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Hair styling foam

It is sometimes difficult to create a beautiful, resistant and most effective styling. On sale there are many tools designed to achieve this goal. Hair styling foam is one such product.


The main purpose of this cosmetic product for hair is precisely to create and maximize the natural fixation of hairstyles and styling of any kind. She copes with these tasks perfectly thanks to her light, almost weightless texture, and also because of her unique features.

Unfortunately, many women often confuse this product with mousse for strands. In fact, these two products are fundamentally different from each other and are used to achieve different goals.

Compared with other means for styling and fixing hair foam has a number of significant advantages:

  1. Weightlessness. Indeed, compared to mousses, gels and waxes, this product has virtually no weight. Therefore, hairstyles look easy, natural, and the hair does not feel too heavy.
  2. Long durability. Due to its unique composition, this tool helps to maintain the result for a long time. There are several types of products on sale that can retain the effect for up to 10 hours, depending on the degree of intensity.
  3. Safe composition. In addition to chemical ingredients, hair foam also includes useful supplements, such as panthenol and vitamins.
  4. Possibility of application on curls of any length, density and type. Foams with different characteristics are available for sale for each type of hairline.
  5. Wide range of. There are foams fixing, tinting, modeling, sealing and to create the effect of wet hair.
  6. The increase in the volume of strands. Very often, foam is needed precisely in those cases when the natural density and volume want to leave the best. Regardless of the type of hair and its length, the use of this tool will help to increase their visual volume.
  7. Low price. Depending on the manufacturer, the price of such products may vary, but not very significantly. Funds from the mass market category are in the range of 120-350 rubles, professional styling products are more expensive. The price of one tube can reach 900 rubles.
  8. Different form of release. Until recently, hair foam was sold as a mousse; today, on sale you can also find a spray with the functions of hair foam. This makes it possible for every woman to choose the most suitable option and form of release of this drug.

What is the difference from mousse?

In order to understand what is the main difference between these two products from each other, you need to familiarize yourself with the functions of the mousse itself.

Mousse is designed to give volume to thin and sparse hair. Its use on thick and moderately voluminous curls will be inconclusive. In addition, he does not allow to simulate the desired hairstyle and keep it for a long time.

Foam for hair allows you to create a hairstyle not only voluminous, but also with the effect of wet hair, fix it, and sometimes also additionally dye your hair.

The main difference between these two products is the effect of their effects on the hair, as well as what type of strands they are intended for. Foam for styling in this case is a more versatile and beneficial tool for curls.


Depending on the variety of this product, as well as its additional functions, it can include a wide variety of components. But there are substances that are found in each foam for styling:

  • Hydrogenated protein. It is he who is responsible for the texture and appearance of the product itself. In addition, it contributes to the absence of the effect of weighting curls.
  • Butane is a required component of this tool. He, like the first ingredient, is responsible for the appearance and lightness of the foam itself. Additionally it has a mild drying effect. Sometimes, instead of butane, manufacturers use propane.
  • Preservatives as in all other cases, they are responsible for the safety of the product itself and its protection from adverse external influences. It is worth remembering that the more these substances are in the composition, the longer the foam can be stored and used.
  • Polymers responsible for the direct fixation of the hairstyle, as well as for increasing its volume. They can be of natural or artificial origin. In the first case, the tool will have a less negative effect on the curls, and in the second it will have a stronger fixation.
  • Aromatic additives responsible for the pleasant aroma of the product. The more they are in the composition, the more pronounced will be the smell of the foam itself.
  • Vitamin supplements. This group includes vitamin or mineral complexes, aqueous solutions of oils, panthenol and other natural ingredients that will not only nourish curls, but also protect them from the negative effects of other components.

In order to get not only a natural and beautiful styling, but also not to harm your strands, you must give preference to those products, in which least parabens and preservatives and more vitamin supplements.

Natural foam, that is, containing a minimum amount of harmful ingredients is more expensive, but also fully justifies its value with the final effect of the application.

