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More and more decorative products began to appear on the shelves of cosmetic stores, the purpose of which we do not even guess. Highlighters quickly broke into the cosmetics bags of millions of women, but not everyone knows what they are needed for, how to apply and with what means to combine.

What it is?

A highlighter is a product that contains many reflective particles. This is a radiant substance, it happens in powder, cream, liquid form and on a gel basis.

You can use shadows as a highlighter. But most products in this category have a rather large shimmer and on the skin it does not look as natural as we would like. But still, each product is best used for its intended purpose.

What is it needed for?

Highlighter is designed to “stretch” and add volume to those parts of the face that should initially be convex. You need to apply it to the back of the nose, a checkmark above the upper lip, the chin and to the high points of the cheekbones, that is, on all the protruding parts of the face to highlight them even more. This cosmetic product is used to make your face more voluminous. Thus, it can be considered a great addition to sculpting.

Many owners of skin prone to greasy believe that they do not need a highlighter, supposedly they all “shine”. Therefore, they use a matte foundation, and on top of it they also apply matte powder. However, this is the wrong decision, because the face becomes completely flat. Fortunately, there is a way out - to use a good matte tonal foundation to mask the natural shine that treacherously acts on the face and accurately emphasize the advantages with a light highlighter even on the cheeks and on the back of the nose. Such manipulation will give the skin vitality and naturalness.

How to choose?

On the cosmetic market there are a great many highlighters of different textures and shades. The most universal texture can rightly be considered dry powder. It is very easy to apply, long lasting and easy to correct mistakes if they suddenly appeared in the makeup process. As for color, beige is considered the most successful. It is not saturated with gold with which you can paint yellow cheeks, and not with cold white with which you can ruin your makeup.

Do not forget that you can always go to the cosmetic store and test each product as much as you like, and at the same time attract consultants, they will certainly help you find a good product.

If when applying a highlighter you are constantly lacking it and there is a desire to apply another additional layer, then it is better to go over yourself and stop. Let your highlighted areas not be striking from afar. If you overdo it with the application, then it is quite difficult to erase the highlighter without significant losses and you will have to “redraw” the entire makeup.

Manufacturing companies


One of the most popular and versatile shades - "Bare light". This is a liquid highlighter that can be applied to the face in the traditional way, that is, emphasizing the protruding parts, or can be mixed with the main foundation. Thanks to the second method, your face will be evenly highlighted and shine from the inside, which will undoubtedly give it freshness. The highlight of this product is not very strong, you will not find bright sparkling sparkles in the sun in it, however, it looks very natural on the skin, which can be attributed to the undoubted advantages of this product. It is very convenient to apply with a damp sponge for even more naturalness. Do not worry, this fluid is perfectly absorbed and will not create a film on your skin.


The stores are presented in two universal shades: pink and bronze. The manufacturer himself in advance recommends that these liquid agents be mixed into the tonal base. You need to be prepared for the fact that they do not have a very natural radiance despite the fact that they are easily absorbed and become one with your skin.


It is presented in one color. Very budget, but at the same time quite high-quality option. Mostly suitable for girls with fair skin. It is well pigmented, has a soft texture and is well typed on the brush. The silky texture does not dust and does not crumble. It is well distributed on the skin. It has one of the smallest grindings among competitors.


Many consider the highlighter of this company an analog of the highlighter of the brand. NarsHowever, this does not detract from its positive qualities. Its texture is chalky, which means that if in everyday life it really doesn’t always look appropriate, then on the catwalk and photo shoots it significantly outperforms its competitors. In the palette, the product appears completely white, but when applied to the skin, it gives it a cold moonlight. This product is more suitable for girls with a warm skin tone.


The product is presented in a dry format in the form of balls having both a warm shade and a cold one. Application with a brush will not lead to the ideal coating that can be achieved with a special sponge. An ambiguous product, due to its color, can most likely be attributed to blush with shining particles, rather than to a highlighter, of which it is officially.


Golden mega-shining wet highlighter. It can be used both on the body and on the face. It is dense, not as silky as many of this list, but it does not crumble or dust. Universal shade - cold gold casting with pearls. More suitable for girls with fair skin. On tanned skin, it simply goes unnoticed. It does not have an explicit shimmer, only a natural effect.


