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What are the benefits of sulfate-free shampoo

The products used for shampooing vary in composition: some have sulfates, while others do not. The former are a thing of the past - in the modern world, they increasingly prefer healthy hair care, and sulfate-free shampoo is just that. The use of shampoo is a gentle cleansing. What is the difference between this composition and sulfate, and what are its main properties - read below.

What it is

Sulfate-free shampoo is a new way of hair care that has become popular in the last few years. Almost every brand that produces cosmetics has several such products to choose from.

Marked "harmful "two sulfate compounds can be designated - these are sodium sulfonate lauryl (SLS) and ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS). Such inclusions are present in almost every shampoo, if you look closely at the composition. They effectively remove all dirt from the hair and well cleanse the hair of grease and other impurities. However, as they actively struggle with dirt on their hair, they are so dangerous - harmful shampoos should not be left on the hair for more than 4 minutes. In view of this, manufacturers began to produce safer products.

The benefits of environmentally friendly shampoo:

  • does not cause an allergic reaction - due to the gentle components, the product soothes the scalp, gradually cleanses the hair of sulfates. The latter cause redness and irritation on the dermis;
  • keeps a protective cover of each hair. Natural ingredients (labeled Coco Glucosid, Sodium Cocoy Glutamate or Disodium Cocoyal Glutamate on the label) do not damage the upper layer of the hair when cleansed, and the shampoo is washed easily without leaving any residue;
  • protects the hair after coloring from leaching of color. Using a caring composition, the product cleans the strands and prevents the destruction of the coloring pigment. Therefore, color fastness is maintained. The color of the strands does not fade after washing the hair;
  • does not damage hair follicles - due to this, the curls stop pushing. As a rule, the opposite effect occurs due to the hard mechanical effect of sulfates on the bulbs. This leads to a strong electrification effect;
  • does not wash nutrients, which means that for weakened hair, sulfate-free shampoos are the best option. In addition, professional brands allow you to save the keratin layer - the product is indicated for hair straightening with keratin;
  • restores structural damage to strands. The beneficial substances in the composition protect each hair from the negative effects of moisture, temperature extremes and vitamin deficiency. They also feed them at internal levels with microelements.

However, the sulfate-free composition has some disadvantages that are especially noticeable during the first use:

  • does not completely clean the curls of silicone components - this effect is accompanied by some bonding and the presence of a thin film on the hair, because of which they grow dull. Lovers to lay their hair, use gels and varnishes will have to apply this shampoo several times;
  • does not relieve dandruff. The soft components of the composition are not able to affect the fungus of the head, since they do not penetrate into the epidermis;
  • does not clean long curls in one application. Sulfate-free shampoo will have to be applied several times to thick hair;
  • no thick foam. Since inclusions have a natural basis, they foam with difficulty. But in order to avoid such an effect, you can do it in a tricky way: put shampoo on curls well and leave it for a few minutes, then put your head under the stream of shower;
  • reduces volume. With a sharp transition to a natural composition, hair can lose volume. It takes some time for the curls to get used to the new tool - gradually the level of acidity will be restored, and the hair will look healthy. The adaptation period may take about thirty days.

Today, many brands produce sulfate-free shampoos with fruit acids, trace elements and special inclusions that are suitable for each type of hair. The tool can also be selected according to individual criteria.

What is harmful sulfate funds

Compounds of a chemical type that have been artificially bred are called sulfates. In ordinary shampoos, these are the main components for cleansing the hair and scalp.

The use of sulfate shampoos leads to the fact that keratin (protective layer) of hairs is destroyed, they are thinned and dehydrated. In addition, sometimes fragility effect. The main reason for the delamination of the tips is sulfates. Restoring the structure after prolonged use of such shampoos is very difficult - it takes a long time.

The effect of the negative influence of sulfate compounds is most noticeable with improper selection of shampoo. For example, if it does not fit the type of hair. With its prolonged use, harmful substances can penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis of the head, causing serious oncological diseases.

How to distinguish sulfate shampoo:

  • foam well;
  • wash away excess fat and residual effects of styling products;
  • give volume to curls
  • reduce dandruff;

With all its positive qualities, it is better to refuse such shampoos. The negative effect of sulfates:

  • damage to the upper layer of hair - hair drastically lose moisture and trace elements, which leads to dullness and lifelessness;
  • destruction of the internal structure - This leads to consequences such as hair loss and allergic reactions. Sulfates act on the hair follicles - they can become inflamed, which leads to their weakening;
  • scalp irritation. With frequent use, shampoos can damage the lipid metabolism between cells in the inner layers of the epidermis, and this leads to increased sensitivity and dryness of the dermis;
  • weakening of the protective barrier of hair - chemical components act firmly on the hair, enhancing existing damage and leaching nutrients. Due to this, they begin to exfoliate and can not cope with the harmful effects of the environment.

