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Hair Strengthening Masks

Hair care is an important component of the life of any modern girl and woman. Basically, to improve and improve the condition of curls, the fair sex uses various cosmetics. One of the most versatile and effective types are masks for strengthening hair.

The basis of such cosmetics includes many active active ingredients that have a positive effect on the structure of the strands.


Compared with other types of cosmetics (shampoos, balms), masks have a deeper and stronger effect on the structure of the hair. A feature of these products is the intensive care of the hair. First of all, the effects of the components present in them are aimed at treating curls that are susceptible to damage. One of the common and effective options are strengthening formulations.

Here are some of the distinguishing features of these masks:

  • high concentration of useful components in the composition;
  • masks are based on natural ingredients;
  • formulations have a high pH.

Modern manufacturers produce masks that are used for each type of hair, which is a huge advantage. There are compounds for roots and split ends. Active ingredients fight problems such as dryness, prolapse, excessive oiliness and pollution. Buyers have the opportunity to choose a tool individually, focusing on the features of hair.

Each type of mask is aimed at solving a specific problem. Some are used to improve hair growth, while others are struggling with hair loss. Recently, cosmetic compositions that protect hair from the negative effects of the environment have been especially popular.

The demand for regenerative products also increased.

Basically, such options are used after perming or regular straightening.

Most often, masks are presented on the shelves of cosmetic stores. The most common is mass-market products. It is known that such cosmetics are based on both natural and synthetic components. After use, the effect is noticeable, but it does not differ in duration.

Products based on high-quality natural ingredients can be purchased in specialized stores. The cost of such options is slightly higher, but the effect is noticeable much longer.

If you do not trust the store, you can make a mask to strengthen the hair yourself. There are many folk recipes that are often used by girls and women at home.

Popular store products

Today, cosmetic brands produce many products whose action is aimed at eliminating various problems. A good option for strengthening is considered a means "Angel Professional Water Element Nursing Cream". The peculiarity of this mask is that its base consists of natural components supplemented with an extract of seaweed. The tool perfectly protects the hair from the harmful effects of sunlight.

Another good option is products. Nouvell. The base consists of protein and panthenol. The action of the components is aimed at retaining moisture in the structure of the hair. After applying the mask, the curls do not dry out: the active components penetrate deep inside.

Particular attention should be paid to professional lines. A good option is a cosmetic firming mask from the company Fusion. Manufacturers offer a whole line of hair care products. Each of the funds fights certain problems, perfectly nourishes, moisturizes and restores hair.

An excellent regenerative option is the composition "Bonacure Fiber Force" from company Schwarzkopf. This cosmetic concentrate makes your hair docile and soft. After using the product, the curls comb perfectly, become silky and moisturized. The peculiarity of cosmetics is that it consists entirely of a chemical-silicone composition. This option is a real "salvation" for weakened hair.

Another good restorative is mask from "Fito Cosmetics". The main advantage of this tool is the combination of affordable price and a good effect, which becomes noticeable immediately after application. The strands acquire softness, freshness and shine.

Many cosmetologists recommend applying an oil-based mask to restore. A great effective option is a tool "Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque". The base contains extracts of macadamia and argan. Thanks to the combination of oils, the hair structure is not only restored, but also saturated with a sufficient amount of moisture.

A favorite tool for many hairdressers is the mask. "Barex Restoring Hair Mask". The composition contains silk proteins and flax seeds. Thanks to it, the hair does not tangled, gain elasticity and become thick. The mask is recommended for the care of colored curls.

To restore damaged strands, you can use a tool from the company Lush. The main advantage of this option is its naturalness. After using the product, the strands are restored from the roots to the ends. The base consists of natural oils, honey and three types of mint.

Folk recipes for making at home

The most effective and safest are those masks that are cooked at home. The burdock base is especially popular among girls and women. To create, use plant oil, egg yolks and vitamins A and E in ampoules. All components must be mixed, whipped with a mixer and heated in a water bath.

The mask is applied to the hair, paying particular attention to the root zone.

