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How to use Taft hair wax gel?

Often when choosing styling products girls prefer the usual mousse and hair spray. But few resort to help gel wax, because they simply don’t know what it is and how to use it. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with this product in more detail and evaluate all its advantages and disadvantages. We will do it with an example hair wax gel from Taft.


The main advantage of gel wax is its versatility. This miracle tool will help in modeling hairstyles from any type of hair and any length. Especially good, it will help in styling short haircuts.

Wax is easy to apply and just as easy to remove., provides protection to hair from exposure to hot air and ironing, from the negative effects of the environment and ultraviolet radiation. Wax has a dense texture, due to which its consumption is very economical.

The product is completely safe for humans. and has healing properties for curls. Few people might think that such an inconspicuous remedy not only protects curls from harmful factors, but also nourishes them. The elastic film envelops the hairs with a thin layer and thereby creates a barrier against moisture loss, smoothing the structure of the strands and giving them the desired shape.


Water is the main source of moisture for curls. That is why the tool helps restore damaged hair, moisturizing them intensively. Also, this component enhances the action of other elements of the composition.

Glycerin is a component that has the ability to draw moisture out of the air and hold it for a long time. It is he who is the conductor of water in the structure of the hair and skin. The substance is completely natural in origin and absolutely safe for humans.

Liquid paraffin is responsible for the density of the consistency of cosmetics. It is safe in itself and when used it remains only on the surface of the hair and skin, respectively, it does not accumulate in the cells. The substance has softening and smoothing properties, therefore it is effective for soldering damaged and dry curls, smoothes "fluffiness". Paraffin creates a protective film that retains moisture and protects against negative influences.

Perfume additives are present in minimal quantities to give the cosmetic a light pleasant aroma and a pleasant consistency.

How to use

The basic rule is apply the product with clean hands on clean hair.

In order to smooth the fluffy or split ends, it is enough to take a small amount of wax on the fingers and rub between the palms of the hands. Then the product is applied with light movements on the curls.

Wax helps highlight individual strands. and create easy styling even without the use of additional tools. In this case, a small amount of the product must be applied locally.

The tool can be applied to both wet and dry strands. The effect will be great anyway. After simple manipulations, the curls acquire a natural shine and elasticity, cease to be electrified and do not stick together (unlike conventional styling products).

Gel wax copes with pacifying even very long hair, and for styling short haircuts is simply indispensable. It easily forms and structures individual strands. Suitable for use also by men due to ease of use and a barely perceptible smell.

True, when using gel wax you must comply with the measure, otherwise instead of luxurious curls you can get a greasy washcloth. That is why it is best to apply the product gradually and in small quantities.


The forum users, who first tried the unusual Taft products, bombarded the Network with positive reviews. After all, the product replaced a whole range of care procedures and reduced the installation time by almost half.

Girls note the instant effect of using gel wax for hair, as well as a noticeable improvement in the quality of curls after prolonged use. The only drawback was the not very high resistance of complex hairstyles with the use of the product. But with the straightening of naughty strands and everyday styling, the tool copes with "excellent".

Taft Hair Wax Gel fully consistent with the declared qualities - helps to create simple hairstyles that do not require styling. In the process of use it nourishes the hair, improves its structure and gives a natural radiance without the effect of weighting and oily shine.

How to use Taft hair gel gel for braiding - in the video below.

Watch the video: How To Use Taft Hair wax. HINDI. Hair Wax Full Review. Indian Mens Hairstyle Tutorial (January 2020).


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