Shelf life

But no matter how expensive, natural and effective the styling foam is, it, like other products, has its own shelf life. Usually it is indicated directly by the manufacturer on the bottle. Using the product after the specified date is not recommended. You can not only not get the desired effect, but also greatly harm your hair, which will negatively affect both its appearance and the structure of the hairs themselves.

The maximum allowable shelf life is 3 years. But it is better to give preference to those products that are stored for no more than two years.

At the same time, you should definitely pay attention to the fact that after opening and first use of the foam, its shelf life is automatically reduced by 3-6 months and this should definitely be taken into account.

If the packaging indicates that the shelf life of the product is more than 36 months, it is better to refuse to purchase it. Such a foam will contain too many preservatives and parabens, which means it can significantly harm the strands.

The shelf life is also affected by the temperature regime of storage, humidity in the room and frequency of use. In order to get the maximum effect from this foam and not be disappointed in it, store these products in accordance with the recommendations of a particular manufacturer.


Earlier it was said that one of the advantages of this styling product is its range. Currently, the foam for curls has several varieties:

  1. For volume. At the same time, there are products for basal volume, for the total volume of curls and universal, which can be used along the entire length.
  2. Foam with thermal protection. Such products contain a large number of various vitamins and panthenol. It creates a protective film on the surface of the hairs and therefore does not allow their severe damage with frequent use of a curling iron, hair dryer or ironing.
  3. Foam for curls. For curly and for curly hair it is worth purchasing special foams designed for this type of curls. They will help to make curls more obedient, slightly stretch them or highlight. The result of the application is a beautiful hairstyle without a hint of disheveledness.
  4. To create the effect of wet hair. In principle, any foam can create such a hairstyle, but using a special product, you can styling faster and much better.
  5. Shine and fixation of curls can be achieved by using foams of the same name. It is also often used to shape strands.
  6. Moisturizing Foam Ideal for thin and dry hair. In addition to the required volume, the strands will also receive additional nutrition and hydration.
  7. If the curls are too porous and weightless, foam will come to the rescue for sealing. It will help to tighten the structure of the hairs, make them more dense and obedient. It is the foam for compaction that is often used for the roots, or rather, to create volume in them.
  8. Tinting Foam for curls is an innovation. It helps not only to create a beautiful hairstyle, but also to slightly color the strands in the desired color.
  9. Caring products allow you to create an additional volume of locks, as well as nourish them and intensively moisturize. Such products contain the maximum possible amount of useful additives, minerals, and vitamins.

All these types of foam, in turn, are divided into three large subgroups, depending on the degree of their resistance:

  • weak fixation;
  • strong fixation;
  • medium fixation.

It is necessary to choose a specific type of product based on the type of curls, their condition, as well as the desired final result.

Top brands

Almost every manufacturer of hair care products today produces and foams for styling. The most effective and safe, according to customers and professional hairdressers, today are the following:

  1. Londa professional. Despite the fact that this product is a professional product, it has a low cost, lasting effect, does not glue strands and does not make them heavier. The big advantage is the lack of stickiness and economical consumption.
  2. The brand "Clean line" also produces such a product with a faint herbal aroma. It has a very light texture and gives the curls a pronounced volume without gluing them. It is one of the cheapest hair foam.
  3. Foam Taft has a strong fixation, gives an excellent volume, remains unnoticed on the curls. It also protects the strands from excessive exposure to high temperatures, as well as from ultraviolet radiation.
  4. The brand Wella, has provided Wellaflex foam to customers for trial. She not only fixes her hair well and gives volume, but also gives hair extra shine and natural shine.
  5. Igra launches a wide range of tinting hair foams. They not only help maintain the color of the strands, but also give them density and extra shine.
  6. Foam Estel It has a strong fixation, has an economical expense and is most suitable for creating a basal volume.
  7. Kapous most suitable for use on curls of any length and thickness. Helps to create a stylish and beautiful hairstyle for a long time.
  8. Foam from Schwarzkopf, is released on behalf of several different brands, for example, Syoss, Got2b. These products are sold in a wide range and are suitable for creating a variety of hairstyles for curls of any length and type. This brand is the leader in the production of hair styling foam.
  9. L'oreal produces foam, which has an additional caring effect on the strands. It is this product that is most often chosen by women who like to experiment with their strands.
  10. Pantene launches ultralight styling products that give the strands not only the necessary volume and shine, but also intensively nourishes them.
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But no matter how intensely the manufacturer praises his products, it is nevertheless necessary to think about whether it can be used constantly.