  • To care for the dry tips, we will suit the composition with henna. Be sure to ensure that the product is colorless. 2 tbsp henna must be mixed with lemon juice, add 2 yolks and a little cottage cheese (low fat) to obtain a homogeneous consistency resembling sour cream. The mask should be applied to the hair, left for 30 minutes and insulated with polyethylene.

It is known that professional formulations are based on natural components, and therefore often the cost of such products exceeds average marks. But such a mask can be easily prepared at home using natural ingredients. Especially popular are oil formulations.

  • To prepare the mask, you can use almond, peach, castor and cedar oil. Often, several types are used at the base at the same time to obtain the maximum positive result. The oils are mixed, after which they are slightly warmed up and applied over the entire length. The strands need to be wrapped in polyethylene and a towel.
  • For oily hair, you can use an aloe mask. The pulp of the plant is mixed with honey and lemon juice (all components must be taken 1 tbsp) until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The mixture is rubbed into the root zone and left for 30-40 minutes. The use of such a mask is aimed at normalizing the functioning of the sebaceous glands.
  • Vitamin masks are suitable for strengthening hair. Substances can be purchased at any pharmacy, it is recommended to use in ampoules. Each of the vitamins has unique properties, and before use it is best to familiarize yourself with them. The main substances used to strengthen hair are substances A, B and E.
  • Universal options include nettle mask. Plant-based mixtures eliminate problems such as split ends, brittleness, and prolapse. To prepare the infusion, you need to use dry raw materials (2 tablespoons) and 500 ml of water. The composition is kept in a water bath for 20 minutes, cooled and applied to the hair along the entire length.

To feed the curls, you can use such a common product as kefir.

Castor oil (1 tsp) and 1 yolk should be added to this component. The mask must be kept on the hair for about an hour.

  • For shine, it is best to prepare a moisturizing composition based on olive oil. 2 tbsp the product is mixed with lemon juice. The resulting mixture is evenly applied to the strands. After 30 minutes, the mask is washed off with running water.
  • For hair growth, you need to prepare a composition with pepper. It is best to use the tincture and combine it with other components, as it is safer. The pepper composition must be mixed with burdock oil (1 tablespoon each), and then applied to the roots. The mask should be left for 20-30 minutes.

Read more about making hair masks in the next video.


Reviews left by women will help you choose the right option for strengthening your hair. Basically, most of the fair half prefer natural compounds, as it is more effective and safe. Especially popular among girls are oil-based masks. They perfectly nourish and moisturize the hair, restore it from the inside. After using such funds, the hair becomes smoother and silky.

According to women, the most effective mask for oily hair is pepper, which was mentioned above. The only negative of this recipe is that during use, there is a slight discomfort and burning sensation. It is worth noting that tincture can be prepared at home by mixing pepper and alcohol.

As for the store options, according to customers, the best masks are professional.

This is due to the high content of natural components in the basis of funds. If we compare professional masks with mass-market products, the first type has obvious advantages. As noted above, such options are presented in specialized stores.

A good mask to strengthen the strands - "Kleral System Red Clay Anti-Grease". The base consists of red clay, which is especially appreciated in the field of cosmetology. After applying the mask, the hair looks healthy and silky. Suitable for fatty type.

According to research it was proved that the most effective are masks containing panthenol. This was noted by many consumers, because after applying the compositions, the curls look well-groomed and healthy. This is due to the fact that panthenol has a regenerating and metabolic effect on the scalp.

An important point is the content of plant extracts and vitamins in the basis of funds.

A great choice will be products from the brand Brelil. Thanks to the action of natural active components, the strands are smoothed out and gain noticeable softness.

Please note that all cosmetic masks must be left on the hair for a while. The compositions are applied with fingers only on the basal zone, but along the length of the curls they need to be distributed with a special scallop with rare teeth.

Many do not know that masks need to be washed off under running water with shampoo. This is especially true for fatty compounds. This allows you to increase their effectiveness.

Watch the video: DIY: Hair Mask. Strength, Conditioning, & Growth. Natural Hair (January 2020).


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