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Manicure with daisies

With floral manicure, nails always look attractive, and therefore it will never go out of style. Even if there is no experience in such arts, any girl will cope with such a task as drawing a laconic chamomile, a luxurious rose or a lush gerbera on her fingernail. Moreover, after all, not every nail can be painted - it will be interesting to look at the picture only on the ring finger or on the little finger.

But if you still don’t trust yourself or, for example, don’t have time for an art session, you can use special stickers - a nail photo design with an adhesive base or with a transparent water base called a slider design.

Of course, these options can not be compared with what creativity and flight of imagination are capable of, embodied in life by skillful hands. And it is up to you to create an amazing and original nail design that would be done without the participation of stickers and sliders that have become fashionable today.

Manicure today has nothing to do with the stereotypes that have been instilled in us since childhood. Using floral design, you can easily step over any restrictions and conventions and focus the attention of others not just on carefully made manicure, but on the unusual design.

Chamomiles, drawn on the nails, refresh manicure, give it playfulness and coquetry. He will suit a lady who is not averse to throwing a couple of years and is used to demonstrating her personality. Creating such a design is possible with different options.

Chamomiles in the design of nails-2017

Nail plates are decorated differently from season to season. Although there are a number of trends that do not lose their relevance for years. Such is the ornament of flowers. Such an adornment can equally often be seen both on the nails of a young girl and an older lady. Such a design always evokes associations with something tender, fragile and immaculate - these are the qualities that any beautiful lady is pleased to emphasize in herself.

Nail design 2017 is saturated with a delicate smell of wildflowers, and most often - it is daisies. They are chosen for their beauty, which is combined with conciseness, which invariably makes such a nail art a center of attention. These lovely little buds that are pleasing to the eye manage to cheer up and tune in to positive not only the owner of the manicure itself, but also the people who are next to it.

Therefore, it is not surprising that so many fashionistas choose a manicure with daisies for themselves, making it a real hit this summer.

Daisies on short nail plates

It is not necessary to have long nails to draw a lovely wild flower on it. A neat little short nail is also quite suitable for such art. Large areas are not needed here, although, of course, too small a nail plate will significantly limit the flight of design ideas. In this case, of course, a large flower will not work, because there should still be a free spot on the plate - the background on which the chamomile is depicted.

In this case, you need to carefully consider the number of flowers. It is best to decorate only accent fingers on chamomile nails - one on each hand. As a rule, these are always ring fingers.

If you still want to plant a flower on each nail, then carefully consider the selection of its size so that you do not get any congestion and vulgarity.

Daisies on long nails

On the long nail - natural or on an extended plate, any ideas of each nail art master can be easily realized, as well as the most fantastic ideas of the fashionista herself. There are many ways to create such a summer manicure. There is a technique for creating a three-dimensional picture, there is a flat one, in one tone or in a multi-color image, you can make manicure with daisies with a chameleon effect. The chamomile looks incomparable, in the creation of which Chinese painting was used, as well as rhinestones laid out like chamomiles.

About some ideas for creating a manicure with daisies

The classic color scheme for drawing daisies consists of white varnish for drawing flower petals and yellow or orange varnish for drawing its core. But thanks to modern technology, you can not stop there, using tones of other shades, including multi-colored shades. Various techniques also allow depicting images of only the outlines of a flower and its stalk.

Daisies as an addition to French manicure

Flowers added to the classic jacket give the nails a new look. The smile line can be highlighted not only in white, but also in yellow, despite the fact that the rest of the nail plate remains in colorless colors. A beautiful wildflower in rather large sizes is placed only on the nails as an accent - on the nameless ones, and small flowers can decorate each nail as well - randomly or in any sequence.

How to create a three-dimensional drawing?

Indescribable beauty manicure with daisies can be created even in bulk. It just looks like the top of perfection, with unusually beautiful, attractive and elegant nails.. With such a manicure, it is impossible to go unnoticed, so those fashionistas who do not take away their courage and self-confidence resort to it.

Although, such a decorative design of the nail plate differs in one, but a significant drawback - the three-dimensional image on the nails can not be called practical, because it will cling to everything that you try to touch. In addition to being impractical, this beauty will not last long because of this.