Many girls note that the use of sulfate shampoos leads to addiction and slow hair growth. Switching to a more gentle way of cleansing curls is quite difficult.

It is better to use shampoos with caution in their composition:

  • diethanol - carcinogen, which easily passes through the skin barrier, penetrating into the deeper layers of the epidermis. It leads to the destruction of internal organs and is the cause of renal and hepatic oncology. It can often be found in shampoos and soap solutions - it is an actively foaming substance;
  • parabens - used as preservatives. Such substances are an imitation of the female hormone - estrogen, the saturation of which increases the development of cancer of the genital organs;
  • DEA - a chemical thickener, as well as a foaming unit. It is dangerous for the respiratory tract and nervous system, is a provocateur of allergic reactions;
  • PEG (glycolpolyethylene) - carcinogen, which can destroy the protective barrier of the skin. A large dose is harmful to mental health.

It should be remembered that if the composition of a cosmetic product consists of some unpronounceable names, then it is better to refuse it. As a rule, this is colorants, preservatives and artificial perfumes.

Frequent use of this composition can affect the body: redness of the epidermis, eye irritation, confusion of curls, swelling of the hands.


Sulfate-free shampoos are safe to use for sensitive derma prone to irritation. The composition includes natural components: plant extracts, oils, flower esters and other organics. The main useful components:

  • glutamate. The main component of such a substance is amino acids. Glutamate compounds are present in almost all natural cosmetics. Its presence in hair care products does not harm, but indicates hypoallergenicity. It does not provoke rashes and skin irritation;
  • glycosides - molecules of organic origin. They are produced from starch and oil bases. For example, lauryl glycoside is obtained from coconut oil. Such a component is one of the mildest natural cleaners. It is sometimes called cocosulfate. As a rule, it is added to bio-shampoos. For example, there is a solid component with cocosulfate and nettle.

In addition, there is a lack of shampoo:

  • parabens artificial type;
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (sodium laureth sulfate) - forms the basis of sulfate shampoos;
  • Sodium Chloride (table salt) - a thickener that is dangerous for the epidermis.

As a rule, sulfate-free shampoos are silicone-free and completely composed of components of a natural type. They include the fruit acids of sea buckthorn, roses, peaches, and herbs.


Organic cosmetics do not harm the scalp and the hair itself. Foam formations in sulfate-free shampoos are sparse, which means it is better to rinse the strands with this tool two to three times. Oily hair needs to be cleaned longer than normal or dehydrated, and shampoo must be selected strictly according to the type of hair.

However, the effects that are observed after prolonged use can only please.

When switching to organic shampoo, get ready for the changes:

  • restoration of the water-salt balance of the scalp - natural components and vitamins soothe the skin, activate the regenerating functions of the dermis, thanks to this it is moisturized;
  • color improvement hair;
  • electrification elimination hair;
  • restoration and conservation protective layer of hairs;
  • prolongation of effect after keratin straightening - sulfate-free formulations do not wash keratin and retain its shell on each hair;
  • the use of shampoos is indicated for children. There are special formulations for children;
  • for keratin hair - this is an additional care: they receive nutrition with microelements and vitamins.

However, it should be remembered that eco-compounds will not help get rid of dandruff. Their components are too soft to destroy the fungus. Also, you should limit the application of silicone compounds and styling varnishes to your hair - shampoo does not wash them well.


Special cosmetic boutiques offer a huge selection of sulfate-free shampoos. Some are suitable for the oily epidermis of the head and damaged curls, others contribute to the preservation of the colored color. The most popular brands are discussed below.


Release composition for colored curls "Delicate Color". The composition has a special water-repellent type base that envelops the strands and protects them from moisture loss. With the help of shampoo, the keratin layer of the hair is preserved and color pigment is fixed. Taurine, a natural component - protects hair after dyeing and holds paint in the upper layer of hair. In "Delicate Color" can be found tocopherol and magnesium, which thicken the strands and strengthen the hair follicles. The advantage of shampoo: the presence of a sunscreen.

It is best to use "Delicate Color" in the summer.


A professional cosmetics company has an Otium Aqua sulfate-free product. Thanks to the ecological components, the shampoo gently cleanses the curls and gives them shine. Nourishing and moisturizing ingredients take care of your hair and also restore chemical damage. The shampoo is perfect for dull, lifeless hair and epidermis with dandruff. The True Aqua Balance micronutrient complex deeply nourishes and soothes the dermis. Using it for a month, you can enhance hair growth and improve their structure.


