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Roxy Gel Polish

Beautiful manicure is a sign of modern woman’s grooming. It is important that it looks natural, is impeccable and uncomplicated in work. Among a wide variety of branded products of the nail industry, experienced craftsmen prefer gel polish Roxy. This is a modern coating that has several advantages compared to its peers.

Features and characteristics

Gel polish Roxy - professional modern nail polish, an alternative to the famous Shellac. This is a specially developed composition, which is a combination of gel and varnish. Such a tool is applied as a regular varnish, but requires polymerization, like a gel. This is the main difference between the coating: to dry the gel polish, you need a special lamp:

  • Two lamps are suitable for coatings of this type: UV and LED. They differ in compact dimensions and optimally quickly dry each layer of gel polish. UV cure time is 2 minutes for each arm. The LED lamp dries a coating layer in 30 seconds.
  • Gel polish of this brand is characterized by affordable price and ease of operation.. It has a dense texture, a comfortable brush, due to which it is applied to the surface of the nail plate easily, evenly, self-leveling and does not flow over the cuticle.
  • The tool has a high resistance: It stays on the nails for more than two weeks without the need for adjustment. If you make a manicure correctly, the coating will look perfect, will be resistant to mechanical damage, chips, cracks and scratches. At the same time, it will retain the original brightness of the shade and glossy shine.
  • Roxy gel polish is applied to natural nails. Since the tool is firmly and firmly attached to the surface of the nail, it performs a protective function, strengthening the nails. However, this procedure leads to a violation of the natural protective layer of the nail plates. With regular use of gel polish, nails can become brittle and weakened. From time to time, they need rest to restore their natural defenses.

To keep the coating firm, the surface of the nails needs to be sanded. It is important to delicately remove only the gloss.

Not only a professional master can use gel varnish of the brand. Perfect manicure can be done on your own at home. To do this, it is enough to purchase the necessary components and devices:

  • grinder;
  • dehydrator;
  • primer;
  • base coverage;
  • pigmented gel polish;
  • the finish;
  • special soft napkins without lint;
  • alcohol-containing solution;
  • UV or LED lamp.

If nail art is planned, then sliders, stamping or gel paints are added to the list.

Perfect manicure

An ideal manicure involves following certain rules. This will extend the durability of the coating, make it durable and beautiful, as in the cabin. The technology for the implementation of experienced craftsmen consists of several stages:

  • light manicure without soaking;
  • nail training;
  • keratin layer removal;
  • base coat application;
  • pigment coatings;
  • top layer;
  • residual stickiness removal.

Applying gel polish at home, see the video below.

The steps should be neat:

  • If gel polish has fallen beyond the borders of the nail plate, you need to remove it immediately, preventing drying in ultraviolet rays. If you do this after polymerization under a special lamp, you can violate the integrity of the coating, which will affect the adhesion to the surface of the nail.
  • When preparing the nail, it is important to make its surface even, thoroughly process the end and completely remove the keratin layer. Covering the nails with the base, apply it thinly: a thick layer will not last long. The base is needed to adhere the pigment to the surface of the nail plate.
  • Color coating is applied in thin layers.calmly, without haste. This varnish dries longer than usual, so you can take your time: it is important to distribute it evenly, drying each layer under the lamp. The finish is applied either after drawings or sliders, or after the pigment. The fixative layer may be thicker than others, but it will take longer to dry: 3-4 minutes in ultraviolet rays and 1 minute in an LED lamp.


