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Mirror Nail Polish

Unusual formats and shades of gel polish allow you to create a unique design of manicure. A mirror shade has become a trending novelty; it also includes metallic colors, saturated shades with a flickering brilliance, and chameleon gels with radiance. Natural mirror effect is achieved by applying gel polish, while the quality of the latter should be at its best; film covers become an alternative to varnish, but they are a completely different story.

It is not difficult to find a real mirror gel polish, the cost of a bottle with a glossy miniature differs from the standard ones - such products are produced by budget and professional brands.

A more accessible version of mirror varnish is the metallic shade of the composition in cold or warm shades, and it is sometimes very difficult to get a real varnish, which literally is a mirror.

As a rule, nail masters use secondhand - a special powder to obtain a uniform shine, where you can see yourself. But you can get a similar effect at home with the help of nail polish with reflective particles.


Mirror varnish is a glossy coating for nails with the smallest reflective particles - they give it a charming shine and shimmer. In high-quality varnish, it is particles that are used, and not hard gloss of various sizes.

When choosing a gel polish with a mirror effect, it is important to pay attention to quality: moderately thick consistency, lack of a sour smell, an even dense brush and an opaque bottle. This parameter affects the smooth glossy finish directly, the ease of distribution and obtaining the desired result. It is worth choosing a varnish:

  • Without components of acetone, formaldehydes and toluene in the composition. They are considered potential allergens and can lead to dryness of the nail plate, brittleness and delamination;
  • With a thick dense brush;
  • A medium-thick consistency, which, rather, tends to liquid. Too thick varnish is difficult to apply, may bubble and thicken sooner, which will damage it;
  • Uniform in texture. The separation of the product layers, the formation of a layer of water and a thick precipitate indicates the elapsed time or improper storage of the gel. In addition, there is no glitter in the composition of the varnish with the mirror effect, its texture is completely homogeneous.

Among the distinguishing features of a composition with a mirror effect is worth noting:

  • It allows you to create an original design. manicure and applied as a plain coating on all fingers or used to design individual;
  • Silver lacquer with a cool metallic tone - The real trend of the current season, and in the future it will be relevant no less;
  • Today a huge assortment is presented. mirror coatings from classic silver and gold shades to pearl, pink, lilac, blue, differing in color depth, saturation and luster;
  • Mirror nail polish is different: some of them are metallized, others have a flickering light shade or shimmer under a change in the direction of light, others resemble a chameleon and change hue under different lighting conditions. The classic mirror composition is completely glossy and uniform in color;
  • Before applying a mirror coating, it is recommended to prepare thoroughly and create an ideal foundation. Experienced craftsmen create a new shape of the nail, forming its bends and choosing the optimal length; so the mirror shine becomes more noticeable;
  • The only drawback of the coating can be called the fact that it is able to highlight the shortcomings of the nail plate and even careless manicure. To avoid this, you should take time to apply a dense base and pre-make a quality manicure.

The mirror coating on the nails looks relevant and original, the most important thing is that it can be applied at home without the help of a master.

New items

Silver and golden shades with uniform glossy luster or the smallest sparkles are recognized as classic varnishes with a mirror effect. They are used as a separate coating and even combine with each other in one design, which cannot be done with other similar compositions. Silver and gold create the actual monophonic design of the nails and look original, completing any female image.

A stylish novelty is bronze, or "old" gold.

Bronze shades in manicure are especially good in the summer and excellently set off tanned skin, however, it is also appropriate to wear bronze in winter. Chrome in the shade of varnish has been considered a trend for more than one season, but it is impossible to achieve its natural shade with varnish alone - you will need a special powder or rubbing with the smallest particles to create a uniform coating with mirror reflection.

Learn more about how to create a mirror manicure from the next video.


The release of mirror nail polishes began relatively recently. We can say that this product has replaced the sparkles. Let's talk about which manufacturers can find a glossy finish in their product lines:

  • Avon "Mirror Shine" - The budget series of the brand, the name of which is translated - "Mirror Shine";
  • Maybelline with the collection "Mirror Image";
  • In the varnish palette Sally hansen there are unusual mirror shades like pink gold, blue, lilac;
  • The best among professional brands can be called a brand Zoya with products "Trixie";
  • Lesser-known brands with mirror innovations - Layla, El Corazon, Briggite Bottirier;
  • Among luxury brands, we note Chanel in silver and golden hues;
  • El Corazon "Kaleidoscope" presents a collection of 14 mirror shades, including raspberry, blue, beige, green and others. The cost of the bottle is low, in quality this varnish is considered one of the most worthy.

