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Vogue Nails Gel Polish

Many women who prefer gel manicures to regular ones often prefer foreign products. It is believed that they are better, safer and more durable. Professional manicure specialists do not always support this opinion and believe that products of domestic manufacturers are no worse. A clear confirmation of this is gel polish Vogue nails.

Features and Benefits

The brand Vogue nails began its existence a little over a year ago, but has already managed to become one of the brightest and most memorable. Many nail service masters, as well as ordinary girls who perform gel manicures at home, prefer the products of this brand. Such popularity is explained by the presence of a whole list of impressive advantages and features of gel varnishes of this brand:

  1. A wide palette of shades. According to this parameter, Vogue Nails gel polish surpasses most products not only domestically produced, but also foreign. Some shades of this type of coating are unique, they are not in any collection of other manufacturers.
  2. Dense coating. The desired intensity and color depth can be achieved even when applying one layer of this product to the nails.
  3. Unique, dense texture provides a very convenient, uniform application of the gel. In this case, the gel polish does not spread and does not get on the side skin ridges and cuticles.
  4. Easy removal.
  5. Comfortable, fairly dense, but at the same time flexible brush provides easy and simple application.
  6. Fast drying speed.
  7. In addition to a wide color palette of gel polishes, the brand also produces additional fundsdesigned to create a gel manicure.
  8. Since the domestic manufacturer is engaged in the production of these products, then its price is much lowerthan on foreign counterparts.
  9. Increased durability This product is not only an important advantage, but also one of the main advantages. If regular gel polish lasts an average of 14 days, then Vogue Nails brand gel polish can stay on your nails, retaining its original appearance for 28 days.
  10. Another feature of this type of coating is its self-leveling structure.. This makes it possible not only to evenly apply the coating, but also to avoid any defects during its application and drying.

As you can see, there are quite a few features of this product, and all of them are its important advantages. Therefore, it is not surprising that in such a short period of time, this brand was able to easily break into the leaders in the production of means for manicure with gel polish.


The manufacturer of this product has taken care not only of obtaining stable and high profits, but also of satisfying customer requests. Therefore, its gel varnishes are not only presented in a wide range, but are also completely safe.

So, in the composition are completely absent all types of harmful components that adversely affect the structure of the nails and their appearance. This is especially true for acetone, toluene, formaldehyde and methyl acrylate.

The composition of this tool includes a minimum amount of photoinitiator. This ingredient is responsible for the drying rate of the coating in an ultraviolet lamp. The more it was used by the manufacturer, the stronger the discomfort will be after putting your hands in the lamp.

The specialists of this company managed to select the most successful proportion of gel polish diluents. This provides the finished coating with high strength and easy removal. The use of high-quality film formers also enhances the durability of this manicure.

Firm Vogue nails constantly uses the brightest and safest pigments and fillers to create their products. The manufacturer ensured full compatibility of all gel polishes with each other. This makes it possible to mix any shades with each other and get a coating of a new unique color.

In the gel coating collection Vogue nails there are products that have vitamins and minerals in their composition, which are aimed at strengthening the nail plate and its general healing. This makes it possible not only to perform such a manicure on problem nails, but also to improve their condition.

But in order to ensure that a product with such a safe composition does not really harm the nails, it is necessary to observe the rules for its storage and not to use it after the expiration date established by the manufacturer.

Shelf life

Using this product within the time period recommended by the manufacturer will not only provide your nails with safety, but also allow you to evaluate all its advantages personally. Almost all brand gel polishes Vogue nails can be stored for two and a half years. In rare cases, the shelf life does not exceed 20 months, but the manufacturer indicates this additionally, directly on the bottle itself.

The expiration date indicated by the manufacturer must be halved after the bottle has been printed for the first time. The maximum period of use of gel polish after its first use is one year.

Shelf life is also affected by storage conditions, as well as the proper use of the product itself. In order to enjoy your favorite color for as long as possible, you must follow these recommendations:

  • After each use, carefully close the gel polish bottles. If the product itself gets on the neck of the bubble, it must be removed with a soft cloth.
  • Keep all funds in a dark placecompletely eliminating direct sunlight. The optimum temperature regime is 22-25 degrees above zero.
  • Before each use, it is necessary to roll the bubble between the palms for several seconds. This is necessary for thorough mixing of the pigments among themselves.

By following these simple recommendations, you can not only extend the shelf life of the purchased gel polish, but also prevent its quality from deteriorating. In any case, it is worth remembering that it is not recommended to use this product at the end of the expiration date specified by the manufacturer.

