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Eye cream after 35 years

The cream for wrinkles around the eyes after 35 years old includes several basic components that allow you to deal with age-related skin changes.

We will talk about the features of such tools and their components.


The first sign of skin aging is the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. Active facial expressions affect especially the skin condition, as well as squinting due to eye strain while working at the computer. Applying and removing makeup is another factor that acts as an additional burden.

The reaction of thin and sensitive skin to exposure to sunlight and wind, temperature changes manifests itself in its drying.

Age-related changes are expressed in a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin, which, together with hyaluronic acid, are part of the dermis. The skin loses its elasticity, suffers from a lack of moisture and vitamins. According to dermatologists, the aging process begins at the age of 25, and after 35 years the skin of a woman needs enhanced nutrition and recovery.

This becomes an occasion to seriously think about the selection of corrective cosmetics. The use of an effective cream for wrinkles around the eyes will, according to experts, restore skin's health and smoothness.

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Developed for this purpose, the products from the line for the care of the skin around the eyes have a light and delicate structure. They are quickly absorbed and have a number of healing properties:

  1. Tighten up. The main effect should be lifting, especially the upper eyelids.
  2. Nourish and supply vitamins. For this, vitamin complexes and minerals, special nutrients are introduced into the composition.
  3. Carry out anti-aging care. Creams contain collagen and elastin fibers, as their natural amount decreases.
  4. Moisturize. Maintaining water balance allows you to better deal with swelling and bags under the eyes, sagging and premature drying. The lack of a fatty layer is compensated by enhanced hydration.
  5. Bleach. Slow down development and eliminate dark circles and bruises under the eyes.

How to use

You need to take care of the area around the eyes daily, anti-aging care includes night and day creams. Gels are used during the day, refreshing the eyes and eliminating puffiness and bags throughout the day. For night time, masks are intended that provide intensive hydration and nutrition. These are oily and vitamin-rich remedies that are applied to the entire night's sleep. There are also universal wrinkle smoothing creams designed to treat the contour around the eyes.

Before applying the cream, the skin and eyelids are carefully freed with napkins from any kind of makeup.

Then rub the cream in massaging movements, as if "driving" it into the dermis. The touch should be light and not injure, the fingertips act very gently. They begin the process with a nose bridge in a circle, paying attention to centuries. Massage lines in the eye area are treated with small portions of the cream so that it is well absorbed. These supporting regular procedures along with a visit to a beauty salon will allow you to prolong the youthfulness of your face and look fresh and attractive.

How to choose

On the shelves of shops you can find a huge number of creams from various manufacturers.

Expensive and status brands offer multicomponent compositions with quick and deep penetration into the dermis, a significant effect of lifting and rejuvenation.

A review of the rating of cosmetics will help you make the right choice, evaluate the effectiveness of each of the proposed formulations for the care of skin around the eyes 35+. Among the marks noted by experts such brands of creams:

  • Vichy "Liftactiv Yeux". It acts at the deepest level, saturating the dermis with nutrients. For regular use, once a day is enough. A noticeable improvement comes almost immediately. The cream restores and prevents premature aging. Helps to get rid of "bags" under the eyes in a short period - up to one month.
  • Clinique "All about eyes". It is a hypoallergenic product with a light texture. It is highly absorbed, has a strong moisturizing effect, nourishes the skin and smoothes. Does not leave excessive stickiness and gloss.
  • Mizon. Contains more than 40% marine collagen, restoring elasticity and plasticity to the skin around the eyes. It fights aging by activating the natural processes in the skin. It affects facial wrinkles, smoothing them.
  • Shisheido. One of the best creams from this Japanese manufacturer. The night one is suitable for the most intensive skin care around the eyes. It consists of organic components and collagen and elastin fibers, nourishes the skin with necessary moisture and vitamins.
  • Uriage "IsoFill". A peptide complex that promotes the production of natural collagen and replenishes hyaluronic acid contained in the skin. The cream includes reflective particles, actively resists external influences. Gently cares for the skin, with a fast onset of improvement.
  • Institut Arnaud "The Radiance of Youth". It contains wheat germ extract, provides active nutrition and deep hydration of the skin, has a tightening effect. The cream is suitable for any type of skin, eliminates dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes.
  • Bielita-Vitex. Cream from Belarusian manufacturers with a high content of nutrients and collagen. An excellent substitute for more expensive formulations from well-known brands from France. Expression wrinkles go away after the first two weeks of applying this cream, restores the skin and prevents the premature aging of epidermal cells. The composition includes vitamins A and E.


Among domestic creams, shoppers unanimously note the good impact of such as Clean Line and Black Pearls. As a result of the application for one month, the skin on the eyelids noticeably smoothed out, a protective film with lifting effect appeared around the eyes, bags and swelling were gone. Small wrinkles have become almost invisible, daily care provides sufficient hydration and nourishment of the skin around the eyes. Creams do not contain such harmful components as stearates, parabens and drying agents, such as caffeine and chlorides.

Women are satisfied with the use of more expensive natural-based products with the addition of aloe juice from Equilibra and Yves Rocher.

In particular, the cream provoked positive reviews Lancomeanti-aging filler for brand eyes Libredermmoisturizing creams from the company Vichy and Institut Arnaud, Doliva and Cora. The reviews indicate a high level of development of these cosmetic care products and a comprehensive nourishing and moisturizing effect on the thin skin around the eyes. When applied twice a day, more than 70% of women felt the effect of lifting and freeing their eyes from fatigue by reducing wrinkles in the most sensitive areas around the eyes.

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