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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Manicure "space"

Today, perhaps, all the advanced technologies, including the most advanced ones, have been mastered in the world of nail-art, including 3D, thanks to which butterflies wave their wings, buds of unprecedented beauty open or wild cats sneak ... But if you’re tired of cute flower butterflies, it's time to address the topic of a cold, but such a bewitching space.

The endless distances of the Universe, its puzzles and secrets cause genuine interest today. And just imagine: your manicure can also become a piece of space!

How did the fashion for space nail-art?

The theme of cosmic expanses and distant galaxies today is clearly in trend. Star Wars, Prometheus, Pandorum - almost every third Hollywood blockbuster is dedicated to space issues. The fashion industry is also not far behind: in boutiques and salons we see a huge variety of models of clothes and accessories in the style of Galaxy. For a long time at the peak of popularity there were articles of clothing decorated with thematic prints - images of distant galaxies and nebulae, astronauts and spaceships.

This trend and beauty salons did not pass by. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the space nail-art has become the trend of the last season.

The first attempts to use space motifs in nail-art were made by the master for a long time. They tried to apply star clusters and comets with the help of stickers and sparkles, but progress does not stand still, and today the beauty industry has much more diverse options for simulating the Milky Way and the starry sky.


A manicure of nails using galactic objects or in the form of a starry sky looks very impressive, also an obvious argument in favor of this type of nail design is its versatility: a manicure looks great in everyday life, at work in the office, and at the same time demonstrates your personality during evening out. Space nail-art looks not only original but also modern, star galaxies and placers of sparkling stars on the nails cannot but attract attention! And indeed: such a manicure attracts the views of others like a magnet.

It is not surprising that many fashionistas would like to flash their manicure in the Space style, but this design is by no means a budget version: performing it in a beauty salon will be quite expensive in financial terms. Therefore, there is a sense in mastering the techniques for creating a space manicure at home.

How to make?

Although at first it seems that not everyone can create a small universe on their nails, but knowing the technology, any girl who is knowledgeable about manicure will cope with this task.

With the help of tips from this article, you can easily cope with the original manicure. To create starry distances on your nails, you need a little time, a lot of inspiration and a certain set of materials and tools.

Step-by-step guide

A Galaxy manicure should begin (as, indeed, any other) with hygienic processing of nails. This procedure will not only provide a neat manicure, but will also contribute to the uniform application of varnish and longer preservation of the manicure.

Next, you need to clean the nails from the old varnish and file, do not forget to process the cuticle. It must either be pushed back with a pusher, or removed by treating with a special gel. We will not dwell on the preparation stage in detail: every girl is familiar with standard procedures from removing the cuticle to treating the nails with a nail file.

Shape selection

To design marigolds in the style of space, various options for their shape are possible. Therefore, when choosing it for a star manicure, it is better to start from the shape of the fingers. The square shape is considered optimal, since it shows resistance to breakdown and looks good in space-manicure. The oval shape of the nails also looks pretty good in this style.

The procedure for filing the nails must be performed carefully, moving the nail file strictly in one direction - from the edge of the nail to the top. The movements should be smooth, and the nails must be dry (manipulations with wet nails cause their increased fragility).

Glitter Option

Galactic glitter manicure is the easiest way, which does not require special skills, tools, or even materials. The essence of the method is that the nails prepared in a standard way are covered with a base, after it dries, a base is applied on top of it - dark varnish. If necessary, apply it in 2 layers. After it dries, you can start applying varnish with glitter. It is very important with this method to allow the coating to dry properly, otherwise the manicure will hesitate and deteriorate. The final stage will be a varnish with small sparkles.

This method is the simplest option of space-manicure, but far from the most impressive.

