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Highlighter Essence

Highlighter is a relatively new makeup product that is designed to highlight certain areas of the face with light accents. More recently, only professional makeup artists had the opportunity to use it. Today it is represented in the arsenal of almost every cosmetic brand, and the ordinary consumer has already managed to fall in love with this product. Highlight Essence is very popular today.

Features and Benefits

The German company Essence is well known and loved throughout Europe and Russia. An inexpensive mass market brand, created primarily for a young audience, is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary this year. Throughout all these years, the manufacturer has been creating excellent cosmetic products that do not "eat" the budget, but are not inferior in quality to many more status and expensive options.

Essence management claims that it does not test its products on animals, which immediately adds a big plus to the brand. The main production is carried out in Europe. Formula funds have a very nice composition. The assortment of the company is very extensive: new items and limited collections are constantly being released, so even highlighters are presented in several lines, in various textures and shapes. Essence highlighters honestly practice their functions of highlighting various areas on the face. They easily replace eye shadow and give the skin a gentle glow.

Advantages of this brand:

  • compact packaging and nice design;
  • profitability;
  • multifunctionality;
  • persistent formula;
  • delicate shade;
  • easy shading;
  • low price.


There are several types of highlighters that differ in texture, package shape, composition and saturation:

  • dry;
  • rainbow;
  • powdery;
  • shadows;
  • cream;
  • in the form of a stick;
  • liquid.

It is worth considering them in more detail.

Dry highlighter similar to compressed mineral powder. It is ideal for oily skin. With a wide soft brush, it is applied over a layer of powder and foundation, completing the makeup.

Fashion industry has recently embraced rainbow trend, in the wake of which many manufacturers of cosmetics brought to light original pallets with a highlighter-prism. Overflow of several bright colors can decorate the face and eyelids.

Powder It is compact and in friable form. Ideal for owners of combination and oily skin types.

Shadow Highlighter - A universal invention that emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes and sculptures the face. Among a large number of shades, you can definitely find yourself the right one.

One of the most popular products among buyers is cream. Its texture is melting, soft and delicate, and when applied to the skin, the cream turns into a powder coating. Such a tool gives the face freshness, does not slip. It is suitable for all skin types, even oily.

Stick formatPerhaps the most convenient to use: it is twisted (like lipstick), does not require a brush, it is beautifully shaded with fingers, always at hand (due to its compactness).

Liquid remedy Available in a small bottle with a convenient applicator brush. It is very convenient to place light flares. The texture does not roll and gives a durable glossy finish. You can mix such a product with face cream, and also apply it on top of the powder. You can even add a drop to the body lotion, because subtle flicker on the shoulders and collarbones looks very beautiful, refreshes the whole image.

Brand lines

Essence pleases the consumer with a constant update of the assortment, launching up to 25 thematic limited collections per year. It is worthwhile to dwell in more detail on individual products and series in which highlighters of various types are represented:

  • "Strobing Highlighter Stick";
  • "Blossom Dreams";
  • "My Must Haves Highlighter Powder";
  • "Prismatic Rainbow Glow";
  • "Soo Glow";
  • "2 in 1 Highlight Contouring";
  • "Glitter In The Air";
  • "Live.Laugh.Celebrate!"

"Strobing Highlighter Stick" made in two versions: creamy pink and golden. It comes in a compact stick like lipstick. The product is durable, grabs it for a long time. It does not require additional tools for drawing - forget about brushes and sponge.

In line "Blossom Dreams" come in "Blossom Dreams Rainbow Highlighter" with five pastel sectors and liquid "Blossom Dreams Liquid Eyebrow Lifter", which will erase traces of fatigue by the declared effect of the "wide" look. Rainbow can be used as shadows. The collection pleases the eye with a cute floral design. It will help maintain the spring mood at any time of the year.

All series products "My Must Haves Highlighter Powder" stored in special pallets with click mechanism. You can collect an individual palette, mixing 20 types of shadows, blush in five variations, bronzer, lip primer, highlighter with golden glitter and powder.