An ideal highlighter for a warm skin tone. It is slightly yellowish, but it will not redden your face. They have the most generous volume - 11.3 grams. Of the advantages, one can name the delicacy and everyday use. And the disadvantages include its instability - the tool is simply erased accidentally by hand.


Famous meteorites from Guerlain -dry product, presented in the form of balls. It starts to fascinate as soon as you take the box in your hands. Inside is a standard puff and several types of balls: yellow, violet, white, beige, pink. When applied to the skin, none of the above colors are visible, only shining particles of a pearl shade. It can be applied with a large powder brush.

The balm

The company introduced a whole palette consisting of three shades. The box has a tight-fitting lid, on the inside of which is a miniature mirror. The product has a very pleasant soft texture that can be layered for a brighter and more pronounced color, or you can apply it with a light layer and blend with a large fluffy brush for a more natural effect. It amazes with its firmness, is able to stay on the skin without any lubrication throughout the day.

Anastasia beverly hills

The palette contains both contouring means, so the powder and the highlighter itself. The highlighter of this company reflects light well. Due to its fine grinding it is not very noticeable on the face, it creates the effect of natural radiance. It is recommended to apply to small areas of the face, for example, the inner corner of the eye, the tip of the nose and a tick over the upper lip. A very delicate color, more like light powder, but with delicate grains that create a smooth gradient pearl overflow.


The palette features a contouring agent, bronzer, sculptor, blush and highlighter. The latter has a pinkish tint, similar to the blush from the same set, but has a colder undertone. Therefore, it can be used both as a blush, if you want to make easier makeup, and as a highlighter. It is more suitable for fair skin. It has a denser consistency than many other products. It is well applied, well shaded. It has a natural effect.

Art visage

The highlighter of this brand has a monochrome white glow, which is very heavy and almost impossible to blend. It has no chameleon effect and very poorly adapts to skin color. Most likely, it was very useful for creating an image for a photo shoot, as the camera better captures saturated colors and dense textures.

Max factor

Highlight milk shade, not having large shiny particles. Its mother-of-pearl shade is very well distributed over the skin and creates a natural healthy glow. Very soft and delicate satin sheen.


Belarusian cosmetics. The color is quite delicate and smooth, particles of coarse grinding cannot be noticed with the naked eye. It contains no talcum powder, which is found in almost all other highlighters, which tends to emphasize the texture of the skin. It has a fairly bright and saturated color, so the tool must be well shaded. It is better to lay with thin layers than immediately apply a large amount of product. When applied in the traditional dry way, the radiance looks softer and more delicate than when wet.


It is primarily distinguished by flashy bright and very stylish packaging. This approach is typical for this brand. The effect of applying the product is gentle and does not hit the eyes. Overexposures are not visible on the skin, even if you apply the highlighter in several layers. Due to the fact that cosmetics of this brand is not represented on the shelves of cosmetic stores in Russia, it must be ordered from the official website of the company. On average, delivery is carried out within two weeks, which is good news. However, if before delivery to Russia was free, now you have to pay for it.

Mary kay

This brand has no highlighter as such, however there is an analogue product - friable mineral powder with flickering particles. I would like to note right away that there is an indicator in the kit that allows you to draw the necessary amount of powder onto the brush and not a drop more. Therefore, this product can be applied either with a special or wide brush, or with a powder puff. This mineral powder consists entirely of natural ingredients. The product is very finely ground and neatly, barely visible veil rests on the skin.

Tony moly

Another Korean product that was very fond of Russian girls. It is a liquid porthole and a tint in combination. It gives a very bright metallic cold shade that shades without problems. He has a very comfortable large and at the same time soft brush, which is very convenient to pick up the product and distribute it across the face. Highlighter contains three-dimensional reflective particles, so it gives an extraordinary radiance to the face, as if highlighting it from the inside. In addition, the product has a very interesting composition: glacial filtered water, vitamins and fruit extracts, due to which it takes care of the skin and nourishes it.