The company produces a whole collection of professional tools to perform flawless manicure:

  • Nail cosmetics include several lines: base and top coat, pigmented gel polishes, gel paints, a series with a metallic effect and Cat's Eye, as well as auxiliary fluids.
  • The base and finish line includes rubber base coatingsproviding strong adhesion of the pigment to the surface. In addition to the base, the series provides top coatings with and without a sticky layer, glossy and matte pigment fixers.
  • In addition to fixed assets, the brand offers camouflage basecoatsmodeling and leveling the surface of the nail. The manufacturer recommends applying these products to a rubber or conventional base layer. It is intended for thin and weakened nails. Thanks to natural shades, the manicure will look natural and beautiful. The polymerization (drying) time of camouflage does not differ from ordinary gel varnishes: 2 minutes in a UV lamp and 30 seconds in an LED lamp.
  • A series of gel paints includes pigments with a sticky layer. These are preparations for drawing a picture. The volume of each jar is 5 grams, and due to the long shelf life indicated by the domestic manufacturer on the side, the funds will last for a long time.
  • Auxiliary liquids include a means for degreasing the surface of the nail plates and removing residual stickiness (dehydrator), gel polish remover and acid-free primer. A degreaser and nail polish remover are available in a volume of 200 ml; the volume of a primer bottle is 10 ml.
  • Gel polishes are a three-phase pigmented coatingwhich is applied in two layers. This is a rich palette of shades with dense pigmentation, which has 165 different noble tones.
  • The line with a metallic effect includes 10 different colorscharacterized by good density and purity of tone. Choose your favorite tone is not difficult, because in addition to the number, it has a name.
  • The Cat Eye series includes a special magnet for coatings and 18 shades with an unusual effect.. These are magnetic gel varnishes that create patterns in the form of stripes, spirals when using a magnet. The effect is realistically similar to the cornea of ​​a cat’s eye, and due to a large selection of tones, including shades from light to dark, you can choose the color according to your preferences. The effect is achieved by holding the magnet to the gel-painted nail with a nail at a distance of 1 cm for 5-10 seconds.

Shelf life

The advantage of brand products is the long shelf life of gel polishes. He is 3 years old. Unlike other brands, the company indicates the release date and expiration date on the tool itself. It is convenient and allows you to purchase a fresh preparation for work.

Throughout the expiration date, starting from the moment of production, the components that make up the product do not change their properties. Therefore, gel polish is convenient and easy to use. Once the bottle is opened, its shelf life will depend on the master who works with it. It is important not to keep the product open for a long time; when drying the layers, it must be closed. It is stored away from the sun in a cool place.


The color scheme of company gel varnishes is various. It has shades for every taste. These are monochrome options, and bright juicy paints, shimmer, neon, enamel coatings and series with an unusual effect:

  • A special place in the pigment collection is occupied by nude and beige colors.: classic is always in fashion, today it is at the peak of popularity as well as the natural length of nails. These are pleasant shades from cream to dark tan. This coating looks beautiful and natural on the nails. Despite the light colors, it looks not only gentle, but also festive. These shades are combined with absolutely any wardrobe clothes.
  • Spring tones tend to soft pastel shades.: These are delicate pinks, celestial, pale green and lilac tones. For lovers of sensual and rich colors, the brand offers ripe scarlet, peppy, lilac, coral and mint colors. This line is perfect for the fashionable nail art color block today. Soft combinations of tones with the addition of a drawing will make the manicure not only beautiful, but also fashionable.
  • Fans of shine and luxury are designed with shimmer coatings and gel polishes with microglitter in gold, gray-pink, silver, burgundy, red-brown, emerald and chocolate colors. Such coatings will become an adornment of a woman’s hands in any set, whether it’s casual, romantic style or urban casual.
  • Gothic followers will love dark and black coatings, and lovers of cold colors will like rich turquoise, purple colors and various shades of blue (up to black and blue) with a shimmer and no shine.
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Ordinary customers, leaving comments on the manufacturer’s website, note the beauty of the coatings, the availability of gel polishes, their durability, and also a rich color palette. Gel varnishes of the brand are chosen for quality, reasonable price and the opportunity to make a perfect manicure both in the salon and on their own without much difficulty.

The company receives a lot of positive comments from experienced masters. Professionals working in the salon, note the ease of gel varnishes of the brand in operation, their high durability and the absence of the need for adjustment. The coatings hold well on the nails for three weeks without chips and delamination.

Watch the video: 3 варианта дизайна "Свитер"Гель-лаки ROXY nail collection (January 2020).


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