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Features and overview of thermos TalleR

TalleR is a manufacturer of high quality kitchen utensils. The brand's products have positive customer reviews, which indicates its high quality. In this article, we will consider the features and advantages of TalleR thermoses, the most popular products and review reviews.


TalleR has been manufacturing cookware and food storage products for many years. Brand products are in demand all over the world. Innovative technologies allow you to control the production process at each stage, whichguarantees high quality products. Dishware absolutely hygienic and will not bring harm to health.

Thermos TalleR produced high quality stainless steel grade 18/10. It says that devices have a huge number of advantages. First of all, it should be noted that the material is not subject to corrosion, it is very durable and has increased resistance to mechanical damage.

High resistance to acids and alkaline compounds will allow the use of any dishwashing detergent. The stainless steel undergoes a special treatment before use, which increases its characteristics and helps to increase the operational life of thermoses. Mark 18/10 does not react with the contents, respectively, the liquid will not change the taste and smell. The shape of the products is designed in such a way that they are easy to wash both externally and internally.

For the manufacture of some models, food plastic is used. It is 100% environmentally friendly and does not emit harmful substances. The heat resistance of such products ensures maximum preservation of the temperature of the drink and prevents the lid from heating. The material has increased strength, which makes it resistant to deformation, scratches and chips.

Thermoses of the brand are equipped with double walls with a vacuum in the middle, which ensures the preservation of temperature. The outer stack bulb has a copper coating, it increases its strength and lowers thermal conductivity, due to which the outer walls of the products do not heat up, even if boiling water is poured inside. TalleR models are equipped with a convenient valve that allows you to open the lid with one movement of the hand.

The lock function helps prevent spills. For ease of use, the dishes are equipped with compact carry handles or anti-slip silicone insert depending on the model. Among the features of the products, a high price should be distinguished in comparison with similar thermoses of other brands. Frequent use of the open button leads to periodic jamming of the mechanism, which complicates the use of products.

Browse Popular Models

TalleR offers a wide selection of thermoses, among which everyone can find a model to taste.

TR 2400 Barton

A 2.5-liter thermos is the perfect choice for picnics and hiking. The matte polished steel case looks stylish and modern. The lid is equipped with a button with a dispenser, when pressed, the drink is poured into the set glass. At the top there is a valve for convenient opening of the thermos. There is a switch on the case that allows you to block the fluid supply if necessary. The base of the product rotates 360 degrees, you can rotate the thermos without lifting it. The compact handle makes it easy to transport. The price of the product is 2900 rubles.

TR 2402/03 Leicester

An attractive model of a delicate, lemon shade will not leave anyone indifferent. Available in two volumes - 0.5 and 1 liter. The compact thermos fits easily into a backpack or bag. The practicality of the product is due to the ability to use the lid as a cup.

The button-type plug and narrow neck provide increased tightness and prevent the release of warm air. This allows you to keep the temperature of the drink unchanged. As soon as the lid closes, the plug valve is automatically blocked, which reduces the likelihood of content being poured to zero.

"Leicester" is equipped with a corrugated silicone insert for ease of transfer. Thanks to her, the thermos will not slip out even with wet hands. Complete with the device comes a cover made of dense fabric, equipped with a zipper and a strap that can be adjusted in length. The cover maintains the integrity of the thermos and the temperature of the liquid. The price of this model is 850 rubles for 0.5 liters and 1200 for 1 liter.

TR 2405 Paxton

The compact model with a volume of 1 liter has a matte finish and fits in any bag. The product cover can be turned into a glass. The button-type stopper provides 100% tightness, which allows you to keep the drink longer hot.

Hygiene of the material prevents the spread of bacteria. When tightening the cover, the internal valve is blocked. The upper and lower parts of the case are equipped with silicone sides, which allow fixing the thermos in a horizontal position. A folding plastic handle is installed on the side for easy transfer of the device. The kit comes with a strap, adjustable in length. The cost of the model is 1300 rubles.

Customer reviews

Users respond quite positively about the TalleR thermos brand. Quality products keep drinks hot for a long time. Many took them with them not only to the office, but also on a hike, where the devices proved their effectiveness and practicality. Is celebrated stylish appearance of models, usability and good volume. The design of the dishes allows you to use the lid as a cup, and this saves space in the backpack.

A stainless steel flask increases the service life and durability of thermoses. This item is especially noted in the reviews of people who were owners of devices with a glass bulb. Unfortunately, there were also dissatisfied with the manufacturing quality of TalleR thermoses. Some reviews talked about the unpleasant smell of rubber. Several users claimed that the thermos quickly failed and lost the ability to retain heat.

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