  • Bobbi Brown. Highlighter has a very rich golden color and, if applied excessively, may turn yellow on the face. Therefore, this product is recommended for evening makeup in warm colors.
  • Chanel. Another limited collection on our list. It has a very rich, but noble radiance. The palette is divided into two parts: a highlighter of pink shade and white. It gives a very beautiful shine that really looks like mother of pearl. More suitable for those who need a very light highlighter and for owners of fair skin.
  • Vivienne Sabo. Suitable for refreshing the face and accents. The palette contains very delicate delicate blush and highlighter without any obvious sparkles. The product has a very gentle, barely noticeable glow.
  • Estee Lauder. One of the top world rulers. The product is in a twisting stick and applied with a special brush. However, many girls in their reviews say that it is more convenient to twist the product on the hand and distribute it on the skin with your finger. It is considered the most gentle and inconspicuous highlighter.
  • "Rose" by Lancome. Limited ruler. The most beautiful highlighter in the opinion of most beauty bloggers YouTube, but as it turned out, and one of the most expensive. And this is due to the fact that for a very high price you get only 1.6 grams of product. Highlighter made in Japan and made in the shape of a rose. It has a pearly pink tint and is quite dusty. The texture resembles talc, despite the fact that it is completely absent in the composition. More suitable for everyday makeup, as it is almost invisible on the face, only gives it freshness and light flicker.
  • Maybelline. The highlighter of this company is very versatile and suitable for daily use. It is easy to apply and blend and use for quick, unobtrusive makeup. It is not very pigmented, but instead of a monochrome shining coating, even with good shading, the coating is obtained with noticeable, fairly large shiny particles.
  • Inglot. Presented in liquid form on a silicone base, which is very difficult to apply and blend on the skin. When applying with a fingertip, and this is exactly what liquid highlighters need to be applied, it collects the tonal base and rolls it. The product is in a tube having a dispenser, which after several uses is clogged with a dried gel.
  • Nyx. Well pigmented product. Presented in a color similar to yellow gold. However, in swatches it looks more like a cold shade. It is good to mix it with a base for makeup or a tonal base for a more reflective effect, so that the whole face is highlighted, or can be used as an independent product. It is well distributed on the skin and is very persistent.
  • Flormar. It is presented in double color. Bronzer and highlighter are combined in one palette. However, it is worth noting that this is not a highly pigmented product. This option is more suitable for those girls who do not want to draw attention to their makeup, but want to give the face an invisible freshness. Highlighter color is as close to skin tone as possible, it is due to this that such a natural effect is achieved.
  • Kiko. This product has long been present in the cosmetic market and has won the hearts of many girls. It has a gel texture based on serum. Therefore, it can be used as a primer. The tonal base fits very well on this product and the effect of fresh, rested skin is obtained, the appearance of a moist face is created.
  • Lime Crime. This cosmetic brand has become famous for its unusual and vibrant design and extravagant colors of the cosmetics themselves. This palette has three shades, each 7 grams and a stick. One of the shades is cold pink, the other is golden and the third is peach. The package itself opens very simply, but due to the magnetic bases it will not crumble on its own in the purse. The disadvantages of the box include the lack of a mirror on the inside of the lid. The product itself is very pigmented and does not give the traditional monochrome shine. Be prepared that when applying, for example, a pink tint, it is a pink radiance that will appear on your face, and not the standard transparent one. When mixing all three shades and applying them to the skin, an incredibly intense shine appears, which, perhaps, does not give more than one product on the market.
  • Missha. Korean counterpart of luxury brands. Liquid highlighter in a very stylish and convenient packaging. The product needs to be twisted, not squeezed, which is very unusual. The summer version due to the sandy golden warm shade. It lays well on the skin even without a tonal basis.
  • Yves Saint Laurent. Highlighter is presented in the form of friable powder with a soft glow. It is quite difficult to apply, since the brush captures the product in excess. If a special puff appeared in the package, it would become much easier. If there are peeling on the face, then this highlighter will noticeably emphasize them due to its crumbly texture.
  • Makeup revolution. The product is solid and has a dense silky texture, due to which it is not very easy to type on the brush, but this can hardly be attributed to disadvantages, because despite this it shades well on the skin, shimmers well and has pearlescent particles. Being in a palette, the highlighter surprises with its duochrome glow, but when applied to the skin, this bewitching effect, unfortunately, disappears.
  • Catrice. This is not a powdery highlighter, but it is also difficult to attribute it to typical liquid bases, since it has, rather, a creamy texture. It is not as easy to work with it as with many similar tools. To shade it, you need to make a lot of effort and at the same time try not to wipe the already applied foundation from the skin. It is difficult to apply evenly, it dries very quickly. The radiance that he does is too restrained.
  • MAC. The texture of the product is somewhat crumbly, so it is slightly dusty when applied to the brush. Therefore, it is recommended to shake off the highlighter excess from the brush before distributing it over the skin. It has a very versatile shade, similar to beige champagne, which is suitable for girls with any skin color, even with a cold undertone, even with a warm one.
  • Sleek. The palette consists of a bronzer and three highlighters. The first shade is white. Unfortunately, it is very white, very saturated and very fat. When applying it, you need to shade it very well, otherwise it is better not to go outside. The second is gold. It has a dense texture with a very large shimmer, the brilliance of which is visible from afar. The third is also golden, but more delicate. However, its oily texture is not very pleasant to feel on the face. Such a highlighter is more suitable for photo shoots and short-term releases.
  • L'oreal. A liquid highlighter that can be used as a base for makeup, mixed with a base and foundation or applied as an independent tool. It has a pinkish tint with a very cold undertone. Good to use in winter for fair skin.
  • Huda Beauty. The highlighter palette of this brand was released in two versions: for blondes and for brunettes. Very pigmented and in addition to proper shimmer, saturate the skin with color. Together with a palette, instructions for using the product are attached. The first shade is proposed to be applied as a base, since it has a creamy texture. Based on it, the rest of the products will look brighter and their durability will increase. A second, whiter shade must be applied to the cheekbones. A golden hue is recommended to be applied to the area under the cheekbones. They suggest applying a pink tint to apples on the cheeks to give the skin a rested look. The price seems a little overpriced, given that this product has one significant drawback - it emphasizes the structure of the skin. Usually, highlighters due to their flicker reflect light and all the irregularities on the face seem less noticeable. Despite the rich nacre of this palette, it does not smooth the skin.

