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Knitted cardigans (53 photos)

Cardigans appeared as a functional part of clothing in the 13th century. They are a kind of knitted jacket made of soft wool, sitting on the figure and, as a rule, without a collar. The convenience of such a thing is not even in doubt, since it combines an attractive stylish appearance, comfortable to wear and, of course, the function of maintaining heat.

Who invented?

Cardigan got its name thanks to its creator, who is Lord Cardigan, who lived from 1797 to 1868. It was he who wore a cardigan in any cold weather, thereby gradually introducing it into mass use. The Lord believed that always and in any situation it is necessary to look impeccable, and a cardigan is exactly the thing that can help in this.

Fashion models

As with other clothes, among cardigans there is a lineup represented by various styles. For every taste, for different types of figures, for ladies of any height, absolutely everyone will be able to choose a suitable cardigan. Consider the most popular models of this season.

Without buttons

Cardigans that do not have button fasteners, there are also a variety of options. For example, a model without any fasteners and ties is worn simply as a cape, and to a greater extent serves as an addition to the image, a kind of top accessory, since the lack of a fastener does not fully protect against the cold.

The second version of such a cardigan is fastened with any stylish leather belt on the belt and looks the most elegant and feminine of all, since the strap gives the image of sophistication.

And finally, the third option has a belt made of the same material as the cardigan itself, and fastens with a smell. But you should be careful with such a model, as some options may look like a simple bathrobe.

Without sleeves

Sleeveless cardigans also have several varieties, which are more different in the fabric from which they are made. For example, knitted elongated cardigans without sleeves will be good in the summer, for walking and traveling. A great option for such a cardigan would be in combination with a light T-shirt and sports leggings. In some cases, leggings can be replaced with stylish boyfriend jeans.


Cardigans with a hood can be of two options. Knitted cardigans with a hood are a striking example of a sporty style, where convenience and comfort are a priority quality of clothes. Cardigans from any other fabric that have a hood are more of a classic style, and also serve as excellent protection and warming in cool weather.

With clasps

A classic option is a button-down cardigan, which is also universal in its application, whether it be an office style or a light casual informal atmosphere. In addition, there are options for cardigans with zippers, the use of which will hardly differ from cardigans with buttons, since they only differ in the type of fastener.

Popular colors

Nowadays, the diversity of the color palette in clothes is very large, since there are no restrictions at all in choosing a particular color. The only rule always and everywhere will be the relevance of a thing and its color with respect to any event.

But it is worth noting that in recent years, calm natural shades that are not striking are popular.

Selection tips

Cardigans made of thin airy fabric without fasteners that can be decorated with a stylish thin strap are especially popular this season, because it looks very feminine and romantic. Stylists advise choosing cardigans of calm, discreet tones, and best of all natural shades, since cardigans of too bright color look simply vulgar and sloppy.

Cardigans are best combined with high-heeled shoes, so you will look much more elegant, but you should choose shoes with thick heels, for greater convenience and comfort. And do not forget that knitted cardigans of large knitting are best combined with lighter airy things, so as not to further aggravate the image. Follow these tips and you will always amaze others with your excellent sense of style and impeccable appearance.

What to wear?

The variety of combinations of cardigans with other things is very large, because vryatli there is a thing that would not be combined with a particular model of cardigan. Absolutely any cardigan of a certain cut from a certain fabric will look great with a skirt, and with trousers, and with leggings, and even with sports skinny pants.

Elegant high-heeled shoes, ankle boots and even stylish thick-soled sneakers complement the look with a cardigan. Loose-cut cardigans made of a denser fabric are suitable for owners of curvaceous forms, since such a model will help to visually reduce volumes. As for slender girls, they can choose any option they like and will look stunning.

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