evening, after the first week, the face is noticeably smoothed.

"Energy Charge 25+" - a product to eliminate the first signs of aging. It can be used both in the afternoon and in the evening. It softens the skin and protects it from harmful external influences, such as sunlight..

And, of course, it helps the skin to renew and remain beautiful and fresh.

New firm - cream-perfector

Sometimes you want to have such a tool that would act instantly, but at the same time would not spoil the skin, a cream that is suitable for everything and always. In Avon, there was such a novelty, called Cream-perfector.

It is multifunctional and takes its properties from a primer and moisturizer, combining two in one. When applied, the skin is leveled, moisturized and concealed due to reflective particles. Also, this cream deals with narrowing pores.

The composition of this product is full of useful vitamins and peptides, which prolong the effect of the drug for the whole day.

Featured Products

As mentioned earlier, Avon makes sure that every woman receives proper care for her age, face type and skin condition. We have collected several different creams so that you can choose something for yourself.

  • "Avon Foot Works" - soothing foot cream. Indeed, in regular care, care is necessary not only for our face or the rest of the body, but also for the feet. In winter, feet are particularly prone to dryness. To avoid this, this cream was invented. It contains lactic acid, which takes care of the softness of the skin.

There is a small warning about this product: after application, do not keep your feet in the sun, otherwise burns may occur, because the cream makes the skin sensitive. If you cannot avoid finding your feet in the sun, be sure to protect them.

  • "Perfect lifting" - Another cream in the "age" segment. You can start using it from the age of 25. He gently takes care of the skin, hides wrinkles and smoothes his face, giving him youth and beauty. Besides, well suited for the fight against all sorts of rashes and people with sensitive, problematic skin.
  • "Protection and recovery" - A night cream that guarantees face care, hydration and protection. It tightens the skin and effectively eliminates wrinkles thanks to algae extracts, antioxidants, peptides, proteins and vitamin E. The cream is created in such a way that it restores the internal defensive processes, helping the person withstand harmful environmental influences, such as sunlight, cold or heat.

For two weeks of regular use, the skin is restored to a healthy appearance, signs of aging are reduced, as well as wrinkles, and redness and irritation on the face subside.

  • Shine from Nutra Effects - This is a day cream that is full of antioxidants, protects and makes the face healthy and radiant. Well suited for any type of skin, and for sensitive and overly irritating. Hypoallergenic.
  • Instant Alignment - A cream that perfectly smoothes the skin and takes care of it, thanks to peptides and antioxidants in the composition. And reflective particles help make the flaws even more invisible. Silk helps your face become softer and more tender.
  • Avon also has a special line of black caviar products for deeper relaxation and care.. The company makes an extract from sturgeon caviar, preserving its useful properties, such as amino acids, phospholipids and trace elements. Thanks to their influence, the skin becomes elastic and beautiful, and the result will remain for a long time.

Caviar actively acts on the skin, removing wrinkles and rejuvenating the face. The advantages of this series in natural ingredients, relaxation and undeniable effect. It is worth clarifying that black caviar, eaten for food, is not suitable for cosmetic purposes, since it is processed with salt.

  • "The serenity of Provence" - This is a gentle cream souffle for the whole body. It perfectly moisturizes and softens the skin. Application is very light, not felt on the body.

Jasmine and lavender included in the composition not only have a pleasant aroma and beneficial properties, but are also suitable for any skin type.

  • "Rejuvenation Superiority" - a regenerating face cream that helps to cope with age-related changes. It nourishes the skin and heals damaged cells, and also gives youth.

This product contains extracts of black pearl, platinum and is rich in antioxidants.

  • Ultra-Nutrition - This is a series of nutrients in which there are many different components, but today I would like to stay on a cream for the skin around the eyes. With this product you will receive gentle care, and with regular use for a couple of weeks, notice a change for the better. The composition includes reducing acids Omega 3,6 and 9, which treat dry skin once and for all.
  • "Perfection" - A series of creams and care products with reflective particles and an undeniable result. The night cream of this series perfectly nourishes and reduces pores. Contains silk extract and keratin.
  • Products "Echinacea and white tea" are divided into eye care and face care. Both of these products are intended for women over 35 years old, so there is a rich diet and work to reduce wrinkles. It contains a lot of antioxidants, as well as an extract of echinacea and white tea.
  • "Rose petals" is a moisturizing face cream that has a very light texture. The product evens out skin tone and makes it "radiant." Rose petals gently care for your face and give it good care.


Clearskin Correction Cream Gathered a lot of positive feedback. Many write that for oily skin, it is simply indispensable, that it is lightweight and economical. Buyers also noted that after about two weeks of regular use, the face becomes healthier and the skin is better, without any oily sheen and rashes. But there were complaints of poor hydration even in the summer.

Foot remedy Foot works received no negative reviews at all. Many note the pleasant texture of this cream and gentle care.

Activating face cream Anew 25+ disappointed many users. First of all, they note an unpleasant film on the face after application to oily skin. The rest confirm that it is the product perfectly moisturizes for a long time and after it the skin becomes velvety.

Avon Nutra Effects Moisturizing provoked a positive response from almost everyone. It was said that he it takes good care of both oily and dry skin, evens out its tone. Of the minuses - a few people were unhappy only with the smell.

In the following video, an overview of Avon products: face cream "Youth Active", "Anew" 25 +; moisturizing and nourishing face masks, cream truffle for the body "Chocolate Truffle", "Thailand Flowers" series "Planet SPA"; hand cream "Moisturizing, with royal jelly."

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