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Palmolive Shampoo

Strong and healthy hair always attracts attention and creates a good impression of a person. Irreversible age-related changes in the body, poor-quality water, drugs, poor environmental conditions, stressful situations, bad habits, unhealthy nutrition - all this negatively affects not only the appearance of the hair, but also their internal health. To ensure complete hair care and vitality, it is necessary to have a whole range of cosmetics, the leading place in which, of course, is shampoo. Today, the consumer market offers the widest range of this cosmetic product.

This article will focus on Palmolive shampoos.

About Brand

Palmolive shampoos and shower gels have been known in Russia for more than a dozen years and every year these products are gaining more and more popularity.

The history of the manufacturer of this brand began several centuries ago, when an emigrant from the UK began his business in New York selling starch, candles and soap. With his partner, he founded Smith and Colgate. Over the next 150 years, the company underwent huge reorganizations, including a name change to Colgate-Palmolive:

  • representative offices opened in almost all countries;
  • the range of products has grown to several dozen products, including various types of shampoo;
  • annual sales exceeded $ 100 million.

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At the moment, after another 60 years, the 13 billionth Colgate-Palmolive Corporation sells products for body care, oral cavity, animal feed and various household chemicals.

Palmolive shampoo of various types received worldwide fame, having a huge number of positive reviews from grateful users. To select the best suitable product, you need to objectively assess the condition of not only the hairline, but also the scalp.

For weak and brittle hair

Under the influence of various internal and external aggressive factors, hair is deprived of health and strength, from which it becomes brittle, weakened, devoid of natural volume. For this type of hair, shampoo is ideal. Palmolive "Extra Volume" with natural oils of lavender and lemon. Natural ingredients fill the hair with the necessary vitality, give a healthy shine and volume, protecting against dryness and brittleness.

The product foams well, rinses well and is suitable for daily use.

The restoring shampoo with ceramides "Strength and Shine" 2 in 1 " will provide prompt and effective help to brittle, dull and split ends. Thanks to the ceramides that penetrate deeply into the hair, restoration takes place along the entire length: from roots to ends. After several applications, you can notice positive changes in the appearance of the hair: they become brighter, stronger and more manageable.

Palmolive Shampoo "Nutrition and Softness" with silk proteins and extract intensively nourishes, cleanses and restores damaged hair structure. Reduces loss and brittleness, gives freshness and a healthy appearance, provides softness, obedience and silkiness.

For fat and normal

For users with normal or oily hair type, Freshness and Lightness shampoo is optimal, it contains vitamins, useful trace elements and citrus extracts, which have been famous for their cleansing effect since time immemorial. The product cleanses the hair from excessive fat deposits, tones, gives volume and cares for tips that need to be moisturized. Thanks to natural essential oils and aromatherapy effects, this shampoo serves as an antidepressant.

Palmolive for normal hair "Intensive Strengthening" Apple and Citrus "incorporates extracts of orange and green apple. Natural ingredients nourish, moisturize and tone the hair from the inside, as a result of which they become strong, soft, obedient and radiating vitality and radiance. Shampoo is optimal for daily use.

Shampoo with black cumin oil has been present on the market for relatively little time, but immediately gained popularity and appreciation.

Thanks to the latest developments of dermatologists and cosmetologists, this tool gently removes impurities and excess fatty deposits from the surface of the hair, nourishing and saturating with vital energy from the inside. Hair becomes voluminous, shiny and well-groomed.

For men

According to cosmetologists, the difference between male and female shampoos is simply enormous, as a result of which a conclusion is drawn about the inadmissibility of using one product by all family members. This is due to physiological characteristics: the sebaceous glands of men work more actively, which leads to excessive contamination of the scalp and hairline. To normalize the work of these glands and eliminate high fat content, the company's cosmetologists Colgate palmolive developed a special men's shampoo.

Palmolive Shampoo "Men" 2 in 1 "for dry and prone to hair loss contains marine minerals.

Thanks to the triple action formula, the product actively fights dryness and removes dandruff, “awakens” hair follicles, vitamins and protects against aggressive environmental factors.

Trendy shampoos are two-in-one means, that is, at the same time combining the properties of shampoo and shower gel, which allows you to take water procedures every day. Shampoo + shower gel "Sport. Healing 3 in 1"contains essential oil of guaiac wood and grapefruit extract. This combination of natural ingredients cleanses, tones and soothes without drying the skin and hair. Shampoo has undergone dermatological research.

Watch the video: Palmolive shampooget soft and silky hair,palmolive aloevera shampoo review in urdxuhindi (January 2020).


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