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Oriental wisdom in Korean cosmetics

Recently, Korean cosmetics is popular not only among oriental beauties, but also among western ones. This article will discuss the features of Korean products for face and body care and the most popular products designed for this.


For an oriental woman, the most important sign of beauty is well-groomed and beautiful skin. To ensure that she always remains well-groomed, high-quality Korean cosmetics help girls.

To date, the cosmetic market in Korea is rich in a wide variety of products. Due to such high competition, even high-quality products are cheaper than the domestic mass market. In addition, Korean manufacturers are trying to constantly develop and introduce innovative technologies into production.

Another feature of Korean skin care is that they use multi-stage care. If multifunctional products are popular with us, then you will not find this among the assortment of Korean cosmetics. Each individual problem has its own individual solution. A Korean woman will not use cream on her skin, which is also a scrub or gel.

In the assortment of the average Korean woman, you can find up to seven products that she uses on a daily basis. This approach to self-care allows the skin to remain well-groomed and beautiful for a long time.


Multi-stage care means that the Korean cosmetic market has a huge number of different products for every taste.

Korean women remain young and attractive for a long time. The main thing that contributes to this is high-quality and properly selected cosmetics for mature skin. There are a huge number of creams, serums and gels with the effect of lifting. Such products for the face for a long time keep the skin toned and do not allow wrinkles to appear even under the eyes or in the corners of the lips.

Products for problem skin are responsible for the whiteness of the skin and its smoothness. Korean women are actively struggling with all kinds of rashes, and also use means to narrow their pores. Products purchased for the summer must be with a high level of sun protection.

Among the assortment of Korean cosmetics, you can find products not only for the face, but also for the body. All sorts of fat-burning creams are especially popular, which allow girls to keep their figure slim and toned for a very long time.


In addition to the skin care process itself, Korean women also have different compositions that they use for this. To combat the first signs of aging, girls actively use creams with snail extract and pork collagen. These remedies help fight wrinkles and the slow process of withering the epidermis. For the same purpose, expensive creams with peptides are also bought.

To protect dry skin Korean women use creams with horse fat. And to deal with problems that are familiar to all owners of oily skin help with aloe vera and green tea.

Another product unusual for Western beauties is snake venom creams. They are used to combat all kinds of inflammation and to heal small wounds and injuries. So a cream with snake venom is a fairly popular product for everyone, regardless of the type of skin and age of the person who uses it.

Manufacturers rating

As already mentioned, today there are many brands that produce Korean cosmetics. Among all this diversity, some are particularly distinguished by a responsible approach to creating their products.

Tony moly

This brand appeared on the market just a decade ago, but has already managed to become one of the most beloved in Korea and abroad. This is a company that produces good organic cosmetics. Their best known products are "Panda's dream white magic"and"Apple". The first remedy is a whitening cream, and the second is more commonly known under our name“ rejuvenating apple. "Cream in bright jars in the form of red apples is considered one of the most popular skin care products for mature skin.

In general, in the assortment of this brand you can find products for every taste. They are united only by the maximum naturalness and focus on the eastern canons of beauty. For this reason, in almost all means, a very high level of protection against ultraviolet rays. They also visibly lighten the skin.


This brand has also successfully gained worldwide popularity. Their most famous products are BB creams. Despite the fact that they are very effective, a simple girl can buy them. The fact is that the founders of the brand believe that high-quality cosmetics should not be luxury, but care that is accessible to everyone. They are sold in simpler packaging, less money is spent on advertising, and as a result, the final cost is reduced.


This company is known to girls for its snail creams. This product made a splash not only in the eastern countries, but also in the West. And from him began the love of Europeans for makeup products from Korea.

In addition to snail creams, this brand produces no less high-quality products with extracts of volcanic ash, wine and with argan oil.

Secret key

Manufacturers of cosmetics from this brand take their business very seriously. They even have a research center in which they are engaged in creating new unique products and further testing their effectiveness. So buying this company's products, You can not doubt its high quality.

The face shop

This brand has a longer history than everyone else. It was founded in 1962, but only at the beginning of the two thousandth it gained deserved popularity. Among the well-known creams from this brand, you can find products with powder of precious stones, extracts of rare oriental plants and fruits. In this case, do not be afraid that you will be allergic to the purchased product. All products are tested and hypoallergenic.


This cosmetics is made on Jeju Island. This place can be called a real paradise on Earth - there are many waterfalls and tangerine gardens. Also there are many volcanoes. When creating their cosmetic products, manufacturers use the gifts of nature.

