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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Essence Eye Shadow

Shadows are created to complete the makeup. They make any look more expressive, give the face charm and even hide the existing flaws. There are various brands of products on the market, but today the mass-market of products stands out, namely the brand’s eyeshadow Essence Collections are constantly updated and updated. Any product will be a great gift for you, your girlfriend or relative. Perfect makeup is easy!


In her arsenal, a girl should have as many different palettes as possible. This will help her to make up for any event, whether it’s a dinner in a restaurant or a movie trip. Unfortunately, not every lady knows which shadows are worth buying. Company Essence - an excellent assistant in this matter. Any fashionista will find for herself a universal palette for all occasions.

Here are some of the features that make the German brand of decorative cosmetics very popular:

  • Affordable price. For a little money you can buy a large number of cosmetics.
  • A variety of colors.
  • Convenient compact packaging that allows you to put products even in the smallest clutches.
  • Excellent durability.
  • All shades are well pigmented. To create an expressive look, it is enough to apply the product in two layers.
  • Products meet all international standards.


The company provides an opportunity to purchase any shade: dry, liquid, cream, friable, matte, shiny. This is done in order to attract as many buyers as possible.


The compositions of dry and liquid shadows differ from each other. Dry shadows contain talc, clay, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide. Talc is most often replaced by prescription mica - it is believed that it clogs the skin.

Pencils have in their composition more firmly interconnected components. Commonly used are paraffin, wax mixtures, stearic acid, lanolin. Creamy options are made on the basis of castor, olive and other vegetable oils. Liquid options sometimes contain alcohol. Organic compounds and mineral components are used as pigments.

Shelf life

Some girls do not pay attention to the expiration date of shadows. Many simply do not want to throw out almost new shadows that they barely used - even if the palette was opened several years ago.

In sealed conditions, eye shadow is usually stored for up to 36 months. The shelf life of an open source is approximately 18 months of use. Liquid-based shadows have the shortest storage period of 8-12 months. Shadows, in which there is no water, last longer, since they do not create a favorable environment for the reproduction of microbes.

Each product has its own specific expiration date. The package must indicate how long it takes to use the product after it is opened.

Brand series

Essence tries to update its collections as often as possible and add something new to the set. Over the year, developers update about 25% of the entire assortment. In a relatively short time the brand existed, a lot of cosmetic series of eyeshadow were launched. Here are some of them: "Mono", "All About", "Eye Face Palette", "Catrice Essential", "Smoky Eyes Set", "Beach House", "I love".

Next, consider the most popular series.

"The Velvets Eyeshadow"

The color palette is mostly dark, has only three light shades of nine. Shades have the following colors: light, almost white, light peach, pale cream, gray, light brown, brown, dark pink with a plum tint, muted pink and blue.

The series consists of mono-shadows, which are not assembled into one palette, but are sold separately. Products from this line are perfect for girls with green eyes.


It has a color palette that is impeccable for brown-eyed girls. The set consists of four shades: light, beige, warm brown with a shimmer and dark brown matte. Shadows "Quattro" have very strong pigmentation. They can be applied without a base.

"My Must Haves"

The idea of ​​this series is that everyone can assemble a universal palette that is suitable only for him. In total, 20 different shades were released, from light pink to rich wine color.

"The Metals"

The set consists of 9 shadows, each of which must be purchased separately. You can purchase the following shades in your collection: khaki, sky, light gray, gray with a blue tint, light purple and others.

"Blossom Dreams"

Limited edition. Pastel, pink and purple colors are all that is needed in order to create a spring make-up.

"Winter Glow"

Another limited collection of baked pigmented friable shadows. With this palette, any girl can create luxurious eye makeup. The series consists of three winter shades: purplish gray, silver and golden pink.

"Viva Brasil"

Five bright shades for brave girls - what a collection this is! If you often speak in front of an audience, embody stage images or just love to be visible, then this series is for you.


As already mentioned, Essence aims to attract the attention of a large number of customers. For this reason, the color palette is very, very diverse. You can verify this by the example of pallets from the "All About" series.

"All About Toffee"

Awesome eyeshadow palette that is great for daily use. As for evening makeup, using "Toffee" to create it is problematic. Perhaps this is due to the fact that almost all colors are light. The palette consists of eight shades:

  1. The base is light yellow.
  2. Light pink. He, like the first, perfectly illuminates the eyelid.
  3. Beige. It is absolutely not visible for a century, so it is suitable for lovers of nude makeup.
  4. Another nude option, but with sparkles.
  5. A stunning shade of tea rose.
  6. The most saturated pink with a purple undertones.
  7. Gray.
  8. Dark gray with a blue shimmer.

Shadows are persistent, do not roll and hold for a long time.

"All About Nude"

Universal nude pallet that fits any type. Of the eight shades, only one is brilliant. The palette contains light to dark brown colors.

"All About Roses"

The most versatile and delicate color scheme. The palette has all the necessary shades to create a light daily make-up.

Consists of eight colors:

  1. Pearl. Shimmers beautifully in the sun.
  2. Purple.
  3. Taup (pigmented). With it, you can create both an active bright color and a light haze.
  4. Eggplant with a brown undertone.
  5. Light, almost white.
  6. Light pink with silver lilac sheen.
  7. Pink taup (dusted rose).
  8. Brown.

Shades are chosen so that the girl with any color of eyes can buy shadows.

"All About Bronze"

The name speaks for itself - the palette consists of eight bronze pearl shades. With its help you can do both light honey makeup and smokey eyes. It all depends on the desires and preferences.

How to choose?

The color of the shadows should be selected according to your color type, and not the color of the eyes, as is commonly believed. The girl "winter" needs to look at the cold colors. If you are a spring girl, then your shades are warm (green, peach, honey, brown). All gray shades of shadows - for the girl - "summer". The fall girl can please herself with either shades of gold, ocher and bronze, or contrasting colors.

How to use?

If you don’t know how to use the shadows, then follow this pattern: even out the tone → use the base → powder the skin under the eyes → use several shades of shadow. Apply them from dark to light, moving from the outer corner of the eye.


Often, girls respond positively to Essence products. They are satisfied with both quality and price. The German brand deservedly occupies a high step in the world of women's cosmetics. This is a great option if you want to get the perfect makeup.

Overview of the Essence "All About Bronze" palette, see the next video.



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