Harm or benefit?

Despite the fact that the composition of this product still includes additional vitamin, nutritious and moisturizing components, too frequent and uncontrolled use of foam can adversely affect the health of curls. This is the conclusion reached by experienced hairdressers, as well as trichologists specializing in hair health.

The presence of parabens, polymers and preservatives can cause flaking of the scalp, provoke the appearance of split ends, make the curls too dry or oily. Therefore, it is recommended to use foam at most 3-4 times a week. If there is a need for its daily use, then you should additionally nourish your hair with home or store masks, balms, and you also need to rinse the curls with decoctions of herbs.

Rational use of this product in accordance with the recommendations and additional hair care will not bring significant harm to curls.

How to choose

In order not to be disappointed in your new purchase and get the desired effect from its use, during the purchase you need to remember the following:

  1. You need to purchase products in accordance with your type of curls. If the hair is straight, then the foam for styling curls is not suitable.
  2. Preferred manufacturers should be preferred, for example those that were announced above.
  3. Be sure to check the expiration date of the product and the integrity of its packaging.
  4. Choose the product that is most suitable for creating the desired hairstyle, that is, to create the effect of wet hair, toning or root volume.

These simple recommendations will help you make the right choice and purchase products that will please you for a long time.

How to use

In most cases, it’s not enough to get the right foam, you need to learn how to apply it correctly. And you need to start with dosing. For short hair, it is enough to use a portion of foam the size of a tangerine, for medium hair there is enough volume equal to the average apple, and for long hair you need a full palm of the product.

It is not recommended to apply the product directly to the scalp. This can cause discomfort, as well as provoke seborrhea.

How to stack curls

Often, the manufacturer indicates that the product can be applied to dry or wet hair. It should be understood that it’s difficult to apply evenly foam to dry strands. And the resulting volume in this case may look too unnatural.

To create a volume of any kind, it is necessary to distribute the product evenly over the entire length, but distribute a little more foam to the roots. Then the head goes down and the strands are slightly dried with a hairdryer. After a couple of minutes, the head is lifted up and a further hairstyle is modeled with a round comb and a hairdryer. If the foam is applied on a square, then the curls can be completely dried with the head down. In this case, the basal volume will be especially strong.

If the foam is used to seal and to straighten the strands, then it is distributed evenly over the curls, then the hair is combed. You can put them in a hairdryer as follows: a stream of air is sent directly to the hair, and at this time they are pulled out by a regular comb from top to bottom.

To create wavy curls, you need to distribute the styling product along their entire length, comb it, and then wind it on curlers. At the end of time, the curlers are removed, and the hair is combed with your own fingers and, if necessary, are fixed additionally with varnish.

To create the effect of wet hair, the foam is distributed over wet hair and dried with a hairdryer with a diffuser.You can use just a hair dryer, squeezing the strands in a fist in turn. It is the wavy strands with this installation that look very attractive and natural.


If we talk about reviews about this product, then almost all of them are positive. Buyers note the availability and ease of use, a good lasting effect, as well as a wide range. An important advantage in their words is the fact that using only one foam, you can create several different hairstyles.

Negative reviews mainly concern products of little-known manufacturers that do not fulfill the declared functions. Therefore, in order not to be mistaken and to experience all the advantages of this foam on our curls, we advise you to purchase products from those manufacturers that are included in the previously described rating.

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