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Le Petit Marseillais Shower Gel

Care cosmetics with pleasant aromas are a great way to pamper yourself. Now many brands produce shower gels with sweet or floral scents that tempt them to buy. An example of such a product is Le Petit Marseillais Shower Gel. You will learn about the assortment of gels and their features from this article.

Brand history

First, a few words about the brand itself. He appeared in the eighties of the last century. Initially, in their assortment there was only a delicious smelling Marseille soap. Further, the brand developed in the same direction, creating cosmetics inspired by French motifs. Over time, a French boy in a stylish vest appeared on the bottles - that same little Marseille.

The company today is trying to produce the most natural makeup products. But at the same time, they pamper their customers with pleasant sweet, citrus and floral aromas.

Features and Benefits

Shower gels from this brand not only smell pleasant, but also work really well on our skin. They gently moisturize our body without overdrying the epidermis. In addition, due to a more natural composition, films do not form on the skin and pores do not clog.

As a result, after using the gel, you have only pleasant feelings, and there are no signs of irritation and ugly rashes on the skin.


We should also say a few words about the composition. The company is trying to make it as close to organics as possible, but still without the addition of chemical components, the products could not be stored for so long.

On the first list in the list of ingredients is, of course, water. Next, there are sulfates that help cleanse the skin. An active surfactant, unfortunately, causes dryness and irritation in many. Therefore, if your skin is overdried, then you should refuse to buy such a gel. However, the composition also contains glycerin. It just moisturizes the skin and makes it softer.

Therefore, the product is well suited for normal or combination skin.

Product Overview

Among the products from this brand, there are quite a lot of different fragrance gels. All of them fascinate with their delicious smells. Let's look at a few popular fragrances that customers most often sweep from the shelves of cosmetic stores.


One of the most famous fragrances from this brand is vanilla. The manufacturer claims that to create this gel uses the aroma of natural vanilla, collected by hand and dried under the warm Marseille sun. By its consistency, vanilla shower gel resembles body milk. It is a white thick mixture that smells very nice and when lathering creates a lush, thick foam.

This shower gel is very popular among all the sweet tooth. Its aroma really makes you dizzy and makes you reach first for this sunny yellow bottle.


A product called "Chestnut and Pistachios" also smells incredibly delicious. The aroma of the gel will remind you of the sweet pistachio ice cream. The gel in a beautiful green package will suit most of the girls.

White peach

But, if you are not a fan of sweet aromas, then you can pay attention to shower gel with a lighter and unobtrusive fruity aroma. For example, with the smell of orange tree or peach flowers.

The tool is ideal for summer, or in order to give yourself a piece of that same summer mood in cold times.

"Sea Dill"

Another original fragrance inherent in a shower gel with such an unusual name. This shower product is most often bought by men. After its use, a light and hardly perceptible aroma remains on the skin.

In addition to those listed earlier, the assortment of this brand has other flavors. So everyone, regardless of their preferences, can find something to their liking.


Talking about a product, one cannot but mention customer reviews. After all, they help to understand whether this company produces a quality product. "Little Marseille" is a brand that is loved primarily for its delicious aromas. However, saturated and pleasant aromas are considered by many not to be a virtue, but rather a product disadvantage.

Some girls are wary of gels with such a rich aroma that then stays on the skin for a long time. It seems that in order to achieve such a tasty and sweet smell, manufacturers have to use a lot of chemical components. In addition, many note the "unnatural" aroma. It either really differs from the smells that we find in nature, or it just seems too saturated. Vanilla or an orange tree, they claim, cannot be as fragrant.

In addition, there are those who note that the gel harms naturally dry skin. After application of such a product, rashes or peeling appear on it.

But this is a rather rare occurrence. On the whole, the gel gently and gently cleanses the skin, making it velvety and pleasant to the touch.

Of the positive aspects, it is also worth noting that the gel has a rather pleasant consistency. It is liquid, unlike sulfate-free products, easily foams and spreads over the skin. After using such a product, there is no discomfort on the skin and no sticky film. One pack of gel will last you for several weeks, since it is not consumed very economically.

Sweet and pleasant in consistency shower gels from this brand are quite inexpensive, so almost everyone can afford to buy such a skin care product.

In general, despite a small amount of negative feedback, these gels are very good and deserve the attention of all lovers of fragrant and high-quality body care cosmetics. Soft gentle care, a sweet smell and a good reputation - these are the characteristics of gels originating in sunny Marseille that really should push you to buy them.

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