In addition to these creams, you should also pay attention to brands such as Hera, Xenzia, Rose tone cream, Guerison. All these manufacturers also delight girls with quality cosmetics. They differ for the most part in product prices.

Top 10 most effective creams

Separately, it is worth highlighting the top ten creams that girls from all over the world love.

Mizon "Black Snail All In One Cream"

This is the same famous "snail"A cream that brought brand fame. Up to ninety percent of snail mucus is in this product. The remaining ten are plant extracts. Among them are Japanese apricot flowers, grapes and acai berries.

These products are great for problematic and aging skin. This product has a very light consistency. There are no fragrances in it, which for many girls is an important factor. The product takes good care of the skin without clogging the pores and without creating a greasy film on the skin.

Mizon "Snail Recovery Gel Cream"

At the same brand you can find another good snail cream. This product has a more gel texture. Therefore, it is best suited for girls with naturally dry skin. The product simultaneously strengthens the skin, brightens and moisturizes it.

It is absorbed into the skin almost immediately after application. The product can be safely used in the summer when you do not want to overload your skin with dense creams.

BB Cream Missha

This remedy from the Korean brand has a high level of sun protection. Today it is one of the best-selling products. The product perfectly moisturizes the skin and nourishes it. This happens due to the presence of jojoba, macadamia and hyaluronic acid.

The tool not only hides problems on the face, but also makes the skin many times better. In addition, like most BB creams, this product is able to adapt to skin tone, due to which, on the face, it looks as natural as possible.

Timeless Ferment Snail BB Cream

This BB cream also deserves your attention. This product with snail extract is great for caring for very sensitive skin. The tool not only makes the skin tone more even, but also cares for it. After using this product, the skin becomes more toned and moisturized.

"Pig Collagen Jelly Cream" by Scinic

Another interesting product - this is cream with pork collagen. This product is useful for our skin because it has a lot in common with the protein that is in our body. That is why pork collagen is so well absorbed. Manufacturers of Korean cosmetics use this advantage to create products that help prolong our youth.

"Avocado Rich Cream" by Skinfood

The brand name literally translates as "food for the skin." Their products really nourish the skin, making it more well-groomed. The tool perfectly helps fight dryness, peeling and other imperfections. Also in creams you can find such beneficial extracts as lotus, water lily and bamboo.

Secret Key Snake Venom

This product with an unusual component is suitable for fighting wrinkles. The tool stimulates the renewal of epidermal cells and the relaxation of facial muscles. After using it, the skin is updated the very next day, so you do not have to wait long for the results.

Apple Shine Turn-over Sleeping Cream

This is a brand remedy. Holika holika It is an ideal product for nourishing the skin and restoring skin color. The product is good not only for its pleasant apple flavor, but also for its high efficiency.

Banana Hand Cream by Tony Moly

This product attracts, first of all, with its bright packaging and pleasant smell. But on this, its advantages do not end there. The product is intended for hand skin care and fully fulfills the manufacturer's promises - makes palms soft to the touch and well-groomed. It can be used at any age, regardless of the condition of the skin of your hands.

Panda's dream white magic

This cream has the same manufacturer as the previous one, which you can guess by looking at the bright and attractive jar. This tool helps whiten the skin., which is very important for oriental beauties. So, if you have the same ideals of beauty, and you want to become the owner of porcelain-pale skin, then this product should be for you a real masthead. In addition to a light shade, it gives the skin additional hydration. The original jar in the form of a cute panda, in which this cream is located, also attracts buyers. However, if you are not ready to buy the whole jar at once, you can order simple testers to help you understand if you want to continue using this product.


The fact that Korean cosmetics is the best assistant in skin care, both simple buyers and cosmetologists agree. Oriental beauties really know how to care for their skin especially well, and we should learn from this. And you can start by buying and actively using elite Korean creams. A good cream, matched to the features of your skin, will create a real miracle with it - tighten, moisturize, make the tone more even. Due to its effectiveness, Korean products are loved by cosmetologists and beauty industry professionals.

As elsewhere, Korea also produces low-quality products that are not worth the money spent on them. Due to the abundance of brands and small cosmetic companies, it is difficult to control all the cosmetics that enter the world market from Korea. So, in order not to be disappointed in the Eastern female wisdom, first choose a cream from the proposed brands that have already been tested and loved by many women and girls around the world.

The following video is an overview of popular Korean cosmetics.

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