Essence supported the global trend for fabulous creatures - unicorns, whose images captivated everything around. Unusual rainbow highlighter prism "Prismatic Rainbow Glow" with a cheerful appeal "Be a Unicorn" ("Become a Unicorn!") immediately attracted the attention of consumers with its unique brightness and beauty. It consists of four magnificent shades: berry pink, peach, lemon yellow and cold blue.

The tool is multifunctional - it is intended to be used not only on the cheekbones, but also for eye makeup. The product can scare off its extravagant appearance, but do not be afraid. Mixing the shades, you get a neutral, delicate glow that lasts steadily on the face all day. Only the bravest, capturing the entire rainbow with a wide sponge or brush, can transfer it to your face and become a star! Such iridescent shimmering makeup will be a godsend for a music festival, carnival or party.

In series "Soo Glow" The manufacturer has included two shades. They are applied simply - with the fingertips. One shade gives the skin a golden glow, and the other a cool silvery pink. Weight is only 4 g, but the consumption of the product is minimal, it lasts for a long time.

2017 New - Means "2in1 Highlight Contouring Stick" with creamy powder texture. This is a double stick that combines highlighter and contouring. You can “play” with light and shadow, miraculously correcting your face. Such a tool is available in two colors: for blondes and brown-haired women. Contains argan oil, which has a softening and anti-inflammatory effect. Lipstick-sized packaging is very convenient to carry.

A festive collection was released for Christmas 2016-2017 "Glitter In The Air". The line was inspired by the carefree mood of the Christmas and New Year holidays, when everything sparkles and sparkles around. Here you can find both liquid remedy and radiant strobe powder. Add just one drop of precious golden "One For All Shimmer Drops" into your day cream or use it yourself. A multifunctional powder "Strobing Blush & Highlighter Powder" - It is also a delicate blush with reflective pigments.

The company prepared another surprise for its birthday: limited edition "Live.Laugh.Celebrate!"filled with the love of life and charged with optimism. The developers of the company again use the trick with empty pallets, which customers themselves can fill. Multicolored pearls are sprinkled in the transparent covers of the pallets. Together with sparkling packages of individual products, such a set will be both a wonderful gift and a pleasant purchase for yourself. Of course, the lineup could not do without a chic powdery highlighter.


Modern lighting products are presented in dozens of shades, which are necessary to select, focusing on your color type and age. Essence has an extensive gamut of pigments of various saturations: almost white, yellowish, natural beige, peach, pink and blue, as well as luxurious gold and silver tones. You need to know some of the nuances of color combination - eg, olive and yellow skin perfect refresh peach tonebut not beautify pinkish. For Tan the best choice will be golden glow.

It is very convenient to use products in a palette with several color variations, by mixing which you can get the perfect tone. A win-win is the purchase of a universal beige product, which is one or two tones lighter than your natural color. If the store has a tester, do not be lazy and blend it on your wrist so as not to make a mistake when buying.

Product "Pure Nude Highlighter", similar in texture to baked shadows, has a beige hue with peach pigment. Gives a soft satin glow. The title claims a neutral tone of clean skin, but the product turned out to be too saturated. It is not suitable for fair-skinned people, only if in the form of shadows or a delicately shining bronzer. But for swarthy girls with a tanned face, this is a great option.


German highlighters are regularly ranked among the best in their category. They are featured in dozens of beauty blogger reviews. Such products have become budget favorites for many of them, having won the battle with similar funds from expensive prestigious brands. Buyers note high durability, excellent shading with a small shimmer, a variety of shapes and colors. A huge plus is the affordable cost. Of the small flaws, a quickly erased print on the package and a rather fragile plastic from which it is made should be noted. Highlights Essence - one of the pearls of the mass market, with almost perfect quality and at an affordable price.

Review on the shining highlighter for the face Essence - in the next video.


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