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Diademine Cream

The Diademine brand became known in Russia 15 years ago. But the history of its existence has more than a hundred years. It has periods of tremendous success, the ability to touch the origins and a responsible attitude to product quality throughout this time.

Brand history

The brand appeared in Paris in 1904, when the brothers Jambatista and Cornelio Bonetti acquired a patent for a light water-fat emulsion and took it as a basis for future products. The company began to exist as “Bonetti Frères”, which means “Bonetti Brothers“. The base was not chosen by chance. It was used by doctors and pharmacists to cleanse and care for the skin of hands and face.

The first cream created by the brothers was called "la Crème Medicale de Beaute". It could be purchased first in pharmacies, and later in perfume shops. In the 1950s, Diadermine S anti-aging cream was created, which has become popular due to its price-quality ratio.

In the period from 1920 to 1950, the company developed rapidly. In the assortment one could find not only creams, but also lotions, talcum powder, sun protection, hair styling and hair removal products. But the products were sold only in France until the 1970s. In 1973, she was transferred to the mass market category, which significantly affected the future fate of the brand.

In 1980, the company was sold to a major Henkel corporation. Having vast experience in promoting various brands, the German company has successfully expanded its sales market throughout Europe. Diadermine appeared in Russia in 2002, but they decided to omit the letter “r” in the name for sonority; therefore, Russian customers are familiar with the products under the Diademine brand name.

Features and benefits of the brand

Since the founding of the company, the creators have paid great attention to product quality. For this purpose, all cosmetics underwent dermatological studies. The product safety is guaranteed by ECARF certificate.

But not only this circumstance brought the success of the company. For the favorable development of the brand in the postwar period, a competent pricing policy was required. Anti-aging products created in the middle of the last century had an affordable price for a wide range of customers. The ratio of high quality and low cost has become the basis of the brand’s economic strategy.

In addition to the fact that Diademine cosmetic products do not cause allergic reactions on the skin, they have a number of features. One of them is multifunctionality.

The components in the composition of the products are aimed at various beneficial effects on the skin. Some products protect and nourish, others moisturize and mattify. For each type of skin, you can choose products that can solve its inherent problems.

Another feature of the brand is compliance with the modern needs of the buyer. Product lines are updated as new effective components become available. Diademine is a long-liver in the cosmetics market and prides itself on its products and history. In honor of the 110th anniversary, the list of main lines was updated, and new skin care products appeared.

Main lines

The company has four main lines of cosmetic products:

  1. No. 110 "Crème de Beaute";
  2. "LIFT +";
  3. "LIFT + Wrinkle Smoothing";
  4. "The main program."

The first of them was created in honor of the anniversary of the brand, therefore symbolism is inherent in it. It combines the number of years on the market and the name of the very first product with which the history of Diademine began. The line consists of day and night anti-aging creams, cleansing gel and cream for the skin around the eyes. Noteworthy is their characteristic. Each jar of cream gives 110 anti-aging drops, activating 11 signs of young skin with 11 anti-aging ingredients.

The Lift line consists of several product groups:

  • "Source of Excellence"

Means of this group provide a skin tightening and have a regenerative effect.

  • Moisturizing. All products are designed to moisturize the skin in the daytime. In the list you can find a refreshing cream for the care of the skin around the eyes and a tonic for narrowing the pores of the skin.
  • Instant effect. Here are the products for daytime use, which provide a quick smoothing effect.
  • Nutrition. This is the smallest group consisting of a night face cream. It is intended not only to nourish the skin at night, but also gives a long-lasting lifting effect.
  • "Derma Beaute" and "Skin Excellence".

Another group of products for lifting, which allows you to even your complexion. The assortment includes creams with a natural tone and sand, as well as a tonic for narrowing pores.

