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Gel Polish Artistic

For high-quality cosmetic care, any woman dreams of having a tool that, unlike ordinary varnishes, is quickly applied to the nails and dries, does not roll and does not smell, and keeps a fresh look for a long time. These, without a doubt, include Artistic gel polish from an American manufacturer.

Features and Benefits

Such products combine the properties of a gel and varnish, that is, they are easily applied and stored on the nail for a long time, and do not contain harmful components with a pungent odor of the solvent. Artistic gel polish can hold on for 2-3 weeks, even frequent contact with water, any manual work or natural factors do not interfere with this. The hardened layer expands with the growth of the nail plate, without collapsing.

There is no negative effect, on the contrary, this gel polish strengthens the horn tissue of the nail.

It is possible to create not only a monotonous color, but also multi-colored patterns, use sparkles, rhinestones and other decorative details. At the same time, you can safely play sports, visit the pool or solarium. Artistic gel polish does not fade or crack, which is why many actresses and other famous personalities choose it. You can apply it with a brush in several layers using a special lamp.


Artistic gel polishes have several lines for all occasions.

Nail cleaner "Artistic Nail Designe" serves to create a persistent manicure - monotonous or complex, which is not ashamed to show close-up even on the screen. There are several dozen color palettes for every taste, from strict and elegant to the most challenging. Among the Nail Designe line there are products for basic application and for the final glossy finish.

Lucky "Fall Collection" able to create a strict autumn image with moderate warm colors. "Winter Collection"have colder shades with silver sequins, and "Spring" and "Summer Collection" - the most cheerful tones. Especially for parties and special occasions, you can apply a spectacular look with chic nail gels "Artistic Holliday Collection".

Each season, the manufacturer Artistic presents new collections of manicure products, which are combined with a specific concept and create a unique original image. For example, gel polish from the Summer 2015 line creates a hot atmosphere of the tropics with exotic jungles and southern seas.

Color palette

The choice of colors for gel polishes is huge - from classic to modern youth. Collections from different seasons are monotonous from dark and silver winter to saturated blue and orange summer. The line "Artistic Nail Designe" has several dozen colors, and every year there is the opportunity to find something new, something that has never been seen before. It can be a sea wave, tropics, a breeze or a sunset. To make it easier to navigate, each color has its own unique number.

How to use

Before using the Artistic gel polish, you must sanitize your hands, then slide the skin off the nail with a pusher and remove the cuticles. For leveling and polishing, use appropriate abrasive files with subsequent removal of dust. Then, a cleaning agent is applied to the nail plate, you can use the "Artistic Nail Surface Cleaner". Instead, you can use any other high-quality primer, but cosmetics from one manufacturer are preferable. After that, the nail is painted first - the base layer of "Artistic Nail Designe", the surface is dried using a special LED lamp.

After 2 minutes, you can apply a second coloring layer, to give intensity, this procedure can be repeated again with the mandatory drying of the lamp. The last layer is applied, the nail is wiped with a napkin.

The finish will be slightly thicker than the base coat, so it should be dried a little longer. Instead of a special lamp, many beauty salons use familiar UV devices, and they can dry the nails for about 2 minutes.

The whole procedure, with experience or a professional manicurist, takes 1-2 hours, and you can repeat it in 2-3 weeks. If you want to change the color of the surface, then the old layers can be easily removed using abrasive files or buffs for nails and removers. The same as that used for regular varnish is suitable.


Thanks to the use of stars and widespread advertising, the American Artistic gel polish has gained wide popularity among women, although a couple of years ago in our country it was not so famous. Of the shortcomings of the buyer, only a high price is noted, since a 15 ml bottle can cost 1,400 rubles. or more expensive. But there are many advantages in the reviews, this is a variety of colors, only in the Nail Designe collection there are more than 60 of them, lasting color for 2 or more weeks, no pungent odor.

Review of the autumn collection.

Women note that when applying Artistic gel polish is quickly dried, applied evenly and does not leave bubbles. The palette of these tools is original and varied, but not too provocative. You can choose really fashionable and stylish colors. And, as the manufacturer promises, the layers adhere without destruction and fading for a long time.

How to prepare nails for applying gel polish and application rules - all this information you can find in the video below.

Watch the video: Artistic Colour Gel Tutorial. Step By Step (January 2020).


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