With a sponge step by step

Another, more interesting way of nail-art - "space" - is a design with a sponge. In order for the manicure to turn out at home, and you did not spend extra effort and time creating it, stock up on the following in advance:

  • Dark varnish, (will be used as a base). Give preference to black or dark blue.
  • Lacquer light shade (it will be needed to create nebulae).
  • A pair of bright varnishes.
  • Lacquer with light sparkles (it is useful for reproducing planets),
  • Transparent fixative (you can use colorless varnish).
  • Sponge
  • A piece of paper.
  • A palette to mix shades.

Creating a bewitching space-style drawing requires a strict sequence of manipulations:

  • First of all, you need to cover all the nails with black or another dark varnish of your choice. Pay attention to the density of the coating: to make the color more saturated, you can apply a double layer. Next, make a short pause (2-3 minutes) so that the varnish dries enough.
  • Once the varnish has set, do the following: apply a thin layer of light varnish to the sponge, and make nebulae on your nails with light, as if soaking, movements.
  • After that, a small amount of bright varnish should be applied to the clean part of the sponge and wet each nebula. To get a more realistic image, you can use a couple of additional bright colors. Please note that there should not be excess paint on the sponge, and the first stroke should be checked on a piece of paper.
  • Sponging can be done with specks, in the form of zigzags or stripes - it depends on what star phenomenon you want to decorate your fingers with: a galaxy, a milky way or a comet. Excess paint will need to be erased.
  • Having finished the process of depicting nebulae, we can proceed to the deposition of planets using light spangles of different sizes.
  • The final step will be the application of a fixative or just transparent varnish.

Photo design

Design with varnish is the most popular version of space manicure to date. However, along with the indisputable advantages, it also has a number of disadvantages: a common problem of the method is the short life of the coating due to the rapid "sliding" from the nails from the abundance of varnish layers. After about 5 days, such a manicure can take on a sloppy look. In this case, the masters suggest using the advantages of space photo design.

Perform this procedure is quite possible at home. All that is required is a base, fixer and photo design. For easier use, it is on an adhesive basis.

You must first peel off the image using tweezers, and place it on a base-covered nail, the excess parts must be carefully cut with scissors. We do the same thing 9 more times - and you can cover all nails with a fixative. There are a huge number of variants of images on the space theme, so difficulties in this method can arise only with a choice. Modern photo designs glow in the dark, hands with such a manicure look very, very unusual.

Gel polish

Many experienced fashionistas today have already appreciated the advantages of gel polishes, the main of which is the longer shelf life of the result of nail art: up to several weeks !. To perform a space-manicure with a gel, you will need an ultraviolet lamp. Gel coating, in addition to special equipment, requires special work skills, so it is not easy to perform it at home.

Master classes from professionals

  • The design in the "space" style will look more original if you draw the planets using white varnish applied to the sponge.
  • If you replace the colorless fixative with silver glitter varnish, you get the mysterious Milky Way.
  • Often customers complain that traces of dark shades remain even after removing it from the nails. Professionals know that you can’t forget about applying the base.
  • When choosing colors and shades, it is important to know that space patterns look more spectacular if they are used in cold tones. Optimal fit pink, purple and blue.
  • There are some tricks in using the sponge: the masters replace it with a piece of a regular sponge, the traces of which are not so dense - so the design is more accurate.
  • Space-manicure is very variable - you can experiment with background colors, draw or paste on planets, starry sky, astronaut or spaceport, swap stars. There will definitely not be a second such design. Space manicure looks better on nails of moderate length: different bright colors, sparkles and patterns, coupled with extravagant lengths will be overkill. Images do not have to be the same: galaxies do not repeat themselves!
  • The highlight of the space-manicure is its uniqueness - you will not encounter the owner of exactly the same design 100%, and even the coatings created by your hands will be different each time.

So, we can conclude: performing a manicure in the "space" style at home is a fascinating process for bold creative natures. It suits any image and does not limit a woman in choosing clothes. It looks wonderful both with jeans in the summer and with a fluffy sweater in the winter. Space on the nails will be the "cherry on the cake" of your fashionable image!

How to make a space manicure, see the next video.

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