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Nivea Hand Cream

Every woman must take care of the skin of her hands. After all, it was they who first of all treacherously betray the age of their mistress. And by how well-groomed the skin of the pens can be judged on how the girl relates to her appearance. Today we will look at the popular Nivea creams, highlight the features of each of them and find out customer reviews about this product.

Brand history

Pharmacist Paul Karl Byersdorf founded a cosmetics company in 1882 and named it by his name. A few years later, he sold it to a businessman who, together with pharmacist Isaac Lifshetz and dermatologist Paul Unna, created a cream called "Nivea", which was based on a moisturizing emulsion. It was from this time that the era of this brand began. The popularity of this cosmetic was enchanting. The company gradually grew and increased its assortment, hair milk, soap, shampoos appeared.

In 1914, Nivea products began to be sold on all continents. Today you will find this cosmetics in more than 200 countries. In the 1950s, Nivea began producing creams that protect the skin in cold weather from sunlight, cosmetics for children, and hygienic lipstick. In 1980, the company made a splash with the production of skin care products for men. So the first alcohol-free after-shave balm appeared. Further, for the representatives of the stronger sex, they began to create shampoos, means for shower and body and face care.

But Nivea did not stop there and the next breakthrough was the release of cosmetics for aging skin. To date, since its inception, the company has an assortment of more than 500 items. Currently, an organic series has appeared, which includes the most natural components.

Product Features

Nivea develops creams for every skin type. In addition, the manufacturer uses the most natural ingredients in the production, which only positively affect the skin.

It is worth noting that Nivea does not use palm oil for cosmetics and processed substances of this oil. The company supports the environmentally friendly production of palm oil, as evidenced by the certificates received.

Currently, almost all Nivea cosmetics use herbal ingredients and oils. They not only intensively moisturize the skin, nourish, but also protect it. Any Nivea hand cream, as a rule, in the composition contains various natural ingredients aimed at solving certain problems. It can be: sea buckthorn, aloe, jojoba oil, shea butter. The manufacturer always indicates the complete composition and method of use of the cosmetic product.

Types and properties

Among NIvea hand creams, you can find products not only for nutrition, moisturizing, but also for protecting the skin of your hands, as well as anti-aging. Each of them is able to instantly make your hands well-groomed and beautiful at any age.

  • Moisturizing

Moisturizers are designed to take maximum care of dry hands. Thanks to the natural oils in their composition, the skin instantly becomes soft and soft. Such creams may also contain vitamins that make nails and cuticles beautiful. When using moisturizers, your pens will always look perfect.

  • Anti age

Anti-aging creams help keep skin youthful. Their composition necessarily includes coenzyme Q10, due to which the skin becomes more elastic and the natural level of its protection increases. In addition, the anti-aging cream necessarily contains UV filters that provide protection against the appearance of age spots.

Overview of Popular Tools

Consider in more detail all the hand care products from NIvea. We highlight their strengths and weaknesses, if any.

  • "Nutrition and care" - Means for maximum nutrition and care for handles. The composition includes almond oil, which gives the product not only a wonderful aroma, but also instant skin hydration. The cream is perfectly absorbed, leaves no residue on the hands. This tool is a novelty in the NIvea line.
  • "Tenderness and care" - cream with shea butter, which enhances the skin's natural defense. The tool well softens, nourishes and cares for cuticles. After using it, the handles become unusually flexible and smooth. This cream is also new in the NIvea range.
  • "SOS" - product with panthenol for quick restoration of the skin of the hands. A special formula with panthenol allows you to instantly remove irritation, redness and excessive dryness and tightness of the skin. The cream has an unobtrusive pleasant aroma, is quickly absorbed, leaves no residue.
  • Intensive Nutrition - a remedy for dry skin. It contains macadamian nut oil. Natural oil perfectly nourishes and protects the skin. Hands will be moisturized even with frequent washing.
  • "Moisturizing" - remedy with aloe vera and jojoba oil. The natural ingredients in this product have excellent regenerating and softening properties.
  • "Comprehensive care" - the product contains sea buckthorn and vitamin E, which moisturize the skin, perfectly nourish and tone it. In addition, the cream softens the cuticle and looks after the nails.
  • "Nutrition and protection" - It is an emollient and nourishing agent with anti-inflammatory effect, which includes natural beeswax. After its use, dry skin is instantly moisturized and protected from external influences.
  • "Protective" - A cream with beeswax, which has nutrients and moisturizers for very dry hands. This tool is similar to the cream "Nutrition and Protection", but less effective.


Below, we consider customer reviews about buying Nivea hand creams, are there any favorites among them or those that can’t cope with their functions at all.

Despite the fact that this tool is a novelty in the Nivea line, it has already proven itself from the best side and is one of the main favorites among customers. We are talking about the cream "Nutrition and Care". Almost all the girls agreed that after using it, the skin is moisturized for a long time and looks well-groomed. Some say that the cream is so nutritious that it is perfect for the cold season. In addition, the cream is instantly absorbed and leaves no residue on the skin.

Many customers also note the pleasant aroma of the product. Separately, it is worth noting that "Nutrition and Protection" does not cause irritation, this was confirmed by customers. And also girls note an interesting packaging design, it is pleasant to hold in hands and it fits easily in a handbag.

One of the leaders is a novelty - "Tenderness and care". According to customers, the tool copes with its functions. The cream really nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the hands. After using it, the handles are gentle and well-groomed. But this property is preserved until the first hand wash. This property of the girl was noted by a significant minus, since the remedy requires frequent application. Of the pluses, customers note intense cuticle nutrition, a pleasant aroma and convenient packaging.

A lot of positive reviews can be seen about the cream "Integrated Care". According to customers, it perfectly moisturizes, leaves no residue, is quickly absorbed, has a neutral smell and is economically consumed. In addition, the cream helps to heal small wounds on the skin. Of the minuses, some girls noted that after using this tool, palms are slightly wet. Buyers noticed that the cuticle becomes more moisturized and well-groomed, but not in the way we really would like.

The Intensive Nutrition cream also earned good marks. The product has a greasy structure and perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin. In addition, after use, the cuticle is perfectly moistened. It is economically consumed, has a pleasant smell. But customers noted such disadvantages as it was absorbed for too long and the film was felt on her hands for some time. But this did not stop the girls from leaving numerous positive reviews about this product.

You can watch an overview of hand creams in the following video:

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