"Bonacure Color Save" is a special detergent composition for hair, completely devoid of sulfates. The main action is a deep cleansing and restoration of the elasticity of curls. The caring formula includes amino acids that solder stratifications of the hairs. At internal levels, the skin is saturated with trace elements, and hair is restored.

With frequent use of Schwarzkopf shampoo, you can preserve the colored color of the strands.

"Recipes of grandmother Agafia"

The company produces a whole line of sulfate-free products. You can find a remedy for each type of hair and with any problem. Due to domestic production, the cost of shampoos is very affordable, and the result lives up to expectations. The composition has gentle components, gently cleanses the dermis of the head and cares for the strands.

It can be used every day.

Natura Siberica

Natura Siberica products are exclusively composed of natural ingredients and extracts. Due to them, complete hair restoration is achieved with daily use. Fruit extracts, oils, herbal ingredients care for hair, soothe scalp and nourish the inner layers of the dermis.

The main foaming ingredients - Lauryl Glucoside and Cocamidopropyl Betaine - normalize the production of sebum and have a tonic effect.


Shampoo called "Magic keratin"is a professional hair care product. Just like Estel or L'Oreal, he ideal for dyed or severely damaged curls. The composition does not contain harmful and carcinogenic components and artificial perfumes, so it does not have a smell.

The active component, keratin - restores severe damage and delamination of each hair, envelops them, protecting against negative external manifestations.


Professional brand that produces shampoo "Biolage". It has a special formula that cares for keratin curls. Silk extract and vitamin complex take care of strands. Interestingly, in the absence of sulfates "Biolage" forms a lot of foam and completely cleans curls, even after masks, based on oils.

Shampoo is best for oily hair.

The list of professional sulfate-free hair care products includes other products:

  • Cocochoco;
  • Wella
  • Constant Delight;
  • Bielita-Vitax;
  • Ollin;
  • Londa;
  • Siberian Health.

How to choose

To make it easier to choose an ecological shampoo, you need to pay attention to certain nuances. Since organic products have their own characteristics, they differ from the rest in a number of ways:

  • no harsh flavor. This is due to the lack of chemical components and artificial perfumes;
  • lack of bright color - synthetic coloring pigments are not added. Therefore, the natural shades of such shampoos are a sign of natural composition: cream, white or beige tone is found most often;
  • there is a special symbol of organicity on the packaging. All cosmetics have such a mark - this means that it has passed special certification. Better if there will also be a sign that confirms the lack of testing on animals. Often there are such names: "Contains Organic Ingredients "or" Biological Cosmetic Certification";
  • soft aggregates act as cleaning componentsfor example, inclusions of unsaturated acids, betaine extracts, and instead of preservatives: sorbic acid or lemon acid (Citric Acid, Sorbic Acid);
  • excluded animal components and fats.

And although sulfate-free shampoos are eco-cosmetics, it still contains a small percentage of emulsifiers and artificial additives. But they are much smaller, and the effect they produce on the hair and skin is minimal.


According to the girls, sulfate-free shampoos are much safer to use than regular ones.Most argue that after using these bases, the hair becomes healthy and a natural, natural shine appears. The best sulfate-free products included such brands as Siberian Healt and sulfate-free shampoo bath "Chroma Captive". How shoppers respond curls are restored in a short time.

The first is suitable for daily care, does not dirty the strands and cleans them well, and the second is ideal for complex care (the brand is professional), deeply nourishes and thickens the hair. The minuses of the girl include high cost and fast expense.

Shampoo from L'Oreal "Delicate Color". Due to the special keratin complex, it is best for dyed hair. Girls write that the product helps to cope with split ends, reduces fragility and soothes the dermis of the head.

It is often advised to switch to sulfate-free shampoos if there are the following problems: brittleness, dullness, lifelessness of hair. And also, if the curls are constantly exposed to heat treatment, keratin straightening or perm.

To brands that possess ambiguous effectBuyers include: Natura Siberica, Kapous and Ollin. It is noted that the latter oily hair and poorly cleaned.

Many advise carefully choosing shampoo to thick, thickened, oily hair, since sulfate-free agents can enhance the effect of electrification, furry and naughty. According to reviews, in this case, eco-shampoos are better to alternate with ordinary ones.

In the next video, you’ll learn about the nuances of using sulfate-free hair products, as well as your product impressions. "Organic life", Ukrainian natural cosmetics for hair care.

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