Professional craftsmen recommend purchasing mirror varnishes from brands where a whole line of these products is presented, and not the only "random" instance.

The presence of a separate collection of shiny coatings indicates their high quality, thoughtful recipe, durability and the ability to choose shades.

How to apply

Mirror varnish coating is no different from traditional application.. To make a neat manicure at home, you must follow these steps:

  1. Mandatory stage - preparation of the nail: removal of the cuticle, shaping the plate. It is important to prepare an ideal base and process the surface of the nail on the rollers, make the right shape of the nail and choose the optimal length for yourself;
  2. Be sure to use a base before applying the coating itself. It will smooth the surface of the nail plate, smooth out minor imperfections such as cracks, scratches, grooves, protect the nails from the penetration of the pigment inside and ensure long-term wear of the varnish;
  3. Applying a mirror coating requires careful execution: it does not tolerate errors, blots, since any of them "catches the eye". Experts recommend distributing varnish from the center of the nail: apply a little pigment in the middle and stroke it down with stroking movements, then repeat the cuticle contour;
  4. Be sure to "seal" the end of the nail;
  5. Apply the coating in 2-3 layers;
  6. After be sure to use the top. The final coating will smooth the texture of the varnish and form a glossy gloss on its surface.

Mirror varnish looks good on the nails of an ideal, anatomically regular shape.

On too thin and flat nails, the composition looks dull, so the masters recommend creating a substrate with gel polish before applying the pigment.

The substrate is a layer of transparent gel polish or just gel: a drop of the composition is applied to the middle of the nail and is "spread" over it, creating a natural tubercle in the center. It is important to work out the sides to create a smooth transition, process the end of the nail to further strengthen it and make the surface graceful.

Design ideas

Mirror varnish is often used as a plain coating on all nails. This design looks stylish, original and combines with almost any style of clothing. It is also used for the design of individual nails, the options for which we will consider below:

  • Geometric design - the most relevant this season. It means applying strict patterns or simple lines to the surface of the nail. As a basis, you can choose any dark shade (black, gray, purple, red) and apply forms on top of silver or mirror varnish. You can use a shiny base and draw shapes with a plain glossy or matte pigment, the latter looks very original.
  • Lunar. To diversify a manicure, it is enough to add variety to it in the form of mirror holes. For black and red coatings, both silver and gold are suitable, for white or any other shade of nude, you can use colored holes with glitter - pink, turquoise, green.
  • French. The classic design can be diversified by replacing the usual white stripes on the end of the nail with mirror ones.
  • Patterns. On a mirror basis, you can depict contrasting patterns of black, gray or white. At the same time, it is not worth decorating every nail in this way; it is enough to make a design on the ring and middle fingers.
  • Plain coating. It can not be said about, since the metallic glossy shine on all nails looks stylish regardless of the length and shape of the nails. There are no restrictions on the shade of mirror varnish - they can be classic silver or gold, also bronze, pink, blue, green and others. Uniform shine combined with accurate application is the main accent that every woman can bring to her image.
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No matter how simple or complex the design using mirror varnish is, the masters strongly recommend using one shade and allow you to combine golden and silver with each other.

Another possible bold design - coating a separate nail with a separate shade of glossy varnish with a flicker effect, but not a frank “mirror”.


About mirror manicure with enthusiasm speak only recently, despite the fact that the trend was already relevant several seasons ago. Today, glossy dazzling shine is not condemnable and is welcomed both in everyday and business style in clothes. The only thing women warn about is to create the perfect manicure before applying varnish: the cuticle should be completely removed, and the nails should have the optimal shape and length. Women note that such a bright design looks good on short nails, so they often sacrifice their length for an attractive cover.

Mirror Varnish "Kaleidoscope"has a high rating on the Web and a large number of reviews. In addition, the brand produces the largest collection of such compositions with a breathtaking gloss in 14 shades. The cost of varnish is low, despite the high quality. The brush is round and not wide, the varnish consistency is quite liquid - this one Women like the fact and allow you to apply the composition evenly, paying attention to the most “blind" areas. Consumers of the mirror series recommend applying varnishes in 2-3 layers and be sure to use a transparent top, because after application and distribution Lenia pigment on the nail are vertical stripes.

Women especially like the classic shade of chrome. It is used as a separate coating and for stamping - drawing a pattern on a plate by stencil. The silver shade looks good on a white and black background, it can be considered universal along with beige and red.

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