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Gel Polish Masura

Manicure has become an integral part of the life of the majority of the fair sex. This is especially true for gel nails. Masura gel polish is in high demand not only among nail service masters, but also among those girls who prefer to create nail art at home.

Features and Benefits

The manufacturer of this nail coating made sure that gel polishes of its production favorably differed from similar products, and therefore endowed them with such features as:

  1. Low cost in comparison with all other analogues. It is Masura gel coating that is the most inexpensive in comparison with other gel varnishes of domestic and foreign production.
  2. Lack of a sharp and unpleasant odor of acetone Allows you not to worry about the occurrence of such unpleasant sensations as dizziness, nausea or an allergic reaction during the procedure.
  3. Unique brush shape allows you to apply this tool even very close to the cuticle, while absolutely not touching it. A flat and hard brush allows you to apply the gel polish in a thin layer, without worrying about the occurrence of defects such as bubbles on the surface of the nails or cracking of the coating.
  4. Wide color gamut with restrained and at the same time bright and deep tones, it is always striking. A manicure using such a gel coating always looks very expensive and luxurious.
  5. Universal 6.5 ml tube allows you to spend this tool even before the coloring pigments begin to fade, and the texture thickens.
  6. The assortment of the Masura brand includes both the familiar three-phase gel polish, which is used together with the base and topcoat, as well as a single-phase product that is used independently.
  7. In addition to conventional gel polishes, the company’s assortment also includes a new magnetic one. Using it, you can create an unusual and very bright, stylish manicure.
  8. In the process of manufacturing these products, Japanese innovative technologies are used. This is not surprising, because initially the Masura brand specialized in the production of all the necessary components for performing precisely Japanese manicure.

But in addition to all these features, the gel coating of all types of this brand also has a unique composition.


It's no secret that all gel polishes are created on the basis of solid chemical ingredients. But they are also divided into those that can cause tremendous harm to the nails and those that do not adversely affect the structure of the nail plate.

Depending on the varieties of Masura gel polishes, they may contain various ingredients. But most often this product consists of the following components:

  • Acrylates copolymer - This component belongs to the category of polymer acrylic resins. It is its presence in the composition that provides a thick consistency of gel polish, as well as a high level of its durability.
  • Pigment coloring provide rich and deep color of the selected product.
  • Cellulose Acetate Butyrate It provides not only a protective film on the surface of the nail, but also makes it possible to coat the nails evenly.
  • Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone. The speed and degree of drying of the gel polish in a special lamp depends on the concentration of this component in the composition.
  • Issoborryl acrylate gives the manicure shine and radiance, and also protects it from premature drying.

As you can see, Masura brand gel varnishes do not include such harmful additives as methyl acrylate, toluene and formaldehyde. This means that using this product, you can not only not worry about the health status of your nails, but also not worry about the occurrence of side effects, such as an allergic reaction, itching or irritation.

Brand line overview

To maximize customer attraction and meet all their requirements, the Masura brand produces several lines of various gel nail polishes at once. Today, the entire collection of gel coat for nails is presented in the following series:

  • "Magnetic gradient." The series is presented in 10 shades. A special magnet is implemented with each gel polish, and the product also includes special gradient flakes, which allow you to create a bright and unforgettable manicure.
  • "Haute Couture" - This is a collection of gel varnishes of deep, saturated colors that do not have any pearlescent shine or sparkles in their composition.
  • "Emotions" consists of the most fashionable and modern shades. It will appeal to both refined natures and those who prefer a quick rhythm of life.
  • A very popular and already classic collection Cat's eye It is presented both in matte tones and in tones having pearly shine.
  • Cruise Collection consists of bright, juicy shades with pearl overflow. Even the warmest pastel colors will sparkle in a new way thanks to the stylish and bright pearl shine.
  • Lovers of neon shades will like the series Lumi Lumi. A distinctive feature of gel varnishes from this collection is their ability to glow in the dark.
  • Collection "Lipstick" Designed for fans of pink. The series contains gel varnishes of various tones of this color with a beautiful, delicate overflow.
  • Series The Silk Road is completely identical to the collection "Gems", the most popular and famous shade of which is the tone "Mission Doable". All of them belong to the category of three-phase gel polishes and have a very dense coating.
  • Most recent is "Stained Glass Collection". A distinctive feature is the coating with the effect of the famous stained glass from Murmansk.
  • Wedding series "Bridal" presented in very gentle pastel colors with a unique pearl shine.
  • For self-confident women who know exactly what they want, a line of gel polishes is ideal "Masculine". A rich, deep color without pearl shine will immediately make your manicure stylish and effective. All gel polishes of this line have a very saturated color and the most dense coating.
  • Series of varnishes "Birds of paradise" designed for those who love summer and prefer everything bright and stylish in life. Very bright and rich tones from the first seconds attract attention to themselves.
  • Series "Nature" presented in the most delicate natural colors. Ideal for creating a daily discreet, but at the same time very stylish and rich manicure.
  • The manufacturer also did not ignore the release of thermo products. Series "Thermo" consists of gel polishes that change their shade depending on the ambient temperature.
  • Line of gel polishes Indie was specially designed for fans of the French. Shades from this series are the best suited for creating a manicure in this style.
  • "Roman collection" combines all shades of pale pink. Particularly mysterious to these gel polishes is the very delicate pearl shine.

It is especially worth noting that such gel varnish series as Cat's Eye, Silk Road, Lipstick and Nature are included in the same Masura Basic line.

Each collection described above includes gel varnishes of various shades.

Color palette

The palette of shades for single-phase and three-phase gel varnishes of this brand is quite similar. But there are some differences. So, single-phase gel varnishes today are presented in the following gamut of colors:

  • green and yellow tones. The lightest is the shade of Daiquiri, and the darkest is Emerald.
  • Beige-brown. The lightest color is Custard, and the darkest is Cleopatra's Throne.
  • Pink-red and burgundy colors. This is the most extensive palette. The lightest shade in it is Pink Clouds, and the darkest is Melody.
  • Violet and blue-blue colors. Aquamarine is the lightest gel polish, Selfie on a yacht is the darkest.

Three-phase gel polishes are available in the following shades:

  1. White tones and those used when performing French manicure. The lightest tone is French, and the darkest Strawberry Smoothie.
  2. Green and yellow colors. "Boke" is a bright yellow hue, it is the lightest. "Gothic" - a dark green, almost black tone.
  3. Silver-gold coatings are available in two colors: Golden Ball and Stars.
  4. Pink-red, as well as burgundy shades occupy most of the palette. The lightest tone is Milan, and the darkest is Blackberry Ice.
  5. Beige-brown funds are presented in 5 tones, where the "Plume of Beauty" is the lightest, and the "First Dance" is the darkest.
  6. Orange shade presented in a single version - "Fleur D Orange."
  7. Gray-black gel polishes are available in 4 shades, among which you can meet and shine. The light tone is Tokyo, and the deepest dark is Astronomy.
  8. Blue-violet, as well as lilac shades are presented in 6 colors. The richest is Fairytale Indigo, the darkest Monsoro, and the lightest Blueberry Smoothie.

Of course, such a wide palette of shades will certainly attract attention and will allow you to choose a gel polish of the desired shade without any problems. But one wide assortment is not enough to attract customers and receive positive feedback from them.


Almost all reviews left about Masura gel polish are positive. Women appreciate the low cost of this coating, its high quality and, of course, a wide palette of tones. According to the fair sex, this nail coating has excellent durability and ease of application, as well as an economical expense.

According to the nail service masters, absolutely all the advantages declared by the manufacturer of these gel polishes take place in reality. In addition, the fact that the official Masura stores and their partners offer to purchase gel polishes of their production at a better price than in ordinary stores is also important. Therefore, we can safely say that gel varnishes of the domestic brand Masura can be an excellent alternative to foreign gel coatings for nails.

An overview of Masura gel polishes you can see in the next video.

Watch the video: Swatches. Masura Magnetic Polishes from Polish Molish (January 2020).


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