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Laser hair removal deep bikini

Life does not stand still, and fashion trends are changing with it. What was considered the norm some time ago, today may be irrelevant and outdated. This is not only about clothes, hair or makeup, but also about those things that are hidden from prying eyes. These include the procedure for removing unwanted hair in intimate places.

Today it’s unlikely that anyone will be surprised by the care of the bikini area. This is a very delicate procedure, so there are several options for it. Someone prefers shaving, someone uses creams, but the most effective and painless procedure is laser hair removal.

What it is?

Before talking about the features of this action, we should mention the difference between hair removal and depilation. Both of these processes help get rid of unwanted vegetation. However, when performing hair removal, the hairs are removed along with the hair follicles, and during hair removal, the hairs are simply cut off, the roots are not affected.

Laser hair removal - This is a cosmetic procedure carried out using a special device, namely a laser. This is a very popular process, since a high-precision device helps to remove excess hair for a sufficiently long time, without damaging the skin. This is especially important when it comes to places with very sensitive skin.

The laser has a destructive effect directly on the hair itself, without affecting the skin. After a short period of time, the skin becomes even and smooth. The effect persists for several months, and in some cases throughout the year.


Deep removal of unwanted vegetation in the intimate zone is characterized by the fact that the skin is very sensitive, the zone itself is not very convenient, and the whole process is quite laborious. The thickness of the hairs also plays a role.

Of the features of laser hair removal, the following can be noted:

  • To remove absolutely all the hairs, a large number of procedures will be required. This is due to the tenderness and sensitivity of the skin.
  • Between sessions of laser removal of vegetation, it is advisable to withstand 1 month.
  • Even after completing the full course, a correction procedure is required from time to time.
  • Women aged require fewer sessions to get rid of unwanted vegetation.
  • Before the procedure, some preparation is required.

It is not necessary to remove absolutely all the hairs on the bikini line, you can leave a small area to create an intimate hairstyle. To do this or not, each woman decides on her own.


Many women know that getting rid of unwanted hairs can be difficult. Various cosmetics and procedures come to their aid. Beauty salons and medical centers offer various types of similar services, among the most common of which are:

  1. Mini bikini, it's classic. This type of removal of unwanted vegetation is carried out along the line of underwear, while a small area with pubic hairs remains. In other words, only that vegetation that cannot be hidden under a swimsuit or panties is removed.
  2. Deep bikini. Fashionistas who choose this option remove all the hairs in the groin area from the inner line of the hips. This look is also called a Brazilian bikini.
  3. Total bikini. With this procedure, complete elimination of hairs occurs not only from the genitals, but also from all the skin surrounding them.
  4. Extra bikini. In the zone from which the vegetation is removed, the labia and the intergluteal region enter.

To choose for yourself a suitable option for hair removal, you need to determine the type of underwear and individual needs of a person. There are female and male hair removal. For men, all the same types of procedures are provided as for women. However, among the visitors to the salons, the greater number of visitors is precisely the fair sex.

Contraindications and consequences

Laser hair removal is a fairly simple and safe process, which is carried out only by experienced professionals. But it is not suitable for everyone. You should not carry it out if you have the following restrictions:

  • Women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • People who have any kind of infectious disease, somatic disorder or immune system disease.
  • People with oncology, cardiovascular disease or diabetes.
  • People undergoing treatment with potent antibiotics.
  • If you have a fresh, strong tan,
  • If the hairline is light or gray.
  • With fungal, sexually transmitted or inflammatory diseases.
  • With hypersensitivity of the skin to the sun or laser radiation.

But even if there are no contraindications, you should entrust the process to qualified craftsmen. Otherwise, a poorly performed procedure can have negative consequences in the form of burns. A burn may occur if:

  • The area from which vegetation is removed is not sufficiently cooled.
  • If cosmetic oil or a product based on it is applied to the skin.
  • The laser is operating at too high a power.
  • The skin is too susceptible to laser radiation.
  • If the hairs have a length of more than 3 mm, as in this case the hair will get on the skin and injure it.

After the procedure, certain rules must be followed, otherwise unpleasant consequences may occur, such as pain, discomfort, rash or irritation of the skin.

Does it hurt?

Many women are afraid of laser hair removal, as they consider this process to be very painful. However, experienced doctors refute this rumor. About how comfortable the process will be, we can conclude by analyzing such features of your body as the level of the pain threshold, the phase of the menstrual cycle.

