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Shaving brush

Wet shaving with a machine tool is the most common among men, it is much more popular than using an electric razor. At the same time, a shaving brush is a necessary attribute for this, which should be chosen correctly. He also has certain rules of use.

What it is?

The shaving brush is a thick brush with a soft and resilient pile on a small handle. It serves for whipping thick foam, which at the same time moistens the skin of the face and makes hair easy to cut. Foam is also needed so that the blade glides better on the surface.

This shaving attribute was invented in France in the middle of the 18th century and was available only to wealthy citizens. The villi at that time were made of boar or badger wool, the handle was made of porcelain, ivory and even precious metals. Today, the materials of most shaving brushes are much simpler: synthetic fibers can also be used for the pile, and the base is most often made of plastic. Therefore, in our time, this attribute, which is produced in huge batches, is available to any man.

Features and Benefits

A shaving brush is actually a very simple item, which consists of only two parts: pens and brushes. But the workmanship, the shape of the handle, the materials and the density of the pile can vary significantly. Sometimes special bowls for whipping foam, as well as cases or storage boxes, are sold with it.

The benefits of using shaving brush are as follows:

  • it really effectively forms a dense foam from cream or shaving lotion, which you cannot beat with your hands;
  • when applying foam to the face, the villi raise the hairs, so they are easier to cut with a blade;
  • the brush efficiently and evenly distributes the foam over the entire surface;
  • soft shaving bristles provide massage effect.

A beautiful and high-quality shaving brush is also able to emphasize the status of a man. Some are willing to give a lot of money for a branded product, the cost of individual copies can reach several hundred dollars. But for a small price you can buy a reliable and durable shaving accessory.


First of all, shaving brushes differ in the material of which the brush is made. There are several common varieties of pile:

  • Artificial fiber brushes the most affordable. They are quite durable, and hard hair perfectly massage the face. At one time, nylon was the most common, but now it is a thing of the past, since more reliable and soft synthetic materials have appeared.
  • Boar Bristle in properties and cost is similar to the previous option. It is quite tough, but during use under the influence of warm water it softens a little.
  • Badger Wool also a fairly common option, but more expensive. It is appreciated in the manufacture of shaving brushes for its high elasticity and softness. This material has been used for more than two centuries and is associated with high quality products. Using foam with a badger brush is a pleasure.
  • Horsehair in terms of stiffness, it occupies a middle position between wild boar and badger bristles. Shaving brushes based on it are not as common as previous options.
  • Squirrel fur almost as soft as a badger. It is used quite rarely.
  • A special pile, which is taken only from the back of the badger, used for varieties of Super badger brushes. In addition to its special softness, it also has durability, with proper use, the service life can reach 10 years or more.
  • The most expensive natural shaving brush material is Silvertip. It has two-color villi - dark at the base and silver on the tips. It has a special subtlety, durability and enhanced absorbent properties. Real silvertip brushes are made exclusively by hand.

According to their configuration, shaving brushes can be made both in a single execution, and in a set with a cup for whipping foam. There are special travel options that fit into a special case. This type provides maximum hygiene.

Handles may vary in material, shape, surface. The main materials of modern pens are plastic, ceramics, wood, more exclusive options are made of glass, crystal, ivory, tortoise shell or expensive metals. The surface is often smooth, but some manufacturers make it grooved so that it does not slip in the hand.

How to choose?

Regardless of the type of pile and price category, a shaving brush should be chosen so that its “cap” retains a large amount of water when wetted - so more foam forms and shaving becomes easier. When buying, you should make sure that the villi are uniform and of the same length. It is good to check the brush by touch, making sure its softness and elasticity.

For home use, you should choose a regular shaving brush without additional accessories. And for traveling, it is best to buy a brush complete with a case or travel bag. Some fans of shaving accessories prefer whole sets with a brush, a porcelain bowl with a lid for soap, a cap and other items. By the way, such sets will suit well as a men's gift.

For a comfortable shave and long use, you need to choose high-quality products from well-known brands. It is worth considering the most popular of them.

German concern Muehle known since the 40s of the last century. Today, it is one of the world's most popular manufacturers of shaving accessories. The manufacturer produces shaving brushes from high-quality badger wool, soft and durable. A special feature is the original design and a variety of pens made from a wide variety of materials. Some accessories from Muehle are true works of art.

Shaving brushes Schick - A completely budget version of accessories with natural elastic pile. They have a comfortable and elegant black pen with the company logo. The pile is fixed on an adhesive basis, so the working surface of the brush is slightly reduced. But in general, Schick - A very good option for shaving.

Italian manufacturer Mondial presents shaving brushes based on pork and badger hair, which many have found comfortable. There are many models with handles of various shapes made of wood, ceramics and metal.

Company Omega is also an Italian manufacturer of shaving accessories. She presents many models of shaving brushes with brushes made of natural or synthetic pile. The pens have a very bright design with a corporate logo.

Wilkinson sword, as a well-known supplier of shaving accessories, has not ignored the production of shaving brushes. Equipped with a convenient plastic handle, the accessories are made of high quality badger wool. There are expensive options. Super badger and Silvertip.

Shaving brushes Spokar with a badger brush made on an elegant acrylic handle with a metal ring. Differ in softness and long service life. Country of manufacture - Czech Republic.

How to use?

After buying a new brush, before the first use, hold the brush a little in a bowl of hot water for disinfection and to soften it slightly. You can make a soap solution. Do not worry if a certain number of hairs has fallen out, this often happens with new products.

Before shaving, a small amount of warm water is poured into the bowl, soap is added. Then the solution is whipped with a brush to form a plentiful foam. It is applied to the face with smooth strokes in any direction, while the brush is slightly pressed. Foam is very useful in order to soften the skin and provide the best glide of the blade. Do not forget that the skin on the face should be clean and fat free.

After each use, the brush must be thoroughly washed and not allowed to be wet. If a kit with a case is used, then after washing the shaving brush, the pile must first be dried and then closed.

The brush also helps when using shaving foam in the form of a spray. No matter how thick she is, rubbing her face with a brush is more effective than with your own hands.


Shaving brush for many men is recognized as a necessary attribute, which is indispensable for the effective creation of the image and just personal hygiene. It allows you to comfortably and cleanly shave using only a razor and toilet soap. Many consider travel options with a case to be indispensable companions outside the home.

The most common sizes of shaving brush, both at home and on the road for men, are considered varieties of M-21 mm at the base of the brush. Of the materials, pens most prefer plastic, while nap is preferred from badger wool.

Which pen design is better depends a lot on tastes and preferences, and of the brands the most popular are Wilkinson sword, Muehle and Schick.

In the next video, see an overview of shaving brushes.

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