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Mask for problem skin

Problem skin makes many girls and women feel insecure. If there are any rashes or pimples on your face, then you will constantly try to hide them, and without makeup - to complex. Therefore, it must be well looked after. A mask for problematic skin is the easiest way to improve its condition.

We will talk about how to improve the condition of the skin without resorting to the help of cosmetologists and expensive salon procedures.

Signs and causes of skin problems

First of all, to solve the problem, you need to understand its causes. Most often, small pimples and pustules appear on oily skin. Due to the excess secretions of sebum on the face, acne, comedones and acne constantly appear. The skin becomes inflamed because the enlarged pores become clogged with dust. So to combat old rashes and to prevent the appearance of new epidermis, you need to cleanse and nourish it well.

Care Features

Care for problem skin should be comprehensive. It needs to be cleaned well. First of all, simply using all kinds of gels, foams and "wash". It is also advisable to have a special brush in your arsenal of care products. It will help to better cleanse the face and even remove dead cells from it. After such a cleaning, the dermis will be well-groomed and smooth.

But, despite the fact that problematic skin is peeling, these small particles should not be actively moisturized with oil and other similar products.

In such an environment, the skin is only covered with new pimples and blackheads.

You can get rid of peeling, and at the same time from oily sheen by choosing the right mask. You can either use ready-made tools that you can buy in any store, or cook the product at home.


Some key ingredients are used to care for problem skin.. The most effective ones are honey, eggs and cosmetic clay.

In almost any good mask for problem skin, you will find at least one of these ingredients.

Clay good for oily skin. It absorbs excess sebum, toxins and dries up inflammation. There are several types of cosmetic clay that differ in their properties.

Blue clay removes pimples and redness. It evens out the tone and gives the face a healthy color. Green cleanses pores and removes shine. White - restores skin and treats acne. Red relieves itching and redness, and also heals small cracks and wounds. Black is considered one of the most versatile - it is suitable for dry and oily skin. In the first case, the product moisturizes the epidermis, and in the second it narrows the pores and removes the signs of acne.

Another useful product in the composition of masks - honey. It should be natural, ideally - buckwheat. If you are preparing a home mask, then you need to choose a high-quality product. If honey is already sugared, it can be melted in a water bath.

Squirrel mask able to dry the skin well. But if you are preparing a protein mask at home, then this procedure will have to spend a lot of time.

Application rules

For masks to work well, they must be used correctly. Before applying such a product, the skin must be well cleaned. To do this, use not only gel and foam, but also a good brush, which will help you remove excess peeling. The skin should be massaged very gently so as not to harm the surface of the face.

It is recommended to steam the face well before applying the mask.

But what exactly is not worth doing, is squeezing acne. Cleaning should be trusted by professionals. At home, no matter how accurate your movements may be, you can still injure your skin.

Masks need to be used regularly, only in this case you will be satisfied with the result. The product must be applied to the epidermis once or twice a week.

The best cosmetics

The easiest way to care for your skin is to use purchased masks. Now there is a huge variety of products that help tone the skin and cleanse it.

You can choose both disposable masks and large packs that can be used more than once.

Good products can be found with trusted brands such as Cliniqe, Kora, Reviva Labs, Christina, Cettua. A cheaper alternative to girls is offered by companies such as DNC and "Propeller". It is also worth paying attention to the face-free face mask beloved by many girls. This mud mask with propolis gently cares for the skin and does not harm it.

Home recipes

A great alternative to purchased products is homemade masks. Let's look at a few recipes that girls with problem skin should pay attention to.

From baked apple

Baked apples are loved not only for their pleasant taste and incredible aroma. This product can also be used for skin care. To do this, you need one apple baked in the oven. A well-baked product needs to be kneaded and supplemented with egg white whipped in a light foam. Such a mask is applied to the skin for fifteen minutes, after which it is washed off with contrasting streams of water. This tool helps to cleanse the pores and narrow them.

From honey to milk

Such a useful component as natural honey should also not be ignored. It must be mixed in equal amounts with baked milk, supplementing this composition with a pinch of starch and salt.

Milk mask recipe - in the next video.

The mixture is quite liquid.

Therefore, it must be applied to the skin with a cotton pad. The next layer is applied to the surface of the face only after the previous dried up. A mask of several layers should stay on the skin for at least half an hour. Rinse it off with warm water, completing the care process by applying a nourishing or moisturizing cream.

From egg white

A refreshing egg white mask is applied in layers. One egg must be divided into yolk and protein, whipping the latter into a light foam. A few drops of lemon juice must be carefully introduced into this airy mixture. It must be distributed on the surface of the face with a thin brush. After applying the mask, the pores will become narrower, the oily sheen will disappear, and you will generally look more well-groomed.

You will learn more about preparing a protein mask from the next video.


In almost every kitchen you can find such a simple product as carrots. This vegetable helps mature skin and problematic epidermis, covered with acne and rashes. To cook it, grate one vegetable on a fine grater. If the grated mixture is too liquid, it must be thickened with talc. The mixture is applied for about half an hour, after which it is washed off with clean water.

The recipe for a carrot mask is in the next video.

From decoctions of herbs

Herbs are known for their ability to soothe the surface of the face. Make a decoction of elderberry, chamomile and lime blossom, and you will see for yourself. The resulting liquid can be used as a tonic to wipe the skin or supplemented with other components by preparing a mask. In this case, the broth should be supplemented with a teaspoon of honey and oatmeal. The result should be a slurry that is easy to apply. Such a tool perfectly tones.

From grapes

For such a mask, you will need grape seedless. Mash it with a fork, adding one egg yolk and a little starch. This finished slurry is applied to the face for twenty minutes. The tool tightens pores and improves the general condition of the epidermis.

From clay

Clay mask, supplemented with sea buckthorn oil, heals inflammation and pimples. You will need a tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil and twice as much clay. Mix the components preferably in a ceramic or glass dish. The main thing is that they do not come into contact with metal. If necessary, a little distilled water can be added to the mass.

You will learn more about clay mask from the next video.


To remove all kinds of inflammation and even out the tone of the face, you can use a mask of kefir and cottage cheese. You will need to mix in one dish three tablespoons of low-fat kefir with a tablespoon of cottage cheese. The resulting mixture is applied to the face for a quarter of an hour. It is washed off, like most other masks, with warm water.


Owners of problem skin call masks one of the most effective ways to care. Properly selected composition will help you treat acne and rashes, make pores less visible, and skin - smooth and even.

Choose for yourself a recipe that is right for you and will not cause allergic reactions.

In this case, your skin will look many times better.

Watch the video: DIY face mask for oilyacne prone skin! (January 2020).


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