Slight unpleasant sensations that occur during hardware hair removal may depend on the laser power, hair thickness, and skin sensitivity. To avoid this, all device parameters are selected strictly individually for each client.


If you still decide to have laser hair removal, then you should not immediately run to a beauty salon or a medical center. Even if the specialist has time to carry out this procedure, it is unlikely that he will take it, as your skin may simply not be prepared for this.

Preparation does not require any special conditions. It is important to observe the following rules:

  1. Before the procedure, consult with a dermatologist and endocrinologist.
  2. Do not be exposed to strong sunlight, sunbathe or visit the solarium two weeks before epilation.
  3. The hair length should not exceed 3 mm, so that not only the hairs, but also the hair follicle are destroyed.
  4. With transferred genital herpes a few days before epilation, you should start taking an antiviral medicine.
  5. The skin should be clean and dry, so you should stop using the cream and other cosmetics a day before the procedure.
  6. It is better to carry out hair removal in the middle of the menstrual cycle, then the skin will not be too sensitive.
  7. Anesthetics can be applied about an hour before the process.
  8. In the first procedure, it is better to give preference to a classic bikini. If the process did not cause discomfort, then the next time you can decide on a deep one.
  9. As a rule, in the cold period, hair removal is less painful.
  10. On fair skin and fair hair, the procedure is more effective.
  11. Do not use antibiotics 14 days before hair removal.

Having taken into account the above points, you can get the best result when conducting hardware hair removal. But remember that there will be no instant disposal of all unwanted vegetation; more than one procedure is needed for this.

You should also pay attention to the safety of hair removal: Do not hesitate to ask how the cleaning process of the apparatus goes, how nozzles and accessories used are disinfected. Check if the master uses disposable sterile gloves.

How many sessions are needed?

This is the second most popular question asked by the fair sex. How many procedures are needed to completely remove unwanted vegetation in the intimate zone cannot be said unequivocally, since each woman has her own individual characteristics. How quickly the desired result will be obtained depends on the thickness of the hairs, the type and sensitivity of the skin, as well as on the laser used.

Experts say that the minimum number of sessions to get the desired effect should be at least 5. At the same time, you can not do hardware hair removal constantly, you need to take breaks lasting 1.5-2 months.

The maximum number of procedures can reach 12 sessions.

Comparison before and after

As already mentioned, do not wait for an instant result. But the positive effect will be visible after the first procedure: the hair will become thinner and lighter. Immediately, the hairs will not disappear, but in part they will fall out within a week. The skin will retain their normal state.

How is it going?

Since this is a completely cosmetic procedure, it does not require anesthesia. But the skin is still treated with a special cream for pain relief.

Laser hair removal is carried out only by a competent specialist who knows all the nuances of the process. If you describe this process very briefly, we can say this: the client is laid on a special chair, the cosmetologist performs a procedure that does not last very long, then the epilated area is treated with a special cream.

However, the procedure has some nuances:

  1. The procedure is not performed on an unprepared skin area. Before hair removal, the dermis is cleaned from contamination.
  2. During laser hair removal, a specialist and a client put on sunglasses so as not to damage their eyesight.
  3. Laser radiation is not constant, hair removal is carried out using short-term flashes of light that affect an area of ​​two square centimeters.
  4. The procedure for removing vegetation in the bikini area do a certain amount of time. The exact duration of the procedure depends on the condition of the skin and the density of the hairs.
  5. After the laser is completed, the master applies a special composition to the treated skin to prevent irritation.
  6. At the end of the session, the beautician can set the date for the next session.

It is worth noting that many girls do not even stop the onset of menstruation, as modern hygiene products can avoid discomfort on such days. Many experts also do not see any contraindications in this, to refuse epilation. All that is needed for the procedure is the consent of the master and the client.

How much is enough?

Many women are interested in the question of how often laser hair removal is necessary to maintain smooth skin. As you might guess, removing unwanted vegetation once and for all is simply unrealistic. After the procedure, the hairs may not bother for several months, but then they will begin to grow again.

Depending on the initial conditions, the hairline may not grow for 2 to 3 months after the first hair removal. With constant monitoring and timely prophylactic procedures, you can forget about unwanted hairs for several years. Perhaps this is why laser hair removal is one of the most popular procedures for removing unwanted vegetation.

