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Cream for combination skin

Every girl dreams of a perfectly even tone. But unfortunately, only a few can boast of a normal type of epidermis. And even owners of perfect skin face the problem of peeling or oily sheen. What can we say about the young ladies whom Mother Nature awarded with a combined dermis.

In this case, you have to put up with dry patches on the cheeks and fight the oily sheen in the T-shaped zone. Therefore, the choice of foundation for combination skin must be approached with extreme care. It is not recommended to use cosmetic products for the dry type of epidermis, as they will further enhance the work of the sebaceous glands. The drug for a fatty dermis is also not suitable, since it will lead to peeling on over-dried areas of the face. Knowing about such problems, representatives of the cosmetic industry have developed a special foundation for mixed skin.

Distinctive features

The basis for mixed skin should have a number of features:

  1. Be able to eliminate oily radiance in the T-shaped zone, giving the dermis a matte effect.
  2. Allow to moisturize and saturate the dry areas of the epidermis with lack of moisture, preventing peeling.
  3. Designed to hide imperfections, as well as smooth the skin texture.
  4. Possess a light texture that fits perfectly without creating the impression of a mask on the face.

Choosing the perfect foundation for combination skin, you should pay attention to it composition:

  • Plant extracts and oils - saturate the cells with useful substances, allow you to retain moisture, do not clog pores and relieve oily sheen. Such useful substances of natural origin include, for example:
    • rose and citrus fruits - help to smooth the structure of the face;
    • ginger, mint and rosemary - improve skin condition;
    • chamomile, bergamot and tea tree - remove redness, soothing the epidermis;
    • mint, green tea and calendula - perfectly refreshing.
  • Auxiliary components are:
    • hyaluronic acid - has a moisturizing effect;
    • panthenol - helps to get rid of dryness;
    • vitamins.

Types of tonal basis

Manufacturers of cosmetic products offer a large number of tonal creams for combination skin. The most popular types:

  1. Cream powder. This versatile product combines the benefits of two foundation products for face and powder. It is an ideal foundation for makeup, as it is perfectly applied, forming a uniform layer. It takes only a few minutes to give the face a fresh look.
  2. Cosmetic with antibacterial effect. Young women, characterized by a mixed type of epidermis, often suffer from the appearance of acne. In order to overcome this problem, and at the same time make beautiful makeup, you need to choose a foundation that has an antibacterial effect. Such a product can perfectly dry the problem area, on which pimples appear, remove irritation, and also prevent the appearance of new foci of inflammation.
  3. Cream stick helps to get rid of peeling and at the same time is not able to clog pores. It is worth noting that such a tool has a rather dense consistency, so it can lie on the face with an uneven layer. Using a cream stick, it must be carefully shaded.
  4. Cream mousse can be used by women of various age categories. It has an airy, almost weightless consistency. Due to this feature, it is distributed evenly and is excellently absorbed. The structure of this cosmetic product usually includes minerals that make up for the lack of vitamins in the epithelial cells, while they are not able to clog pores, which is especially important for areas of the skin that are oily.
  5. Pencil - such a cosmetic product must be in its arsenal for an emergency. For example, when a pimple suddenly appeared, and it urgently needs to be masked. But you should not use a pencil on an ongoing basis, as it can clog pores. This cosmetic product is recommended to be used pointwise and only in areas prone to oily sheen.

See the next video for an overview of the best and worst tonal resources.

Rating of the best manufacturers

When choosing a foundation for combination skin, it is worth giving preference to trusted brands. Opt for manufacturers who have received a large number of positive reviews from girls who have experienced the effectiveness of funds on themselves. The top 10 ranking of the best brands is as follows:

1. "Skin Perfector" from brand Lumene - minimizes the formation of sebum, gives the skin a matte effect. Due to the presence of herbal ingredients has an antibacterial effect.

