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Tramp tents: features and variety of models

Depending on how many people go camping or traveling (on bicycles or on foot), they will need a place to sleep. A tent is the most suitable shelter for a safe overnight stay and huts - especially for travelers who do not want to go bankrupt at a hotel stand, losing several thousand rubles for one night alone.

Tent classification

Tents are selected according to several parameters.

  • Type of building: cube, umbrella, tent-tent, classic tent or army option. An umbrella is the lowest budget option.
  • Number of sleeping places - depending on the number of group members, these are double, triple and quadruple. If you need a common tent for five or six, and you don’t want to break up into tents into subgroups, a non-standard solution like a double cube is suitable, but such a tent has difficulties with airing and protection from mosquitoes, it is still recommended to use tourist or camping "umbrellas" rather than fishing cube.
  • Appointment: fishing, tourist, camping, etc. There are additional "hybrid" varieties.
  • By the number of protective layers: single, double or triple layer. To produce tents with a large number of layers is no longer justified.
  • By design: with manual assembly and semi-automatic. Frame material - fiberglass, steel and aluminum. Moreover, steel is used as a material for the manufacture of clamps, rings, tips and springs, and not the main part of the frame - it is too heavy for the supporting structure to be completely made of it.
  • Waterproof outdoor awning: it can range from 800 to 10,000 mm. water Art. The tent floor is made of reinforced synthetics that can withstand 10,000 units of water resistance, because the ground can be wet from rain, and a person always needs a dry place. But even the cheapest water-repellent impregnation with a water pressure limit of 800 units can endure almost any rainfall in Russian conditions.

For tourists and (bicycling) campers, the best option is camping and camping tents, since hardly anyone will like to carry a heavy army or "cubic" tent weighing 10-20 kg. And not every bike can withstand 110 kg when the rider is well-fed and inflated.

One of the leaders specializing in camping tents and equipment is Tramp.

Overview of camping tents

Most campsites are still not suitable for winter travel in the north of Russia. If your goal is winter hiking in severe frosts in the taiga and tundra, then use, for example, the same three-layer cube, and not tourist models.

Tramp Bicycle Light - single tent for "easy-to-drive" -one. It is very popular among cycling travelers who travel alone in Russia mainly in the summer. A single-arc duralumin construction with guy wires allows the traveler to park or sleep in hard-to-reach places, for example, in foothill areas where the slope is oblique and there are few suitable sites. There are 2 entrances prescribed by safety requirements.

In calm weather, the structure is placed without stretch marks. You can put shoes with a backpack, a folding bike (ultra-compact model) inside.

In an extreme situation, 2 people also fit.

The tent withstands showers with water pressures up to 5000 mm. Water resistance of the bottom is 7000 mm, but such a tent is hardly suitable for spending the night in wetlands and teeming with puddles. The floor bends upwards to increase resistance to moisture. Modern D-shaped doors with double-zipped "zippers" will provide quick opening of the tent even in case of full employment of hands. The internal compartment is installed after the installation of the primary tent.

The kit includes a hinged shelf, repair kit, pegs for mounting the arc and a wearable cover with handles.

Tramp Scout 2 V2 - 2-seater two-layer product, the tent is designed for summer and off-season, the tent can withstand rainfall with a water pressure of 6000 mm, the bottom - up to 8000 mm. Installation procedure: an inner tent is mounted on the arches, then an external tent is installed. Weight - no more than 3.7 kg. Non-combustible materials.

Two entrances with a mosquito net, arches mainly made of aluminum, snow-protective edging, two valves for ventilation, light reflection from awning stretch marks, glued seams. More expensive 2-seater models, for example, Tramp Scouter 2, are arranged with additional vestibules, the frame is more rigid (duralumin or duralumin), there are more guy lines, a more waterproof awning is attached, the tent takes up some more space, etc.