Highlighter review see in the next video.

How to use?

There are several basic points where it is customary to apply a highlighter, however, each girl can experiment and find something new for herself.

  • You need to start with the simplest, therefore, first of all, the product should be applied to the cheekbones. There is a little secret: as soon as we highlight the cheekbones with a highlighter, the face visually seems narrower. To study this area, it is best to use a fan brush, they are better than others for this and will protect you from excessive unnatural radiance.
  • Little brush you can apply a highlighter on the eyes, or rather, on the protruding part of the moving eyelid to make the look more open and bright. You can also emphasize the natural radiance of the eyes by applying the product to the inner corners of the eyes.
  • Not far from the eyes We suggest you pay attention to eyebrows. The product can be applied under the eyebrow so that it lifts slightly and does not hang over the eyelid, because the tail of the eyebrow looks higher and the eyes seem larger. Moreover, this method can also emphasize the bend of the eyebrows.
  • Besides, with a shimmer you can visually enlarge your lips if you put it on the checkmark above the upper lip. Thus we lift the lip and it looks visually larger.

Secrets of specialists

Before you start using the highlighter, you need to learn various application techniques and practice hard in this. The radiant should be used skillfully to draw attention to your fresh, rested skin, and not to achieve the opposite effect.

To do this, remember some rules:

  • Before applying highlighter, mask all irregularities and redness on the face.
  • Highlighter shades much better on soft skin, so first you need to apply a tonal base, so that the glitter glides over it.
  • Do not use this product to mask defects. Although it has reflective particles, it will not hide anything, but only emphasize imperfections.
  • if you use a liquid highlighter, then apply it in small quantities. They are usually well pigmented and one pea will be enough for you.
  • If you don’t know which highlighter to choose, go over the ratings, usually Lime Crime and Lumene are in their top.

How to apply highlighter, see the video below.


Highlighter has become such an indispensable item in any girl’s makeup bag that it’s simply impolite not to use it in your daily makeup.

Most bloggers recommend using highlighters, because with their help you can give your face incredible freshness and radiance, which can not give your image any other means.

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