Company funds

Brand product range Vogue nails It is presented not only by gel varnishes of various shades. The manufacturer made sure that his customers were able to purchase all the necessary high-quality tools for creating manicure in one place. Therefore, the range is represented by the following products:

  • Gel polishes of various shades. All of them are collected in several different collections, including the stained glass series and the series "Cat's eye", one of the most popular shades of which is"Chimera".
  • Top. It can be either matte or glossy. It all depends on the preferences of the wizard who will perform the manicure.
  • The Rubber collection consists entirely of the basecoat. In this case, the base can be both colorless and color. The collection includes both funds sold with and without a special brush.
  • The finish is also presented as a whole collection.
  • To create a magnetic coating, the manufacturer sells special magnets from the Cat's Eye series.
  • The manufacturer did not ignore release of special primerswhich provide tight adhesion of the gel coating and the nail plate.
  • A variety of manicure tools: tweezers, dots, nail files, buffs and so on.
  • Tips also available in several different variations.

Company Vogue nails He is also actively engaged in the production of tools designed for nail extensions, so in the assortment you can also find gel plasticine and gel corrector. As well as a variety of napkins, cuticle care oils, forms for adjusting nails, powder for nails, silk for repairing damaged nail coatings, clothespins for removing gel coatings, orange sticks and even a special sterilizer.

From this short list of the company's assortment, it becomes clear that the manufacturer is really worried about its customers and their convenience.

But nevertheless, it is the colors of the gel varnishes themselves that cause the greatest interest among buyers.


Earlier it was said that the color scheme of the gel coating of this company is one of the most extensive. It includes more than 185 different shades and consists of 19 collections. In fact, the exact number of shades and series in which they enter regularly changes. It depends on seasonal collections as well as on a constantly replenishing assortment. So, initially the basic collection of flowers was presented in one line, and today it consists of three collections.

In order to make it easier to navigate in such a wide range, we have prepared for you a list of the most popular collections of gel polishes with a description of the most popular shades included in them.

  • "Barbie style"- this is a relative new line, which consists of various shades of pink and light lilac, orange and coral. Ideal for delicate and romantic natures. The most popular shades are" Elegant doll "and" Openwork corset ".
  • "Sweet minutes"- combines a variety of shades of beige and brown. The color called" Amaretto "is an intermediate in the collection and is ideal for both evening and daytime manicure.
  • A collection of gel polishes called "Coffee break"presented in a variety of shades used most often when creating a French manicure. The best seller is the pink shade" Biscuit cake ".
  • For fans of everything bright and unusual, a collection was created "Rainbow colors", which collected gel varnishes of bright coral and orange colors." Blooming chrysanthemum "is a sales leader.
  • Pastel colors of orange and coral are presented in the collection "Night pati". The most delicate shade in it is Tequila Sunrise.
  • The palette of shades of magnetic gel polishes is also very wide. One of the most popular is the collection "Golden temptation"and its shade" Pandora's Box "with an unusual golden glow. This series includes all the colors of purple and lilac shades.
  • Another orange-coral collection is "Moments of love". Its main shade is the enamel delicate peach-pink shade" Charm ".
  • The palette of lilac and purple flowers is also presented in the collection "Exquisite evening", and its shade" California wind "is the most popular. The shade" Almond roasting "is also very popular.
  • French manicure can be performed using pink shades from the collection "The best day", for example," Honeymoon. "
  • A variety of shades of pink are collected in the collection "Fruit basket", and one of the brightest and most memorable shades is" Strawberry with Cream. "
  • The palette of burgundy and red colors is presented in the collection of magnetic gel polishes "Luxury goddess", the most popular shade of which is" Aphrodite. "
  • The palette of lilac and violet tones is widely represented in the collection "Classic", the sales leader of which is a gel polish of a beautiful cornflower blue color" Northern Lights ".

Of course, this is far from a complete description of the Vogue Nails brand gel varnish color palette. But it is these shades that are most in demand among buyers.

How to apply

Any gel polish produced by this company is applied as well as products of other brands. First, a trimmed manicure is performed, then the nails are given the desired shape and they are processed with a buff, and then with a special degreaser.

After that, a primer is applied to the nails and each nail is dried in turn in an ultraviolet lamp for 2 minutes. The next layer is the base, then again drying the marigolds. After that, the nails are covered with gel polish of the selected shade, and again dried in the lamp. If necessary, you can apply another or two layers of color coating, but after each subsequent layer of the nails, it is necessary to dry.

The final step is the application of a fixative and final drying of the marigolds. Be sure to remove the sticky layer from the surface of the nails at the end of the manicure.


According to the manufacturer, gel-varnishes of its production are the best, but customer reviews express a different point of view. Most buyers, including professional masters, say that the main disadvantages of this product are the difficulty of removing it from the marigolds, as well as the striped effect when using light shades.

Moreover, they all agree that dark and medium colors have no analogues. The main advantages were also noted a wide range, ease of application, economical consumption, high level of durability and low cost.

The presence of a large number of positive reviews still suggests that gel polishes Vogue nails really are quality and persistent. And their low cost and complete safety completely compensate for the shortcomings.

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