Tramp Space 3 V2 - 3-seater two-layer product, with tambours of 0.5 and 1.1 m, a larger tambour is drawn using an additional arc. Suitable for non-winter hiking, UV resistant. It weighs 5.2 kg, its water resistance and many properties are no different from the double Scouter 2, but it is designed for 3 people and occupies a large area. The assembly order has been changed: first, an external tent is placed on the arches, then a secondary one is installed from the inside. Reinforced fiberglass frame, resistant to repeated bends. The mosquito net at the top is covered by a waterproof valve.

An additional two valves at the bottom provide optimal air circulation.

4-seater tent Tramp Stalker 4 V2 - a two-layer (three-season) product with a large vestibule already at 1.2 m, the smaller one is the same as in the previous version. The secondary compartment, installed on the arches, is covered from the outside with an awning placed on stretch marks. The same water and windproof characteristics. This is the most expensive tourist option available.


They are designed for a larger number of people - from 3 to 6, are equipped with two entrances to the vestibule and contain an additional compartment for storing equipment. Other options include one entrance to the vestibule and represent a common compartment for people and equipment. For example, if one of the rooms is not used (the team did not calculate the number of places when buying, or the goal was originally to buy a tent for a larger number of people), then in one of the compartments you can place bags and bicycles without installing a berth. For clarity, we give two typical examples.

Tramp Sphinx V2 is designed for 5 people, 2 rooms. It is a real mobile home, suitable for installation in wet and dirty places, the floor will withstand 10,000 mm of water. Art. and will not let water pass. Primary awning made of polyester with a pressure of up to 5000 mm of water. Art. can withstand almost any rainfall, even in the rainy season. At first, the awning itself is placed, and the sleeping compartment is attached to it from the inside. The tambour is equipped with a removable floor, it is allowed to cook food inside when it rains outside.

A berth with a ceiling height in the center of up to 1.6 m, a ceiling height in the vestibule - up to 1.9 m, which allows you to straighten in full growth. Product weight - no more than 10 kg.

Tramp Brest 9 V2 - a product for 3 rooms, designed for 6-8 people, for a real team or a small office team, where employees decided, for example, to go out into the country with an overnight stay. The water resistance of the primary shelter is 5000 mm of water. Art., has a wind-snow protection edging sewn along the lower edge, one entrance to the vestibule. Equipped with a lifting canopy mounted on steel braces, the doors to the sleeping compartments are two-layer, equipped with mosquito nets.

Using a thermal tape, the seams and joints of the awning and inner tents are glued.

Internal compartments are equipped with luminous in the dark stretch. The whole structure is fixed by means of steel pegs. Indoor tents made of breathable material provide a comfortable sleep in the fresh air. Dimensions of sleeping compartments - 180 * 210 mm. The tent can even be set up in a puddle - a 10,000 mm waterproof floor from terpauling will not allow water to pass through. The tambour has a detachable floor. The awning is equipped with a rainproof air valve. Case - in the form of a small sports bag or bag.

Some enthusiasts living in a zone well suited for tourism and outdoor activities rent out multi-seat tents - for those who want to eat and spend the night in the fresh air, without a hotel and restaurant routine. One 8-person tent becomes a temporary shelter for 2-3 independent small groups of tourists (according to the number of sleeping compartments), which is even more pleasant for people who are constantly looking for new experiences and acquaintances.

The most desperate organizers break up the real tent camps from several multi-seat camping tents - and invite everyone to "stretch out" during the summer tourism.


Expedition tents have the highest level of moisture protection - tent water resistance of at least 8000 mm column, and the bottom just has to be with a maximum value of 10000 mm. Tents have a large number of pockets and hinged shelves, guy wires are provided with a minimum quantity of 8. These products are easily placed on ice, in a swamp, in snowdrifts to the waist, they withstand low temperatures (-50 -60 degrees) of high mountains and polar conditions.

Going on a solitary or joint trip or journey, clearly set your goal - the tent should not let you down in bad weather, nor in terms of the comfort of an overnight stay. Otherwise, you have to look for a hotel, an abandoned house or other covered place where you will be allowed to spend the night.

Tramp tent overview see in the next video.

Watch the video: Vuly2 Tent Instruction (January 2020).


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