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Picnic Kits: Views, Selection and Care Tips

Picnics are a great summer vacation option for friends and for the whole family. In the old days, such walks could only be afforded to people of a wealthy class. Today, everyone can go to nature, regardless of their place of residence. Finding yourself a picnic spot will be easy. Indeed, now in the cities there are a large number of parks or specially designated places for recreation. And if you go out of town, you can organize a picnic on the banks of a pond, river or even in a forest glade.

Previously, for hiking in the countryside it was enough to take with you an ordinary pot, a couple of aluminum spoons or buy disposable tableware and a simple duffel bag in the store.

Now everyone wants to relax in comfort. Therefore, modern picnic sets are becoming quite popular, which have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

What it is?

The picnic set is a portable kit that includes various items. All of them are necessary for a comfortable stay. They can be thematic or universal. The first of them are intended for a specific purpose, for example, only for frying kebabs or just for dinner or lunch.

The second is suitable for any outdoor recreation. It can be a simple dinner or a festive feast in a noisy company with barbecue food. Each of them has its advantages, because everything you need is at hand. You can also relax in comfort, especially if the set has sleeping accessories.

Picnic kits are very different from each other. To some extent, it depends on the manufacturers or models. As a rule, all kinds of dishes are included in such sets. It can be plastic, ceramic or metal. It can be cups, plates, spoons or forks. Besides, The set also includes a cutting board, knives, a corkscrew, different-sized containers, skewers, as well as a thermos or thermo mug. All items that make up such sets can be divided into the following categories.

For cooking

Most often they are included in the barbecue set.

  1. Chopping knife Usually made of quality material and has a cutting edge. It is used for cutting raw meat, and for cutting finished products. In addition, it can also be used for cutting vegetables or fruits, as well as greens.
  2. Kitchen ax intended for cutting large pieces of meat or bones.

Individual items

The following items should be assigned to this category.

  1. Plates that can be both shallow and deep. On the first, you can put chopped vegetables or snacks. The second is for soup or soup.
  2. Forks and spoons.

Cooking items

These items include such items.

  • Bowler hat in which you can cook an ear or porridge. It can be installed on ordinary sticks or on iron rods taken from home.
  • BBQ, which is used to cook charcoal. Most often, it is a small box made of metal on which skewers can be placed. Picnic sets usually include a folding barbecue, which is very easy to install and just as easy to fold.

But it has some drawbacks - it does not hold heat well and very quickly burns out.

  • Grill or barbecue It is a small roasting pan with a wire rack on which to fry food. You can distinguish them by the fact that the lid goes to the grill, which helps to evenly distribute the temperature across the food, but in the second version there is no lid, and the food is more fried.


All sets differ in the number of instruments included in it.

  1. Set for 2 persons perfect for a romantic getaway. Most often, it is small in size and weighs no more than 2 kilograms. All items can easily fit in a hiking backpack or in a bag, which, in turn, is easy to place in the car trunk.
  2. Set for 3-4 persons would be the best option for a family trip to nature. Such sets can fit in a wheeled travel bag made of thick material, or in a special case. It may include various accessories, china and even souvenir glasses.
  3. Set for 6 or 12 people perfect for a collective trip. In some cases, such kits come with a refrigerator or heat dissipation. In addition, they most often have folding chairs.


A variety of materials are used in picnic sets, because they include a large number of items.

Some of them, for example, forks, spoons, skewers and even mugs and bowls are made of stainless steel. All these metal objects are durable and heat-resistant, in addition, they are practical and convenient. In addition, they look spectacular.

Most often handles of devices such as barbecue or grill are made of wood. In addition, a large set may include wooden or wicker chairs, as well as a wooden folding table. Most often, walnuts or ash are used for this, which are impregnated with special solutions. Such pens will not heat up and burn at all, which is very convenient when cooking.

In the camping sets often include plastic utensils, but its quality is quite good. Plastic plates or forks do not corrode at all, but at the same time they will not last long enough. therefore they will have to be replaced periodically.

Also in sets can be ceramic dishes, for example, mugs or plates. All are designed for long-term use. Bags in which all items are stored are most often made of polyester, but cases are usually made of aluminum.

Material like fleece is most often used for making rugs. They are perfectly erased, moreover, they never deform. They are easy to fold and do not take up much space. Cotton napkins are usually made from cotton. They are pleasant to the touch, in addition, their cost is very small. Their only drawback is that they become too polluted. Polyester is used a little less often for making napkins. Its advantage is that any stains are easily removed from such napkins.

Browse Popular Kits

All manufacturers of picnic sets can be divided into two groups. The first should include sets that are completely made up of Chinese items. It can be Time Eco, Maestro or Scout. Among them, more expensive options are distinguished by high quality, moreover, they look great.

Especially popular are the Arctic picnic sets. They include a great cooler bag made from very durable fabric. The dishes are mainly reusable, which makes the rest comfortable and convenient.

In addition to plates and forks, the set includes a corkscrew, cutting board, and even a salt shaker. The kit fits easily into the machine.

The second group includes brands with a worldwide reputation and excellent reputation. These are firms Campingaz, KingCamp or Ezetil. All sets consist of the highest quality cookware and are durable.

How to choose?

Before buying a picnic set, you need to carefully consider everything. Should be considered, how many people are planning to go outdoors. It is also important what food will be prepared in nature, and what time of the year the trip will take place. You also need to consider whether thermoses are needed.

A great choice for a vacation, during which it is not planned to spend time cooking, is a picnic set with a thermal bag. It is possible to keep food in it cool or hot.

It is worth paying attention to the quality of all items included in the kit. For example, a huge set will not necessarily be more practical than a small backpack or bag. In some cases, even regular gift baskets will be more useful for a picnic.

You can buy a small picnic kit in a wicker basket, which consists of 16 items necessary for outdoor recreation. It is very convenient to use, and it will also be easy to transfer from one place to another.

Care Features

Like everything in this world, picnic sets are sure to need good care. Upon arrival, all the dishes Be sure to wash thoroughly and then wipe dry. All wipes also need to be washed and dried. The pot must be cleaned of dirt and soot. If the set folds into a bag or backpack, then they also need to be washed. After that, all clean items are folded and sent to a dry place for storage, for example, in the pantry.

If the set has folding furniture, then it must be wiped with a clean, damp cloth, and then dried. If the furniture is not wooden, but metal, then it must be lubricated with a special tool so that it is not covered with rust.

Such small tricks will help to use the kit for many years, and the objects that enter it will look like new.

Picnic sets can be bought for large companies, and for a cozy family or romantic getaway. All of them are very convenient and allow you to comfortably relax in nature.

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