But, if some special solemn event is expected, voluminous daisies on your nails will be very handy, and when it ends, you can return to the usual flat drawings.

The 3D effect of an unusual pattern can be created in different ways:

  • Using Chinese painting;
  • Using aquarium design;
  • Acrylic sculpting;
  • Volumetric daisies.

Daisies for moonlight manicure

Just like in the case with the French, moon daisies manicure add femininity and elegance. Any woman of fashion can use this technique - at any age and with any length of the nail plate.

In this case, the coating has a neutral color base, and attention is focused on the ring finger, which is decorated with pretty daisies. Such a manicure with daisies located along the hole line is considered very popular. The hole in this case serves as the core of the wild flower and is performed in yellow.

Daisies on a black background

As a rule, a manicure with daisies is always something gentle and calm, where the only bright accent is the yellow tone of the middle. But it turns out that there is room for such nail art in combination with other tones, including gloomy ones. For example, classic white-yellow tones of a wildflower unexpectedly rich and mysterious look on a black base, and the owner of such a manicure will surely take the place of the Queen of the evening at a festive event.

It should be noted that fashionistas do not consider nail decor based on floral motifs suitable only for the summer season - light, life-affirming nail art is able to delight you throughout the year. And glamorous daisies on a black background can unexpectedly creatively dilute even the traditional New Year's image.

Are you used to snowflakes and similar winter motives? It’s not worth it — if you want warmth and warmth when a cold flutters outside the window — remember the gentle sun under which it is so cozy to delicate wildflowers and recreate them on your nails.

Daisies with ladybugs in a nail platinum design

What a chamomile, that a ladybug - for nail design themes are simply magnificent. These creatures are by nature designed to embody such qualities as kindness and joy, and therefore such nail art can not cause a single fashionista to cause a positive and good mood.

Interestingly, the red backs of insects go well with white chamomile petals. Only not every girl will be able to recreate such a picture on the nail plate - if the nails are short, such a topic simply will not fit in them.

Whatever image or style you are in, a picture with daisies will suit him in any case:

  • If this is a light and airy manicure for the summer season associated with a beach image, classic look daisies in a classic version on a colorful background - bright red, bright blue or bright green. You can use dots, a needle or a toothpick to represent white petals that seem to be removed, crumbling.
  • Highly the pattern with daisies looks glamorous when they are combined with geometric shapes, most often - in stripes. They are performed with the help of manicure strips specially designed for this, or using ordinary adhesive tape or adhesive tape. In this way, a complete combination of white and blue daisies and a classic jacket is achieved.
  • Another technique is chamomile, in which the middle is drawn with multi-colored varnishes, while the background is black or any other dark shade - this is the best option, if you intend to create an evening look.

How to draw a manicure with daisies in stages?

Before proceeding directly to the manicure with chamomiles, work on aligning the length on the nail plates and removing the cuticle from them. To align the length you will need a nail file, and to remove the cuticle, tweezers or a special stick.

It is very important to be careful and to monitor the integrity of the cuticle. If you are a beginner in such manipulations, you better stop at the second option, in which the dead skin is not removed, but only pushed to the lower edge of the nail plate.

To facilitate all these actions, it is recommended to make a hot bath for nails for greater compliance.

Before you begin, you need to prepare necessary materials:

  • Base for coverage;
  • Varnish of the main color;
  • Varnishes for drawing daisies - white, yellow and orange;
  • A thin brush.

If all materials are at hand, then proceed to manicure:

  1. First, the base is applied without fail. This is necessary so that the varnish lays evenly and lasts longer.
  2. Then the desired background is applied, after which the nail plates should dry properly.
  3. We turn to brush painting. Using white varnish, we draw a blank for daisies - just three lines of the type of snowflakes. From them then you will get wonderful chamomile petals.
  4. The next stage is to make such roundings so that from each “snowflake” we get real petals, so far without a middle.
  5. In conclusion, draw the yellow and orange dots in the center of the resulting flower.
  6. Now it remains to wait until the drawing has completely dried, after which a layer of nail fastener should still be applied to it. That's all wisdom.

A detailed master class on creating daisies in manicure, see the next video.

Watch the video: DIY Easy White Daisy Nails. Simple Spring Nail Art Design Tutorial (January 2020).


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