Advantages and disadvantages

In order to reliably and safely remove unwanted hair in the bikini area, a lot of women resort to a laser procedure. It is carried out in special centers and is quite expensive. Epilation has the following advantages:

  1. The procedure does not last long. In a short period of time, the laser processes a sufficient area of ​​the skin.
  2. The effectiveness of hair removal, after all, after the first session, the hairs will disappear for several months.
  3. The skin is not damaged, there are no traces of the procedure. The laser acts only on the hairs.
  4. A competent specialist will conduct laser hair removal quickly and painlessly. The client will not feel discomfort.
  5. Convenience of the procedure. Patients only need to sit comfortably on a special couch.

But even the most advanced technology can have its drawbacks. Laser hair removal has the following:

  1. To remove unwanted vegetation, you will have to carry out more than one procedure, which means that you will have to visit a beauty salon from time to time and pay the full cost. A minimum of 5 sessions.
  2. The type of laser used depends on the type of skin. For fair-skinned girls and for owners of dark skin, different devices are needed.
  3. In natural blondes and albinos, the laser will not remove a single hair, since there is no melanin in their body.


Too many girls can not decide on laser hair removal. They do not know how dangerous this procedure is. Competent experts say that the procedure is completely safe for women. But there are some categories of people who should not risk it. Refrain from laser hair removal:

  • With any skin diseases.
  • With very sensitive skin.
  • During pregnancy.

For internal organs, this procedure is absolutely safe., since the laser effect applies only to the hairs and hair follicles. This myth has spread since surgery also uses laser equipment. However, this is not the same equipment.

Another misconception is that when performing hair removal, there is a risk of injury to the skin and burns to the body. But this is not so. If you observe all the nuances of preparing for the procedure, then there will be no consequences. Ingrown hairs also will not appear, on the contrary, the laser will remove the existing ones. But do not forget about consulting a dermatologist before hair removal.

What can not be done after?

In addition to preliminary preparation for the procedure, attention should be paid to care after hair removal. Experts recommend adhering to the following rules:

  1. After hair removal, you immediately need to apply a calming composition.
  2. On the first day after the procedure, avoid moisture and cosmetics on the treated skin.
  3. Do not forget to apply the remedy against inflammation.
  4. For 2 weeks, refrain from visiting the solarium and exposure to direct sunlight on the skin. After this time, a protective cream should be used when in the sun.
  5. You can not mechanically remove the remaining hairs, they can only be cut.
  6. After several sessions, the hair can grow back quickly. This is due to the awakening of sleeping hair follicles. After the next procedure, they will disappear.

Perhaps a temporary side effect - a slight redness of the skin. But this happens in very rare cases. You can also immediately return to your usual lifestyle, with the exception of visits to saunas, baths and a solarium.


Many women have already tried the procedure for laser hair removal of the intimate zone. Absolutely everyone was satisfied with the result.

Many girls were embarrassed by questions about the safety and painlessness of the procedure. They believed that the laser can burn delicate skin, and that is why they could not decide on the procedure. However, after consultations with dermatologists and cosmetologists, they still decided on one session of laser hair removal. As a result, they were convinced that the procedure did not cause any discomfort.

Beautiful ladies noted that the result was not immediately visible, but only after some time. But even after one session of laser hair removal, the hairs became noticeably smaller and brighter. After completing the full course of therapy, women forgot about unwanted vegetation in the deep bikini zone for a long time.

Some women admitted that the hardest part was during the preparation stage before the procedure. Someone had to refuse frequent visits to the solarium for the sake of this.

Other ladies noted that the rehabilitation period required more attention than they expected. The most difficult was the care on the first day, since it was necessary to avoid moisture, but it was necessary to constantly apply a sedative to the skin.

Almost none of the girls experienced side effects after laser hair removal.

Those women who have been conducting a similar procedure for the first time shared their impressions. They said that after a full laser hair removal session, unwanted vegetation did not bother them for almost a year! They advised not to forget about preventive visits to beauty salons in order to maintain the effect at the proper level.

Laser hair removal deep bikini gives girls a sense of confidence in themselves and their abilities. It is always pleasant to feel well-groomed, and not just during the summer holidays. Unnecessary vegetation can upset any girl, so it is important to get rid of her forever and, preferably, forget forever. Laser hair removal can help with this. Try and enjoy the feeling of lightness and comfort!

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