LIFT + Wrinkle Smoothing Line It is an analogue of hyaluronic acid injections. It presents 3 products:

  1. Daily cream;
  2. Night cream;
  3. Cream concentrate.

Fourth Line, "Main Program"contains the necessary cosmetic products for daily use. It is divided into 3 groups:

  1. For sensitive skin. The series consists of a soothing day cream and makeup remover lotion.
  2. Care. Here you can choose a product depending on the type of skin. A moisturizer is intended for dry skin, and a matte for oily skin. In addition, there is a cream with sunscreen and anti-wrinkle properties.
  3. Cleansing. This series for various skin types provides gentle cleansing. It contains such popular products as micellar water, makeup lotion, refreshing toner, cleansing spray, cleansing gels and peeling cleansers. Products not only cleanse the skin, but also moisturize, refresh, and care for eyelashes.

Modern consumers, along with the characteristics of a cosmetic product, are increasingly interested in its composition. Awareness of the properties of various components helps to make a choice. More often it falls on funds containing a complex of useful components.


In the Diademine assortment, there are products containing 2-3 active components, and there are multicomponent ones. These include the 110+ line. The series is struggling with age-related changes thanks to a number of elements. These include collagen, peptides, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, amino acids and proteins.

The same components are present in other lines. Peptides are used in cosmetic products for lifting, and collagen is used in moisturizers. The nourishing cream is enriched with a biolipid complex. Hyaluronic acid is used to smooth wrinkles.

Variety is distinguished by the "Main Program". In the composition you can find flower water, glycerin and panthenol, peach extract, white tea, ginseng and vitamins.

Featured Products

If you look at the popularity of Diademine products, the leading line in the most sought after products are the “Main Program”. Gels for washing and makeup removers are in great demand. The main products of the brand, day and night face creams do not remain without attention. In general, products can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. Popular
  2. rating.

It is worth noting that the leading positions in these groups are occupied by different products.

The most popular in the assortment of Diademine was a cream-gel for washing, narrowing the pores. In its composition it contains peach extract and salicylic acid. The gel has a mild cleansing effect and maintains a water balance. Pores become less pronounced, there is a feeling of smoothness and grooming. The gel is suitable for any type of skin.

The second popular product is a day cream from the same line of “Matting and Moisturizing”. Its main features are the presence of UVA / UVB filters and Gloss Control Formulas. It is suitable for both normal and combination skin. On dry areas of the face, the cream moisturizes the skin thanks to vitamin E, and on oily areas it moisturizes.

In the second group of products, cleansing peeling received the highest rating. Particles of sea sand in the peeling cleanse the skin of dead particles, impurities, opening the pores and acting deep in them. Black dots become less noticeable. White tea and ginseng contribute to the hydration and nutrition of cells, have anti-aging properties. Peeling can be used 1-2 times a week for normal and mixed skin.

It is slightly inferior to the Cleansing Gel "No. 110 Gelée de Beauté". It is enriched with a unique composition that allows not only to fulfill its main task, cleansing the skin, but also has a rejuvenating and moisturizing effect. The gel can be used on the skin of the face and around the eyes during the day and in the evening before bedtime.

Thus, one can trace the most successful brand products. The full picture allows you to find out customer reviews.

An overview of the creams of this brand can be seen in the video below:


Opinion of buyers on a number of characteristics of Diademine products largely agree. They note a good moisturizing effect from various care and cleansing products. Means for combination skin cope with their task of cleansing, matting and narrowing of pores.

Most notes that day creams are great as a foundation for makeup. I was also pleased with the economical consumption of products, ease of use and low cost.

Controversial have become opinions about the consistency and smell of various products. Buyers also noted a short-lived moisturizing effect, and sometimes tightness of the skin after applying skin cleansers. However, it is worth noting that the effect of tightness is inherent in many drugs containing hyaluronic acid, since it has the property of attracting water to itself. But in general, the low cost of products allows customers to try and find their favorite skin care products, especially when they do not have negative consequences for it.

Watch the video: Diadermine Hydralıst Günlük Bakım Kremi I Ürün İnceleme I ÇEKİLİŞ! (January 2020).


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