2. "Vitalumiere Aqua" from the french brand Chanel differs in light and airy consistency. It perfectly fits without clogging the pores. It has a wonderful masking effect that ideally hides imperfections on the face.

3. "Bio-Detox"from a popular French manufacturer Bourjous composed of natural ingredients. It does not contain alcohol or other chemically aggressive substances. This tool is suitable for smoothing the tone of the face and masking small imperfections. It has a matting effect, preventing the formation of greasy luster. Bio-Detox fills each cell with useful and nutritious elements, provides gentle hydration and helps cleanse the pores of dirt accumulated in them.

4. "Lauder Aeromatte" from brand Estee - This cream-powder will add dullness to the skin, giving the face a fresh look. Vitamins and beneficial ingredients have a nourishing and moisturizing effect throughout the day. The main advantages of this product include:

  • soft and light consistency;
  • gentle tone;
  • excellent durability.

Thanks to the creation of a translucent veil on your face, your makeup will not be burdened by anything, and the skin will breathe perfectly. Such a cream powder gives the impression of a “soft focus”: its particles seem to scatter light, allowing the face to look radiant, visually removing wrinkles and other imperfections of the epidermis.

5. "Alliance " from a well-known manufacturer L'oreal It has a masking and moisturizing effect, while it perfectly nourishes the skin. It can be used even in the winter, without fear of harming the epidermis. Thanks to the presence of an innovative formula, after using such a foundation you will get a wonderful make-up, and your face will look clean, devoid of any flaws or imperfections and acquire a slight natural radiance. This cream fluid becomes your "second skin", enveloping and giving your face smoothness, softness and a glowing effect. It blends perfectly with the tone of your dermis, creating a natural shade. You just have to emphasize and focus on certain areas. The components that make up this cream fluid perfectly protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, protecting against the formation of age spots.

6. "Lasting" from brand Max factor superimposed with an ideal even layer, perfectly tones the skin, removes inflammation and irritation. The modern formula, developed by special technology, gives the epidermis softness, silkiness and tenderness. Due to the presence of a stable base, this product will not smear, does not spread under the influence of high temperature on a hot, sultry day, and does not stain your clothes. It perfectly absorbs excess sebum, eliminating greasy shine, and giving the dermis a matte effect.

7. "Teint Idole Ultra Cushion" from the french brand Lancome - tonal fluid combining:

  • effective result after its application;
  • excellent coverage;
  • protection against negative environmental effects;
  • lightness and weightlessness.

After applying it, there is no impression of a mask on the face, thanks to the unique formula, the layer of this tonal fluid turns out to be so thin and weightless that it does not feel at all on the face. It has a long matting effect, smoothing out small imperfections in the skin. This foundation perfectly levels the tone, giving your face a satin glow.

8. "Dream Satin Fluide " from the American manufacturer Maybelline gives naturalness and at the same time perfection. After applying this fleid, the epidermis is soft, radiant and dull. Such a cream has a translucent texture, due to which it is evenly distributed over the skin, giving the face a silkiness and freshness. Foundation fluid allows the skin to breathe without causing discomfort for the whole day. After using it, the face looks even and smooth, since a variety of redness, acne and small wrinkles are hidden.

9. Mineral Stick Foundation from brand Nyx - made in the form of a stick. It has a dense structure, so it perfectly hides serious flaws. This tonal foundation fits well, without giving a mask effect, perfectly shades and hides the enlarged pores. The mineral ingredients that make up the tonic have an antibacterial effect.

10. "Ballet" from a Russian factory "Freedom" refers to the budget options for foundation for mixed skin types. This tool is easily applied evenly, does not leave greasy shine. It has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes that occur in the cells of the epidermis, since lecithin is part of it. It has protective properties against environmental influences. "Ballet" gives the skin a natural shade and well-groomed appearance.

If you choose the right foundation for combination skin, you can get an almost perfect make-up that hides flaws and emphasizes the advantages of your face.

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